1. D

    Help me find a song with its Music Video Description

    Hi, everyone! First of all sorry if I have some mistake in my English. I'm a not native. I have this song music video on my mind some years and I searched with no succeed It's a black man singer. The music video happens in a Dinner Café and a kid singer version tries to win a girl (he has a...
  2. ne5

    Speakers for Music Centre

    Hello I have just bought a 1970s music centre, a machine i had back in the 70s,80s and 90s before I went digital. I only gave it away to my ex father in law because i went digital, it was a fantastic machine and i have wished for a long time I still had it However it comes without speakers. If...
  3. W

    Festival bangers!

    Hello everybody! In these trying times i have come to reminisce about festivals! Join me and post the song that comes to mind, do feel free to share any specifi festival memories :D What came to my mind was 2016, Mysteryland in Holland. This banger: came through on the worst day of the...
  4. Kapkirk

    Help with identifying music from an Advert Pls.

    Anyone know the artist of the music in the new Fiat 500 orange ad? Ad starts with 3 oranges rolling and then 3 orange fiat 500's with woman singing in Italian, the last bit she sings Americano Italiano or something like that. Would like to know who the singer is and name of song please.
  5. Researcher

    Is it the music app or the phone that determines sound quality via bluetooth?

    I can't get my head around this and am having conflicting thoughts! :rolleyes: Especially late at night! I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 that supports SBC, AAC, aptX, LDAC. Samsung HD. My headphones are Sony WH-1000XM3 that support SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC and DSEE HX. My current Samsung Music...
  6. D

    Hiby Music App starts in chinese - no idea how to fix

    Hi, I just bought a Hiby R3 and read that you can control it via bluetooth with their App. I installed the app for android but when it opens there's a screen that's in chinese. It wants some kind of input or something as it's stuck on opening and wont load. Can anyone share how to get it...
  7. G

    Best floorstanding speakers for stereo music around £700

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying floorstanding speakers (currently using ancient JVC bookshelf ones). I have a Monitor Audio Radius 200 centre speaker, which I'm really happy with, so the logical thing to do would be to buy the Monitor Audio Radius 270, which look great and have good reviews...
  8. DMSurvey

    5-Min Survey on Global Music Industry Platform

    Global Music Industry Platform Survey Hi there, I'm a postgraduate student study in Design Management. Our group is currently working on music industry workers' theme and wonder if we have the honour to invite you to fill the online questionnaire (links above). All data will be anonymous. It...
  9. DMSurvey

    SURVEY: Music Platform Survey

    redacted Hi there, I'm a postgraduate student study in Design Management. Our group is currently working on music industry workers' theme and wonder if we have the honour to invite you to fill the online questionnaire (links above). All data will be anonymous. It should take no more than 5...
  10. D

    Best DNLA client for QNAP music NAS?

    I have a QNAP NAS that I use to store my ripped CD collection of 2,500 mostly classical and jazz CD's. I'm looking for a DNLA client for my Windows 10 desktop that would allow me to stream the music from the QNAP NAS to my ONKYO Hi-fi system. Any suggestions for the best software to use?
  11. Ja55

    Atmos stereo music replacement

    Interesting article on why Atmos music will supercede stereo music
  12. drumroll21

    Subwoofer for music for pair of qAcoustics 350i

    I am looking an active subwoofer only for music. I have a pair of Qacustics 350i and Yamaha RN-803-D. Looking for at least 10" drive and at least 200W. Price point up to £600.
  13. Emmag123


    In the video there is a guy sitting on his couch watching TV, on the TV there are people dancing and they end up dragging him into the TV. Does anyone know what this song is???
  14. dhillon7

    For Sale Apple Music / Arcade / News+ Code x3 sets

    Hi All Codes received from Currys via email. Will send email to buyer after payment is made. Codes can be redeemed for the services mentioned by clicking the links in the email. Apple Arcade is worth £4.99 a month News + and Apple Music are worth £9.99 a month each. Total worth of code =...
  15. T

    Stereo Receiver vs. Amp + Music streamer?

    hi everyone, trying to find the best sounding budget option. I checked the internet and YouTube for possible solutions but there are no comparisons so I am here to get opinions and suggestions. Idea is to stream music from Tidal and Plex server via network. 1st question, which will have better...
  16. L


    It’s an black male. I think American rapper I know he had braids in the video and the music video is from the perspective of him and then his baby mum an he is stood at the front door arguing with her and she ends up going to see a lawyer about him not paying child support so he tried to rob a...
  17. Anim

    Question Budget TV soundbar for music in a small gym

    Hi all Looking for soundbar advice for a small gym, about 30 feet long and 16 feet wide. We are putting up a Samsung TV Q60T on the wall, this will be connected to an iPad Air Apple USB-C to HDMI adapter for screen mirroring so the gym users just have to use an iPad stuck inside a kiosk...
  18. K

    Music Video Description-Please Help!

    I’ve been looking for this song for a long time (since my iPod classic bit the dust and iTunes didn’t transfer my entire music library). I heard this song in France in the summer of 2013 or 2014 all the time on the radio. It seemed to be really popular. It was a British guy singing/rapping (or...
  19. P

    A/V receiver out to PC in: VCR, turntable, music cassette into computer

    I have a home theater setup with a new A/V receiver and a PC. Separate from that, I'm trying to use my old A/V receiver as a conversion hub, from vinyl/cassette/VHS, set up with my office desktop PC. Capturing audio from vinyl and audio cassette is no problem. I connect the receiver's MD/Tape...
  20. dbeevers

    Question Music (iTunes)

    Anyone have problems with iTunes playback? Over the past few months I've noticed most of my audio is distorting no matter where the level is set. Sound check and enhancer are off. At first I thought it was the Mac Mini but then dragging the audio out of itunes and looking at the waveforms and...
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