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  1. Emmag123


    In the video there is a guy sitting on his couch watching TV, on the TV there are people dancing and they end up dragging him into the TV. Does anyone know what this song is???
  2. L


    It’s an black male. I think American rapper I know he had braids in the video and the music video is from the perspective of him and then his baby mum an he is stood at the front door arguing with her and she ends up going to see a lawyer about him not paying child support so he tried to rob a...
  3. K

    Music Video Description-Please Help!

    I’ve been looking for this song for a long time (since my iPod classic bit the dust and iTunes didn’t transfer my entire music library). I heard this song in France in the summer of 2013 or 2014 all the time on the radio. It seemed to be really popular. It was a British guy singing/rapping (or...
  4. A

    Looking for a certain song by music video by description.

    in the music video the guy builds a rail car powered by a motorcycle and takes a girl for a ride on the tracks until it derails. I heard the song ages ago and for the life of me cannot recall any of the lyrics. I've been trying to find it and have had no luck so I'm hoping you guys can help me...
  5. Kat12468

    HELP!! Trying to find a song!!

    Hi. I’ve been looking for this song for years now. It’s a song from the 80s or 90s. The music video contains a band (male singer) who get off a train at the start of the video. There’s kids playing in the street as they walk down it. And at the end of the video there’s like this screen that...
  6. Don Rogers Tash

    Best Music Video.

    Saw them when we last went to Florida. Great band and best ever video...Or is it ?
  7. Viomontenegro

    I’m looking for a Song !

    I only remember the music video: there was a couple. I think their were fighting. And then both decided to drive to the other one and when their arrived at each others house there was no one home. And I am not sure if the video ended there but that’s what I remember. It was a guy singing and...
  8. Hsweeting

    Help find music video via description!

    Hi, i’ve been looking for this song for ages after I changed phones and lost it and forgot the name of it! I don’t remember the tune or lyrics but have a vague description that someone might recognise. It was a trance kind of genre and the song sounded familiar i think to In and Out of Love by...
  9. Niki01

    HELP me find the song to this music video

    Hey guys, I am looking for the song to a music video that I can't remember much of. It was probably some Indie / Electro thing and at least five or more years old It features a guy and a girl getting chased by a guy/ the police (he has a gun) through a foggy forest. The whole thing is filmed...
  10. AlexisB

    Trying to track down name of a music video

    The videos main singer who's face is man on one side and woman on the other and is slender tall attractive character either way but sings in french I believe. The video is kind of like singing from both the man's perspective and then the woman's but played by only one person with face split n...
  11. J

    Question I need help finding a song based off a music video.

    This has been bugging me for years and I still haven't found the song. Any suggestions would be appreciated. From what I remember I think the song was probably 2005-2010 based off the haircuts and quality of the music video. The song was sung by a guy probably in his 20s with longish black...
  12. R

    Question Music video clip that I can't remember and try to find, I'm waiting for your help

    Hello friends, I do not know if I opened the right place, if not, just excuse me. Sorry forr my poor English, I am use google translate. The clip I was looking for is about 2000 (-5 +10 years) and I am looking for a clip that I have seen in the music program on TV. As far as I can remember; 1-...
  13. Stewj23

    Please help me find music video

    The song is of a man with short/slick back hair, wears black top and white face and total black back ground. It's rock stone and his face distorts to demon throughout bits of the song. Please help me find it!! Thank you in advance
  14. OctBrz

    Help Finding this Asian song

    Hi i need help finding this song with the little but solid info i have. there was a music video i saw in 2015 so i know it cant be newer then that. Also the Video started out with a piano like sound very slow and was song by a girl who was in a building area outside with some water dripping...
  15. Franke728

    Question Find music video that matches description!!

    I've been trying to find this music video for a while but I cant find it anywhere. It's a country song and I want to say it was release in the mid to late 2000s but I'm not 100% sure about that. It mostly takes place in a Bar. I specifically remember a scene where the singer get beat up by a...
  16. Bchaz71

    Question Music video

    3 girls walking down deserted street signing. From 2018 or 2019. Trip hop, Sia type vibe. Pretty sure it's not Haim. Tia.
  17. RealPhillips

    Question Need Help Finding Song

    This song came out in 2008 - 2012ish. It features 2 girls rapping but had a rap/pop vibe to it. Much like Lady Sovereign. Both girls were wearing hip-hop clothes in the music video. Bright colored. If memory serves, and it’s very vague, one girl had a jacket and hat on in the video.
  18. M

    An old workshop with many toys for men music video sony a7iii

    Good evening to everyone! First of all i wish to all of you to be good at your health and to be calm with this new think, the virus. I want to be optimist that thinks could be better the next days.. by the way here is a video with Sony A7iii in very old workshop hith a hardworking man behind...
  19. K

    Question EDM Music Video

    Hey guys can anyone help me with the name of this song/music video? It's Edm music video about a couple who go to raves together and the scenes go back and forth with them a different locations one being in the street, the other at a rave and the last at a wedding. They both get married in the...
  20. Treeplant dan

    Looking for a music video

    It starts with a group of guys in a car and a group of girls in a car they both show up in the middle of a town. They get out and dance agaist eachother of a bit before joining together dressed in a varys multi cloloured outfits infront of the town. The song has no words and is 2010 up not sure.
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