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  1. W

    help me find music video where guitar player drowns in his room

    Hey guys, please help me, I'm desperate! I am searching for a music video that I watched idk about 10 years ago (around 2010-14). The video shows one guitar player who sits in his room with his guitar and signs about his broken heart. While he is playing, the room fills up with water. Does...
  2. T

    K-pop Music Video

    Can someone help me find a music video that popped into my head???? I watched it in 2016 - 2017 and it popped up in my head last night. I Don’t know the name or who sang it but I remember the music video. It is a K POP SONG, a boy is the main singer. He sings about a girl he bullies and he...
  3. R

    Music video help please

    Looking for the music video where two people wake up in the morning, one good and one bad one, one has an empty cereal bowl??
  4. K

    Looking for a music video, hurting me...

    I really hope someone can help, a music video popped up in my head and can only remember spesic images. It's a women walking around and she pick up glasses, the glasses are see through glasses and she can see under people's clothes as she walks around. Anyone have an idea what this is?
  5. H

    Music video

    I am looking for the name of a music video. All I remember is that there were speakers in the sky attacking a village and the villagers fight back
  6. Gold456

    Help! Can't remember the music video

    All I remember is a white family in a car driving through a town on fire. 2000's to 20010's I think?
  7. J

    Please Help me find a music Video by description

    Is saw an add in YouTube and the Video Starts with an guy hanging upside down in a big room ore hall with a face Mask on,. In Front of him is a Red haired asian looking guy and he Starts rapping Hip Hop in english, sometimes he jused some asian words i think. Everything else i know is that...
  8. F

    Please help find song by music video description

    I been going crazy trying to find the song for around 5 years. the video starts with two young women dancing and making breakfast in their kitchen when a man (supposedly the musician) enters the kitchen after being sat at a table just outside the kitchen and he starts singing and dancing as...
  9. MWC14

    Help Me Find a Music Video based off description?

    Hello, I'm desperately trying to find the song behind a specific country music video that would've been from the late 90s-early 2000s window. I can't remember much of it besides one specific part. In the video there are firefighters and it is implied that they are putting out a fire below a...
  10. T

    Help find me a song with its music video description!

    Hi! So just a background story I found this song years ago while listening to Lenka’s music on YouTube (early 2010). So this artist I can’t find has the same kind of calming British/Australian accent music like her. The artist stars in the music video just driving in a jeep with her friends...
  11. F

    Help finding this song from a music video description.

    This might be very obscure. The singer is a woman. From what I remember there were girls on a stage wearing these bunny head costume masks. (I found it the first time on the aesthetic tag on Tumblr.) I hope someone can find it because I haven't been able to find it in years. To give an idea of...
  12. R

    Help finding a song with just the description of music video

    Alright so it’s not much but I can’t get this out of my head. I’m pretty positive the band is a Christian rock band. I wanna say this song might have came out during late 90s to mid 2000s. The music video is the band playing In an old warehouse looking building and I wanna say there was no...
  13. D

    Music video description

    Hive-mind, please help: this will be the least important thing you do today. I’m thinking of a music video from the early 2000s. Punk-pop-rock. The lead singer is a young woman with lots of black eyeliner, and at one point she is riding on a giant magnetic scrapyard crane. It’s kind of a...
  14. Matygoo

    Identify a weird Music Video from description

    I remember when i was a kid about late 90's or early 00's seeing a weird music video on TV that creeped me out a little, there was a woman singing and i think the house was very colourful and weird like a building out of Lazy Town. Some short thing with tall blue Marge Simpson hair was trying to...
  15. A

    Help find the song I’m looking for by the music video description PLEASE !!!

    I found this song yesterday and I can’t get it out of my head, I’ve literally been researching for hours already lol. The music video basically shows a 20-30 year old white guy with a ginger beard that is wearing a hat I believe and he is singing in the background, playing his guitar with his...
  16. LookingForThisSong

    Searching for a song I only know the music video of

    I need to find this song, but I only remember the music video. Please help, I try my best to describe it accurately. So there is this girl (the artist) with long red curly hair (reminds me of crimson viper of street fighter) that walks on the sidewalk. I remember that she was wearing...
  17. Z

    Looking for a song based on the music video!

    So, I've been looking for this video for years and I could have sworn is was twin Atlantic but alas it is not. All I have really is that set in a restaurant and a guy and girl are sitting at a table opposite each other and the guy falls backwards off the chair. They might be having an argument...
  18. N

    Help finding song from MV description

    So I'm not going to be able to do a great job describing this because it's been so long since I have seen this video but I think about it all of the time and it has been haunting me for the last couple of years because I literally cannot find it anywhere. I have no clue if the singer is male or...
  19. Diedaan1

    Help me find a song by music video description

    I was thinking about this song for over a month already and I don't seem to be able to find it, and this drives mad! I don't know much to discribe the song, but I'm kinda desperate. All I know is: it is sung my a woman it is sung in a some kind of talking manner the videoclip is a woman...
  20. Emmag123


    In the video there is a guy sitting on his couch watching TV, on the TV there are people dancing and they end up dragging him into the TV. Does anyone know what this song is???
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