The multiregional hypothesis, multiregional evolution (MRE), or polycentric hypothesis is a scientific model that provides an alternative explanation to the more widely accepted "Out of Africa" model of monogenesis for the pattern of human evolution.
Multiregional evolution holds that the human species first arose around two million years ago and subsequent human evolution has been within a single, continuous human species. This species encompasses all archaic human forms such as H. erectus and Neanderthals as well as modern forms, and evolved worldwide to the diverse populations of anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens).
The hypothesis contends that the mechanism of clinal variation through a model of "Centre and Edge" allowed for the necessary balance between genetic drift, gene flow and selection throughout the Pleistocene, as well as overall evolution as a global species, but while retaining regional differences in certain morphological features. Proponents of multiregionalism point to fossil and genomic data and continuity of archaeological cultures as support for their hypothesis.
The multiregional hypothesis was first proposed in 1984, and then revised in 2003. In its revised form, it is similar to the Assimilation Model, which holds that modern humans originated in Africa and today share a predominant recent African origin, but have also absorbed small, geographically variable, degrees of admixture from other regional (archaic) hominin species.

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  1. J

    Denon DBP-A100

    Hello Do anyone know if its Possible to change Region on DBP-A100 or Make it Region free ?
  2. A

    Question JVC XV-N757A

    Hi all. Does anyone know if the JVC model XV-N757A has a region hack code(s) so it can be multi region selectable for both BD and DVD? Would be much appreciated if anyone can help me. Thanks This is the player for reference: Blu-ray Player - JVC TV
  3. J

    UHD 4K recorder with multiregion BD play, exist?

    I have to play only on Zidoo Z10 Pro and only ripped discs or classic blu-ray on my computer. The Playstation 5 is locked to region B for blu-ray and so some discs don't play. If anyone knows how I can get my PS5 region free, I'd be happy. I have discs original from the USA region A blu-ray...
  4. panman40

    Question Panasonic UB700 region free mod ?

    Just wondered if there’s a region free mod for the older Panasonic ub700 ?.
  5. S

    Legality of Region Free/JailBreak hacks for BD-Players in EU and US

    I have a friend who is good with hardware and software, he found a vulnerability in his Bluray player and decided to exploit it for fun, he later decided to make his player region free so that he can watch all of his legally acquired imported movies. One day he told online what he did and lots...
  6. S

    Multiregion purchase

    Hey guys, this has probably been asked but I want to be sure. I bought the Panasonic 820 4k blu ray player. A friend is going to Texas in August and I was going to ask him to get some 4k films for me. Question 1 is will it definitely work Question 2 are there recommendations for 4k film only...
  7. Shylok

    Hitachi-LG GP96 Multiregion Hack? Portable Android DVD Player

    Hi, i have just bought a portable dvd player for my tablet that works on android. Hitachi-LG GP96 However i have discovered on set up using the Disc Link Platinum app it asks me to set a region but says this can only be changed 5 times before it locks. So im wondering is there a multiregion...
  8. V

    Multiregion help

    I have just bought a 2nd hand region 2 DVD recorder A Sony RDR-HXD970 HDD/DVD I would like to reset it to accept multi region DVD'sAny help would be much appreciated Thanks
  9. I

    Panasonic DP-UB 820 - TPS Multiregion - Problem with DVD 1080/50p

    I wish to buy the player mentioned above, mainly to the good reviews and the fact that it plays Dolby Vision. However, as I have several Region A titles and enjoy playing all movies worldwide, I wanted to buy the moded player from TPS. Now I read that TPS is a reliable and reputable seller, I...
  10. A

    Panasonic UB820 multiregion?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I’m just wondering if there’s an easy hack to allow my UB820 to play US UHDs? if not is it a hardware and who would I contact to have that done? thanks in advance.
  11. malctAN

    Pioneer kuro 500A with Pioneer Multiregion BDP-LX08 DVD BluRay

    I am thinking about replacing my Kuro 500a with a Phillips 65 inch LED TV. , Any thoughts? The picture quality on the Kuro is fanstatic, But what i have found with a lot of TV's in showrooms is the brightness of the TV's enen when broadcasting normal TV and everything looks false. My preferance...
  12. Nayfne

    Question Marantz SR6012 and multiregion blu ray player, can't get a picture? Help!!

    So i have a marantz SR6012, had it well over a year and its great, no issues whatsoever. Ive just purchased a Sony bdp s5200, which has the hardware modification to enable region A, B, C the player works perfectly connected directly to the TV, but wont pass an image through the...
  13. mps

    Question Multiregion Disc for Pioneer BDPLX70A

    Does anyone have any ideas which is the best firmware for this player? Thanks.
  14. Elf Boy

    Multiregion oppo udp 203

    Hi guys, I recently bought a multiregion kit for my OPPO UDP 203 from Unfortunately it came without instructions on how to install the chip. I'm...
  15. D

    Question LG BH200 Multiregion hack & 0702 driver required

    I have just acquired a US import LG BH200 which seems so far to preform well on the discs I have tried so far - several films and 3 calibration discs (HD DVD, Bluray and DVD). I am looking for the multiregion hack software and the 0702 driver and all the links I have found so far (still reading...
  16. Stupot43

    Question Cambridge Audio CXUHD - Multiregion?

    Can anyone who has this player tell me if it comes out of the box Multi-region for playing DVD's?
  17. Unlucky Alf

    Question Multiregion hack for Sony BDP-3700

    Brought one yesterday, and was wondering if there's any software hack for it before I open the box in case I need to take it back, or does it need a hardware mod?
  18. Brent Reid

    Best Sources for Multiregion Blu-ray Players

    Thanks to the threads here, I and various friends and family members have bought and hacked several Toshiba BDX1100/1200/3100/3200 players. However, they've been around since 2010/2011 and good condition models are becoming scarce and often expensive. I get asked frequently about the best places...
  19. S

    Need recommendations on Multiregion DVD/Blu-ray Player that has cinavia hack?

    Hi guys, I'm looking on recommendations on a modern and good quality Multiregion DVD/Blu-ray Player that also has Cinavia Protection hack. At the moment i've got a OPPO BDP-83 which has been great but its old now and its on its last legs as its not reading discs as it used to do. I would like...
  20. happychappy

    Question Panasonic DMP-BDT110 a multi region question

    Hi all I have put a Panasonic DMP-BDT110 Blu Ray/DVD "multi region" player up for sale and a potential buyer has asked if the multiregion applies to Blu Ray as well as DVDs? I can state for sure it works on DVDs as I have many region 1 discs, however I only have (I think) UK region "B" discs...
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