1. A

    Sound problem with multiple inputs.

    Hi All, I just purchased an LG CX 55 and a Vizio 5.1 soundbar. The setup was easy and the soundbar worked when i was streaming through the TV or when I switched and watched cable. The problem started when I hooked up my PS4 Pro and adjusted the settings in the PS4 to use optic cable out to a...
  2. I

    Advice please regarding Samsung website shop please and multiple issues

    only people who knew there was a television for collection that day was Samsung there courier panther group and there driver crew who phoned ahead to say they would be within the next hour as the thieves were in that time slot and knew there was a television to collect
  3. jont

    Multiple IR extender leads for Harmony Hub

    I would like to control all my devices in the tack by IR from my Harmony Hub ... anyone got/used any 1>6 sized leads that would plug in rather than the 1>2 supplied ? ... shame there's only one socket ... I know it's a blaster built in but I can't position it in a way to easily control...
  4. Paulhendo

    Multiple Sky Boxes to Multiple Screens.

    Afternoon All! I have 3 separate Sky boxes that I want to combine and output to half a dozen separate TV’s. Is there a bespoke way to do this? Or is it just a case of combining RF outputs via an iO LINK and then using a loft top box (or something similar) to distribute to the TV's? Thanks in...
  5. C

    Help understanding PCM, do receivers/mixers with multiple digital outputs exist?

    Hello, I've been taken down a rabbit hole recently and am trying to understand PCM/Dolby properly. Have done a lot of googling and searching forums and what I understand (I think) is this: PCM is uncompressed, whereas Dolby is compressed. As such PCM is limited to stereo only, and the...
  6. D

    Which Soundbar with DSD compatibility, Internet Radio & Multiple input.

    Hi all, After getting some great advice on here about my room not being ideal acoustic wise for surround sound it got me thinking if there was a Soundbar out that could replace my dated AVR ?. Now features I am looking for are : DSD playback from NAS Drive Internet services such as Spotify &...
  7. C

    Need solution for an extended desktop (multiple monitors) with multiple inputs (computers)

    Hello, I’d like some feedback if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I’m setting up a mobile incident command center for work in a large trailer. At times we may have 2 or more laptops that we would need to extend their respective desktops to anywhere from 1-4 tv screens...
  8. D

    Question REL HT-Air (and other wireless sub systems) Multiple Subs

    Does anyone know please if you can purchase and REL HT-Air transmitter, then have multiple receivers that will pair with it? Also, are there similar systems that can do this for a similar price and quality? Thank you.
  9. L

    Playing Dolby Atmos through 2 sources

    Hi all. We have an LG Nanocell TV with an LG soundbar and an Apple TV 4K and Sky Q. We want to be able to listen to available Dolby Atmos content through both devices but we can’t figure out how to do that. At the moment we are getting all sound through the soundbar for both but only an Atmos...
  10. Kamala

    Question Multiple Presets? (9000 series)

    Hi, I just bought a 58" 9000 series and love it. Theres an option to save "personal" settings for the image but you appear to only be able to save one. I like different settings for different situations, does any one know if its possible to save more and skip between them easily? I can't find...
  11. F

    HEOS on multiple AVR’s in same house / WiFi network

    Thanks for add to the forum! I have a second house with multiple hardwired zones already installed with built in speakers. We have one 7.1 Denon AVR running 2 zones thru HEOS now. What happens if I add a second 7.1 AVR with HEOS on the same WiFi network? These will be hardwired zones as well...
  12. R

    REL 3D Audio with multiple subs

    Hello folks. I came across this article from REL's site: Adding 3D to Theater Part 1 | REL Acoustics In it they say that you should connect a sub to your center channel and a sub to your surrounds using their high level connections. Does anyone have experience with this? Has anyone tried this...
  13. D

    Any ideas of how to set up multiple subwoofers better

    Hi all, I have been through a process of elimination and come up with what I think is the best compromise so far of how to setup my 4 subwoofers in the lounge. What I was hoping for is if anyone has any comments or advice about how this could be done better - see the last two lines for the...
  14. krx99

    Question From PC to multiple projectors.

    I have multiple Epson projectors and I would like to send stream from PC to 5 different projector. Any solutions? Thank you in advance!
  15. A

    Question Bi amping using multiple outputs from AV Receiver

    I have an Onkyo 383 Receiver. Can I use the rear right and rear left and maybe the center channel speaker outputs to connect a pair of Polk RTIA 1 bookshelf speakers that have 4 binding posts behind each speaker ? If I can connect these speaker outputs to the speaker binding posts, my next...
  16. Z

    How to access multiple WiFi loops

    Following on from my security camera range question, I’ve ordered some EzViz wireless and wire free cameras which I’m planning to network to an NVR At the moment, our home is well covered by the WiFi network created by our sky Q router but the stables has a separate loop created via a Devolo...
  17. I

    Question Sharing speakers between 2 devices

    Hello Due in part to the current lockdown, I’ve recently managed to resurrect my Xbox 360, and have plugged it into my PCs monitor. In doing this, I’ve remembered that my PCs monitor doesn’t have its own audio outputs so the Xbox is essentially mute. Because of space restrictions I don’t...
  18. samsuka99

    Question Multiple speakers on a receiver surround sound inputs

    Hi, I have a games room/Media room with a 5:1 Onkyou receiver which we use for music or for the TV for films. I am putting in 4 x Sonance C6R in ceiling speakers and would like to double them up and put them into the surround outputs, so 2 on the left and 2 on the right output, so that they...
  19. ansky

    Question Magic Remote - Want to control multiple devices all connected to HDMI ARC on TV

    I've attached a simple diagram of my setup - LG TV to Onkyo AVR that has multiple devices attached. All devices use the TV, but connect through the same TV Input (HDMI 2 - ARC). Using the Device Connections option from the TV, I can setup control of a device, but it always starts with the...
  20. Somawheels

    Charging multiple LIPO batterries. Question.

    Id like to charge all my LIPO 3s batteries without having to constantly swap the batterries on the charger. Some people use parallel charging, but I would prefer not to. Are there charging systems that detect when one batterry has been charged, and then automatically move onto charging the next...
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