1. Edgie70

    Yamaha musicCast

    Hi all , I have a Yamaha sound bar and I'm looking at buying 2 musiccast separate speakers to go in the same room to make a surround sound system , I presume they connect together via WiFi ??? Also as they will be in the same room will I get any major audio delay ?? Thanks
  2. A

    Does the Yamaha Musiccast WXA50 support hi-res streaming from Qobuz in the US?

    I can't find a straight answer anywhere about this. It's an attractive amp to me, but if I can't stream hi-res from Qobuz I'm not going to bother.
  3. NifkinFZ6

    Musiccast room presets not working?

    Hi all. I have three different Yamaha Musiccast products linked across three rooms. Since the last firmware update, the Room Presets function isn't working properly: it will select the correct room groupings, but doesn't choose the correct source as per the preset, and just leaves the source on...
  4. R

    Qobuz not in Yamaha MusicCast

    Hello, Yesterday I have purchased a Yamaha WXC-50. I downloaded MusicCast and it doesn't have Qobuz in it. Do I have to add it somehow? I am in Australia.
  5. RobertQ

    MusicCast 20 vs. 50 as rear surrounds

    Hi, I already have 2x KEF Q550 speakers and would like to use them to build 5.1 system. The idea is: - 2x KEF Q550 as front speakers - Sony AG9 77” as a center speaker - KEF Kube 12b as sub with KEF KWI wireless adapter - 2x MusicCast 20 or 50 as rear surrounds - Yamaha RX-A6A...
  6. M

    HEOS vs MusicCast vs BluOS

    What’s the preferred streamer technology? Which one has the best app? Which one works with home automation the best i.e homeseer? look forward to seeing everyone’s opinion
  7. M

    MusicCast app not playing Amazon Music

    I am running the Yamaha TSR-700 and using the MusicCast app. When I click the Amzn Msc button it takes me to a screen with a 'Get Started' button. When I click the button, I get a few swirls and then nothing. I even tried it after successfully starting the Amzn Msc app on my phone. I would...
  8. M

    MusicCast looses connection when moving to different room

    Hi my MusicCast App looses connection when I move from one room to another. Both rooms are on the same floor there is no walls between them and they are right next to each other. When I move back to the first room it reconnects. I already did a reboot, it works for a day or so and then same...
  9. S

    Musiccast & WiFi Extender Issue

    Hi Everyone, I've had a search through the forum and can't find a similar thread so here we go. The problem: One musiccast speaker (WX-021) connected wirelessly to a TP-Link AV600 immediately fails after set up. I can set it up perfectly happily via the musiccast app, but soon after set up...
  10. Z

    Yamaha musiccast 20 not working with TV Youtube app

    I have 2 yamaha musiccast 20 connect with Yamaha RX-V4A to build 5.1 surround sound. Spekaers are working when I play Youtube on my Iphone via Airplay. But they are not working on my TV youtube app content. Then they are working with my TV amazon video prime app. Anyone have similar issue?
  11. TUllman

    MusicCast & Apple Music through AirPlay

    Hi all, I’ve been using Yamaha’a streamer and accompanying MusicCast app to listen to Tidal. It all works well for me and I have no complaints. However, with Apple now offering its Apple Music in hifi resolution I’ve been tempted to switch from Tidal to Apple. Now, MusicCast does not support...
  12. A

    MusicCast expansion.. worth it?

    Thanks for the add. I currently have a 4 yr old RX-A860 and I added 2 Yamaha outdoor wired speakers to zone 2 Which is our outdoor covered lanai. I want to add at least two more speakers out in the open (exposed to weather) and a subwoofer for a little extra bass. I finally have MusicCast...
  13. dlpalm

    Yamaha MusicCast question

    Anyone know how to delete a "not found room" from displaying in the Yamaha MusicCast app? Thanks.
  14. C

    additional streaming service for MusicCast

    Hi! I would love to use other streaming services such as SoundCloud MixCloud ... with my MusicCast setup. Does anyone know if this is possible? When i link an app like SoundCloud to an input it doesn't work out....
  15. G

    Yamaha MusicCast 20 wall mount screw hole

    Hi guys, I was thinking to use the wall mount screw hole at the back of my MusicCast 20 speakers to attach them to my old surround speakers stand. It would be just perfect. However I'm struggling to find the right screws: I've been to the hardware store with the exact specification but the...
  16. S

    Yahama MusicCast iOS App "Control volume with iOS buttons" function does not work

    Have tried on single WX-010 as well as two linked units. iOS App is V 4.31 iPhone iOS is 14.4.1 Firmware on WX-010 is up to date Would be handy to use iPhone controls without navigating to and into the MusicCast app
  17. I

    Yamaha MusicCast Subwoofer

    Would you recommend the Sub 100 subwoofer? I have a MusicCast system and I don’t know if there are any other options (other than not having a subwoofer).
  18. I

    Yamaha MusicCast App CD Track Names

    My MusicCast app shows the name of the current track playing but does not name the tracks on the whole CD. Is. This normal and expected behaviour?
  19. I

    Yamaha MusicCast 50 Speaker Not Switching On

    I use my MusicCast speaker every evening. Yesterday, it would not turn on. A light comes on temporarily but does not stay on. I tried different sockets and leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds before trying again. Even a reset does not work. Anyone had this issue? Any suggestions? I’ll try to...
  20. C

    Yamaha WXA50 just arrived

    Yamaha WXA50 just arrived was reccommended by a Member here so far so good will do a good check tommorow
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