1. J

    Tenda MW6 App not showing speeds

    Have had the above for the last year or so, 3 units, connected using bridge mode, router's wi-fi turned off, DCHP done by the router, and the mesh units provide all the wi-fi coverage around the house. Everythin works fine using the above setup. My issue is with the app. My broadband...
  2. R

    Tenda MW6 mesh & bridge mode

    I am awaiting delivery of a Tenda MW6 triple pack to get a mesh network up and running in my house. However, before I plug it in I have a couple of questions: At the moment I have my router set up to have a few devices (including an HTPC, AVR for Airplay) wired via Ethernet to the router. I...
  3. M

    Tenda Nova MW6 problem

    Hi, Moving the problem along a bit further. I switched my virgin media hub 3 to broadcast as well as broadcasting through the Tenda Nova. The Tenda Nova goes up and down from the 100mbs to 1mbs randomly every half hour or so, absolutely no consistently. Whereas then I switch to the virgin...
  4. M

    Virgin Media Hub 3 (M350) + Tenda MW6 to Hub 4 (1Gig)

    Hi, I had Virgin Media M350Mb and using the hub 3 in modem mode with the Tenda MW6 mesh system as the wifi was flaky in parts of my house and was working well. Today I got the hub 4 and 1Gig package. Changed over no problem, did some speed tests from my iPhone and iMac over wifi approx 520mb...
  5. happy_2008

    Tenda MW6 Mesh overnight problems?

    So recently had the MW6 all set up and working but overnight the internet on it just stopped working? Wifi was still up and all devices was connected but there was no internet? The device is set on bridge mode and maintenance schedule was turned off on the devices. Anybody have a similar issue...
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