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  1. S

    NAD t758 v3i volume between sources

    Is the a way to have the volume roughly the same across different sources? When I change from watching something on appletv to bluos music, it is so loud that it almost blows the speakers. I don't want to change the dynamic range which is set at 100% Randy
  2. Silviujiv

    NAD c 326bee with phono preamp

    Hi guys, I recently purchased an Nad c 326bee with kef q350 speakers and connected it to my phono preamp and turntable through the Aux input on the nad. First i thought to connect the preamp through the main input as the manual said that the input is suited for a preamp, but the volume was...
  3. Prestong87

    New Hi-Fi system with separates Help

    Hello all, I am looking into a new Hi-FI 2 Stereo setup and looking for some help for optimum setup. Speakers are Paradigm 9H. Options for setup 1: (2) Parasound JC1+, connected to (1) Parasound P6 2.1 Channel stereo preamp & dac, (1) NAD M33 BluOS Streaming DAC Amplifier. - I am questioning...
  4. S

    I’ve got two Nad 314 amps but...

    I’ve got two Nad 314 amps but one of them has a fault with one of the channels- the left- which after half an hour starts to degrade and cut out. I’m guessing the relay needs cleaning but I can’t find anyone that knows how to help, is it possible myself? Any YouTube instructions I can follow? I...
  5. H

    Question Advice for a 80 m² room, nad c388 and dali rubicon 6?

    Hi! I'm new here and I hope it's ok to start by asking for advice. I'm about to upgrade the sound system in our new house. "Problem" is that we have a very open floor plan with a very big living room. The living room is connected to the kitchen and together they make an area of 80m² (860...
  6. Tsukawa

    NAD C540 Not loading

    Recently Bought a NAD C540. It sounds like the disc is spinning up inside when a disc is inserted, it doesn’t say “no disc” on the display but just spits the tray back out after 10 seconds of trying to load, accidentally closed the drawer below the unit and it appeared to jerk the system and...
  7. cheezewhiskers

    Question Better Power Amp to Pair with NAD C 658 Streamer: New NAD C 298 or Masters M22 v2?

    First post here on the forums, so please be gentle. I am new to the Hi-Fi world and want to upgrade my existing AV setup for better stereo sound. I am running the Marantz SR7013 for my HT system with pre-outs to my mains, which are a pair of KEF R11 rated up to 300w at 8 ohms. I primarily...
  8. Soundworthy

    Nad M10 with Voice Assist

    Has anyone paired Google Assistant or Alexa with the Nad M10? I'm debating over which one to use? How well do they work?
  9. J

    Integrated amp advice needed

    Hi looking to upgrade a very old Arcam Alpha A7. Paired with B+W 685 S2. Want digital connectivity esp BT. Was considering the Cambridge Audio CXA-61. How does it pair with the B+W’s? Guy in local store pushing the NAD368 (they stock both). Wasn’t blown away by sound but it does have phono...
  10. C

    Question How expensive is it to run a Class-A amp?

    I bought a used NAD T-973 7 channel power amp a few months back. It worked for a few weeks then started humming loudly. A repair estimate to replace all the capacitors was 850 Swiss francs (approx 900USD). My question is, if I pay to repair this amp, do class-A amplifiers bleed you dry on...
  11. K

    Garage hi-fi system

    Having recently purchased all the components I need for a brand new hi-fi and home cinema system, I have decided to repurpose some of the old equipment for setting up a system in the garage. Keep in mind this will be to have music on while I'm either doing stuff in there, or when I'm slot-car...
  12. exponential

    Question Upcoming NAD M33 Masters Series

    Hi all. Anyone care to post their thoughts on the new, soon to be released NAD M33 integrated. On paper, this item seems to be the perfect all-in-one solution for people (like me) who love 2 channel listening but also have a passion for movies. The Purifi Eigentackt amps powering it should be...
  13. cjlhessing

    Question KEF R3 Bookshelf Speakers (LRC), 3020i (rear l+r) with a Nad T758v3.

    Hello my audio people, I went to listen to the Kef R3 speakers (and the R2C centre speaker to go with them) and wow. wow wow wow! So I'm looking to put them with a Nad T758v3, I dont have a power amp spare but could get one at a later date I think... Not entirely sure if I should be going for a...
  14. rickebee

    Few problems with a NAD T775HD receiver, pick one and provide your thoughts please :)

    Hello community, I just have received a receiver that I bought. Model is NAD T775HD, which had upgraded its audio board by a AM230 Digital Audio Board, and its video board by a VM300 Digital Video board. I have few problems, so if you can help with one of those, many thanks and kudos ! Most of...
  15. K

    NAD C658 BluOS Streaming DAC/Preamp

    Any forum members have one of these? If so what do you think of it? Have you tried Dirac with it? I'm looking to get one and pair with the NAD C268 power amp.
  16. ivxx

    Question Buzz with UK NAD Amp / voltage converter

    Hi everyone, I have a 240 volt NAD C316BEE V2 amplifier that I brought with me when I moved to the US. I bought a 500 watt Litefuze voltage converter (the amp is 40 w per channel so 500w is ample) in order make it work here. However, I find I'm getting a buzz / hum and I think the voltage...
  17. C

    Question Keep NAD T973 or upgrade to Marantz 7055?

    Hi, I have a NAD T973 which I really love the sound of. However, I have a slight upgrade itch because I worry about the electrical efficiency/ running cost of Class A amps versus Class AB. I also would just like to try out a Class AB power amp. Current setup: 5.2.4 (of which the power amp...
  18. K

    Question NAD C368 + C568: Analogue or Digital connection?

    Which of these has the better DAC? I am planning to purchase the NAD C368 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier and partner it with the NAD C568 CD player. The C368 amp allows for analogue and digital inputs (coax and fibre). I was planning to connect the CD Player to the amp using good quality RCA...
  19. T

    Answered Help with choosing used components to start building my first HiFi system

    Hello, I'm hoping that I could have some advice regarding what components to buy. I have a hearing deficiency in low frequencies, Meniere's syndrome (This is the opposite type of hearing loss one usually gets with old age where the high frequencies diminish). So this means I like my music with...
  20. J

    NAM D3020 Vs PS Audio Sprout (or something else entirely?)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding my next purchase. I wasn't sure whether to post this in Entry Level (as that is very much where I am) or in amplification. So if this should be in entry level instead let me know and I'll move this over there. Basically, I'm looking to...
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