1. D

    NAD M17v2i - U-verse Compatibility Issue ?

    I've tried several of the U-verse boxes of different models and ages to feed our programming signal into our new NAD M17v2i surround processor and we get a blinking of our video feed on screen with all of them. The blinking is intermittent. Sometimes several minutes go by before a blink will...
  2. E

    How is the NAD T778 regarded here?

    I got a friend who works in a higher end tech store and mentioned they sell the NAD T778 the most. On paper it seems like a great unit (other then the audioscience review) but I can't find much feedback on it. It does come at a steep 3200€, which is a hard bargain against something like the...
  3. E

    Receiver recommendations

    Hello all, My current setup is as follows: 2xB&W 683 towers 2xB&W 686 bookshelf rears 1xHTM61 S2 center 1xMonolith 15" sub This is on a x2400h This is placed in a living room, and not a dedicated audio room. (getting a second sub isn't an option) I'm planning to upgrade to a 5.1.2 system...
  4. dougj777

    Setup of NAD 375BEE DAC, Magnepans and Fatman Valve Tube Amp

    So I've inherited some beautiful Magnepan M1s and wanted to power them with a NAD C375BEE DAC, also intended to purchase an Auris Audifi bluetooth receiver and somehow, somehow use my iTube Valve Dock Carbon Edition by Fatman to impart the warm tube tone it can provide... but is this even...
  5. D

    KEF PSW2010 and NAD 3225pe interference or faulty?

    Hello All, long time reader first time poster! I'm having an issue in my setup that so far I haven't seen documented elsewhere so i'm hoping someone can shed some light! List of equipment Dual 505-3 Turntable NAD 3225pe amp KEF PSW2010 Sub Monitor Audio BX1 Bookshelf speakers Problem I am...
  6. D

    NAD M10 V2 - USB DAC Support?

    Hi There! I'm very close to buy a M10 V2 but my main requirement is that the amp I want to buy, must have a USB DAC output. Talking with the dealer earlier today, he told me that the latest firmware version released 2 weeks ago added that possibility using the USB-A connection, I've checked...
  7. Devil On Your S

    For Sale Nad C372

    Selling my Nad C372 Integrated amplifier. Battleship build, with great specs. • 2 x 150W Minimum Continuous Power into 4/8 ohms • 220W, 340W, 460W IHF Dynamic Power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively • PowerDrive™ • High Current Holmgren™ Toroidal Power Transformer • Bridgeable to 300W...
  8. M

    Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 or NAD C399 w mdc2 module or something else

    So im after what im hoping will be my end level amp, in a 'what amp should i get' post i was recommended the 1120 or the NAD C399 but as DIRAC is an extra module so is actually more expensive than the 1120 but seems to have a lot more power and connections. It would also let me sell a couple of...
  9. antakar

    NAD T758 v3 - HDMI ARC port - can i use A/V Preset for it?

    Hello, I have my PC connected to my LG TV -> HDMI 1 IN ->HDMI 2 ARC OUT -> NAD HDMI ARC IN port. Can I use HDMI port with Preset generated by DIRAC to apply to the sound coming from the PC?
  10. F

    Change default input on startup - NAD C352

    I recently bought a 2nd hand NAD C352. Sounds really great. When powering on, the device always starts on CD as selected source. Is there a way to change this default setting? I'd like to set it to the Aux input. Of course I can just change the RCA connectors, but looking for a more elegant...
  11. S

    Audiolab 8300A or NAD C368 for B&W 705 S2 speakers

    What are your thoughts on either an Audiolab8300A or a NAD C368 to power B&W 705 S2 front speakers? Other options appreciated as well. HT Bypass and trigger control are necessary.
  12. Santho

    Receiver to pair with Nad M25 (input sensetivity/pre out voltage question)

    I have an onkyo tx-nr717 which im looking to replace soon, which leads me to my question. The power amp im using is the nad m25 which has a input sensitivity of 1250 +\- 50mV. Im fairly new to this and my knowledge on things like this is minimal, but i’ve read that you’d want your receiver pre...
  13. waltonfc1

    Marantz 7705 phono stage bs nad pp4

    marantz AV 7705, pro-Ject X2 TT bought a Nad PP 4 phono preamp. don’t hear any improvement; the ADC is only 16 bits complicated to store music. Is the AV7705 phono stage on par with the NAD phono preamp. Should I return or trade up to a $400 Cambridge or a pro-jec. no tubes, can’t wait for the...
  14. S

    NAD 326bee - What speakers??

    Hello everyone! I am looking for speakers for my NAD 326BEE. I know that it should be the other way around and I should choose an amplifier for speakers, but I bought it at a bargain price, almost unused and I really like the character it shows when played on headphones (Beyerdynamic dt 770)...
  15. S

    Intermittent buzzing noise from NAD 3020e amplifier

    Last summer I hooked up my trusty mid/late-80s NAD 3020e amp to a new Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB turntable and a pair of Mission LX-1 speakers (recommended by folks here) and have been thoroughly enjoying playing records for the first time in about 30 years. But recently I've been noticing an...
  16. MrBuffy

    Did my NAD C325BEE just blow my speakers?

    I think my NAD C325BEE has blown my speakers. One isn't working at all, the other only plays from the woofer. Don't judge me, they're ancient JPW Mini Monitors and I love their sound. Bass was being delivered by a Wharfedale SW150. I wasn't around when it happened and nobody is reporting hearing...
  17. Crownshi

    AV Amp upgrade. Denon or NAD?

    I currently have a Denon X2400 and thinking I need to upgrade so I can take advantage of the better audio via earc that the X2400 doesn't support. I now have an LG C9 TV that I stream Netflix/Prime/Disney+ through. I also now have Focal Chora 826-d's and centre speakers that I hope will benefit...
  18. T

    Cost of replacing display NAD M12 preamp?

    I have the opportunity to buy a second-hand NAD M12 preamp but there's a pixel error in the display which results in an irritating line right across the screen. Apparently this is fairly common in NAD displays. Can anyone estimate how much a replacement display might cost to supply and fit?
  19. Flipper71

    Home Streaming Solutions - Help please

    Hi all, hope your all well, I've got a bit of a (first world) streaming problem and was hoping the collective knowledge of these boards would be able to help me. I'll try to keep it brief*, but I'll list my set-up first so you can understand what I'm trying to do. Are you sitting comfortably...
  20. Fix it

    Nad T 7444

    Hi Nad T 744 the unit works of manual switch on /off ,but hav anyone here experienced that the ir sensor in the display on this soround amplifier stops and works, because on and off, have heard with the Hi-fi club about remote controls Nad htr2 sends signal and it does, tells them, it...
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