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  1. AnitaFajita

    Question Help finding a song/music video

    Okay so there's this song I knew I loved and I sadly can't remember the lyrics but I can remember parts of the music video. It was this african american guy and I think he was wearing a red suit at some point. Basically the video had fake copies of his girlfriend or something to that extent? I...
  2. F

    Question What's this old music video?

    I remember watching a music video around the time they still had pop up videos on TV. It was a male artist singing in type of city or town. He was singing in the streets. The the male artist was singing in the rain and behind him water slowly started rising in the streets and you can see fish...
  3. S

    Question I need to know what song this is.

    So yesterday I went to Main Event with a friend. Near the screens where it shows your score, they play the music videos of whichever song they are playing in the building at that time. I saw one that caught my attention because of the comic book style animation. The first thing I remember from...
  4. D

    Can you help me find this song by the description

    Basically, it's a metal/rock song. I use to listen to it a lot but it's completely gone out my head - at the start there's this man, he's dragging a body in a carpet. It's in a field surrounded by trees. He puts it in a car, and then the car just goes up in flames. It's a band - not a single...
  5. K

    Looking for a Song/Singer

    Hello there. I'm looking for a female singer. It's an old video with girl somewhere in a prairie with a pick up at the background (looked like Mitsubishi l200). Must be somewhere mid/end '90. Maybe early 2000'. The song sounded (at least to me) like it have some native American vibes in it...
  6. 1

    Looking for this music video?

    In the music video, there was a girl who seemed to be obsessed or a fan of the singer/celebrity and she imagined dancing with him by dancing with a lamp pole and while she did that it would flash to her "actually" dancing with the singer in neon lights? Sound familiar? the singer was male i believe
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