Multiroom refers to a system or setup that allows audio or video content to be played simultaneously in different rooms or zones within a living space.
  1. I

    Humax with H3 or Aura Holy Grail Multiroom

    Hi all, Spent the best part of a week looking up and watching videos... I Don't think multiroom viewing is easily achieved nowadays out of a Sky/Virgin blanket and ive got all coax cabling layed out. Anybody with experience of a humax pvr say 5000T coupled up with a H3 espresso device ? Read...
  2. RodF46

    Echo Dot

    I have 4 echo dots 4th gen. Multiroom set up with Everywhere as the group Name. When asking for Boom Radio Everywhere, it works! But when asking for some other stations such as Radio Wiltshire Everywhere, the reply is...I dont know that station. But if I ask for Radio Wiltshire, only, it is...
  3. X

    Denon x2700h multiroom airplay2

    i’d like to buy a homepod to listen music in other room. Is possible configure multiroom with this via airplay2?
  4. M

    Kitchen setup as part of multiroom

    Having recently moved from a flat to a house, I currently have a lounge setup (B&W CM8s, Rotel 1572 preamp and Rotel 1552 amp) that was my previous sole set up. I’m looking to get a multiroom setup going and would connect the lounge via the WiiM Pro (once released). In the kitchen, I’m look for...
  5. O

    Multiroom recordings - Sony TV

    Hello. So I am a long time Virgin TV user. I have now left Virgin and changing my TV setup. I have a new Sony TV with Google TV functionality for the living room. I want to access the Freeview channels and the recordings in the living room in the bedroom also. Can I do this somehow on the TV...
  6. T

    Multizone with CXN

    Guys, After tons of thoughts and research, I definitely need your help here before knowing what to purchase to make my system work. My current system which is brilliantly playing is the following (links for each manual in case you need to check connections): 1. Receiver Onkyo RZ820...
  7. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Elipson launches upgraded W35+ multiroom stereo speaker

    A refined design improves the sound quality and adds RJ45 connectivity to the eye-catching original. Read the news.
  8. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Audio Pro announces Drumfire II and Drumfire D-2 multiroom speakers

    The newly upgraded speaker with optional subwoofer adds AirPlay 2 and Google Cast to its growing playlist. Read the news.
  9. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Audio Pro launches A28 and A38 multiroom speakers

    The new bookshelf and floor-standing speakers add Google Cast and AirPlay 2 to its new and improved streaming solutions. Read the news.
  10. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Audio Pro launches C5 MkII multiroom speaker

    The New C-Series model brings AirPlay 2 and Google Cast from the C10 MkII into a conveniently small package. Read the news.
  11. W

    Bluesound Powernode / Multiroom Music with Node?

    If I'm using a powernode in a kitchen / living area can I then just plug a Node into my main amp in the lounge and use them in sync for multiroom music does anyone know? Also if anyone's got any comments positive or negative about the Powernode would love to hear them.
  12. Quebrantahuesos

    Practical aspects of multiroom DIY with Raspberry PI

    Hello everyone, I'm starting to renovate a 3-storey house floor by floor, taking it all back to bare stone (and concrete floors and roof) and putting in new wiring, data cabling and, I'm hoping, multiroom audio. We're not audiophiles but we do listen to a lot of music (FLAC on NAS and Internet...
  13. J

    Sky Q multiroom over Wi-Fi FREESAT alternative

    Hello i currently have Sky Q with a mini box for multiroom in the extension. The mini box is connected wirelessly as I do not have any cabling in this room, it would also be pretty difficult to neatly cable here. I would like to go over to a free sat or similar system, but I cannot find...
  14. D

    Tv - what can I use it for?

    I have an LG flatron tv in my bedroom. I cannot afford to have sky multiroom upstairs anymore and am returning their mini sky q box. What can I do with this tv? What I watch on my tv? Do I need an aerial?
  15. 8

    Free view on 2nd tv

    We have talk talk and youview box on main TV. We want to run a good quality TV with good quality free view channels in the other room. At moment it is linked to a small aerial and booster and it jumps all over the place. Can we buy something to work over WiFi on the 2nd TV with a good picture...
  16. pleasedtobe

    DIY mono multiroom

    I have a basic DIY mono multiroom setup as per the attached plan. Using a stereo line source through a splitter in reverse to give mono, then fed across four 10k pots which each in turn feed one channel of an amplifier. It works reasonably well controlling the volume in each room, but there is...
  17. Johnmcl7

    Do Sky still require phone lines connected to Sky boxes for multiroom?

    I've been having a dig through the forum but I've not found any recent topics on this which is not surprising given the age of the boxes. I have a Sky HD 1TB box and a really old basic Sky box in another room which are both connected to phone lines and I remember a long time ago getting nasty...
  18. J

    Sky Q MultiRoom questions

    Could you help me with a few questions about Multiroom? 1. Can you watch the same recording, at the same time on different boxes? I often have 2 or more TVs on when I am working around the and because I currently split the HDMI I have the same thing on, on every TV and I like it this way.. Any...
  19. M

    Using multiroom to feed ethernet connection

    Hi, For a while now I have had Virgin Media's Oomph package which includes multiroom - this is all setup and working. I want to move my PC into the room where the 2nd wall socket is and have a 2nd ethernet connection. Is that possible by buying a modem and/or speaking to Virgin?
  20. T

    Virgin multi room installation help (urgent)

    Hi all, My other half has virgin media into her living room, currently building a kitchen extension and she would like to put a TV in the kitchen diner area, so we want to know how the multi room installation actually works. I have tried looking on the virgin media website, called them and the...
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