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  1. J

    Need advice with placement of in-ceiling speakers (music only)

    Hi everyone - I'm a noob here and I'd love any helpful advice you can offer. We're remodeling our house and I'm considering putting in-ceiling speakers for streaming music only. The room is L-shaped which makes it kind of difficult. I'm thinking of using 4x Klipsch CDT-5800-C speakers with...
  2. C

    Replacement for my recently deceased NAS

    At an age of 10 years my Buffalo LinkStation Mini NAS died last year and can't find an adequate replacement. Maybe some hint from users? Should be 2 x 2.5" SSD ONLY! with 1GB LAN and the most important feature is the size, see picture! Thank you
  3. ron12

    what is the name of this song/music vidoe

    After the crash at the beginning of the video, they go run into some house two guys and the Asian girl this song was on vevo pop this year it came out Ithink this year or last year.
  4. S

    Compact subwoofer for music only - advice please

    Hi All I'm more of a lurker on this forum, picking up knowledge based on the wealth of experience. I am looking to purchase a subwoofer, which for space and WAF reasons must be small, circa 30 x 30 30cm. Budget around £600, will need serious justification to spend £1k. Must be exceptional...
  5. Ja55

    Used sub for music only up to £200

    Hey Guys I need some recommendations for a used sub other than a xls200 for up to £200. Dont care how it looks or the size as using in a garage gym. Although the garage is 8.5 x 5 x 3m only half is used as the gym. Just needs to play fast and low for an hour at a time for workout. Doesnt need...
  6. D

    Question Small footprint speakers to match new stereo amp

    I recently bought a PA Audio Sprout 100 (needed small form factor) here in the UK and I’m now hunting for a set of speakers. The source will be Spotify/Amazon Music HD from an Airport Express 2 (over AirPlay 2 using optical in). Room size is 10m x 3m and the speakers will sit in the middle (on...
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