Multi is a shortened form of "multiple". It may refer to:
Alternate character in online gaming
Multi 2 diamonds, a contract bridge convention
Multirhyme, a synonym for feminine rhyme used in hip hop music
Multi (To Heart), a character from the visual novel and anime series To Heart
Multi-touch display

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  1. gamer1981

    Question about Virgin 360 and multi room

    I'm tempted with an offer Virgin for the full TV package along with Multi room with a mini 360 box. I've only just realised that both the main 360 STB and Mini both require a coax connection for Live TV. Id just like to know where these coax cables will be terminated? I'm guessing the main...
  2. rccarguy3

    Using a AVR for multi sub calibration

    Is it possible to use a AVR as a method to time align multiple subs? Say if I get a Denon 2500, a old AVR with room EQ. A cheapo old AVR should be possible. Or I do have a Yamaha AVR but unure how accurate it's distance measurement process is. Connect sub 1, perform calibration note the...
  3. G

    Question Yamaha RX-A3080 multi room setup

    Hi everyone, I have an AV multi room setup question. I have a two story house. Downstairs I have a dedicated home cinema room. Upstairs I have a gaming and general entertainment setup. In the downstairs cinema room, i have amongst other things a Panasonic DP-UB9000 bluray player and a Yamaha...
  4. SoloPlayerZP

    do you need two different mics for multi EQ X and REW?

    hi, as a newbie i find it a bit confusing: i am planning to use multi eq X but i also want to use REW. Could i use the UMIK 1 or the calibrated audissey mic which is sold for Multi EQX for both or would i need both mics for accurate results? thanks a lot for answers
  5. K

    Multi channel 4k recording

    Hi all, it's been many years since I posted on here. I'm trying to come up with a way of recording four different cameras simultaneously, using a unit that can quickly go back 20 or 30 seconds to replay what just happened.. its for motorsport. Any ideas? I was thinking of a standalone unit, or...
  6. frenchnes

    Question How to set up an in-ceiling sound system with 4 speakers ?

    I am struggling to find clear explanations online of how to set up a multi speaker system. My knowledge about sound/electricity is close to zero... Basically I have an amp with 2 speakers outputs (so red/white + red/white) and 4 speakers (nominal impedance 8 ohms , mini 6.9 ohms). I sort of...
  7. Affy9

    Apple multi device charging

    Hi All, Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to tidy up the myriad of charging cables. We are an Apple household. The wife and I both have iPhones and AirPods and we both and the 2 kids all have iPads. I now have an Apple Watch as well and currently, we rotate devices using two or three...
  8. AV splitter for gaming - multi in, one HDMI out

    Wall mounting a small gaming TV with single HDMI running to multi console setup Can someone recommend a splitter with at least four HDMI in and preferably VGA and composite audio too please
  9. R

    Multi part help S20 ultra with a Spotting scope and portable Projector help????

    Im doing some camping to Colorado. Thinking of trying to use the power of s20 ultra camera and the range of my Spotting scope. With a portable projector to view on screen at night or dusk for entertainment. The projector is limited to 720 with 3000 lumens i believe. Just 1 hdmi in and 2 usb...
  10. S

    Multi switch looks wrong?

    Hi there, I’ve run new coax from a property to a communal loft. See images of what I found. The multi switch looks like a simple 5 input and 12 out. I’m wondering why the DCSS-422 (Dlcr) had been cascaded to the main multi switch. I believe someone was thinking of adding Sky Q but surely this...
  11. O

    Question Sky+ Multiscreen Viewing Card Still Possible To Use Despite Being Years Old?

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some advice on something that I cannot seem to find an answer to anywhere. Basically, a number of years ago we were intending to get Sky+ Multiscreen installed where we live and something unfortunate occurred where we went through all of the necessary...
  12. E

    Question Multi room system based on Sonos Five

    I have been using a Bowers & Wilkins A5 to play my own music from my iMac and Apple devices with Apple Airplay. It has been extremely frustrating because the music keeps cutting out at random intervals, and the technicalities of curing this are beyond me. My wifi in all other respects works...
  13. D

    Question USB-C multi Hub? Does one even exist currently?

    Hi all. Does a USB-C to multiple USB-C hub exist? Not been able to find one. Only results I get are USB-C hubs with a USB-C PD power port and then a few USB A ports. Don't think the PD port supports data at all? The below adapter works but not with all devices apparently (with a USB C to USB...
  14. Whitley Lad

    Any outlets that can change Region B player to Multi Region?

    As question really, I'd like my aging but very reliable Panasonic DMP- BDT210 back up player modded to multi region. Anyone know of any UK based companies that would undertake conversion?
  15. T

    Question Multi zones with Nest thermostat

    I currently live in a property which has a combi boiler and a single heating zone for the whole house. I replaced the dumb thermostat for a Nest thermostat (3rd gen) when I moved in. I will be moving house in the coming few months and the new house will have a wet underfloor heating system (3...
  16. Real Ramona

    Multi room mini hi-fi system options

    My partner is about to move to a new house and her old JVC system has broken. So I am looking to set her up with something low cost but versatile. eg not NAIM :/ She needs CD player, DAB and some way to stream Spotify. My initial thoughts were Cambridge Audio One, or Denon D-M41, but then she...
  17. pschweig

    Question AV Receiver Multi room audio advice needed

    Hi I found the idea of something like the Samsung One Connect box very appealing. Getting every input (bluray/htpc etc) for the tv tucked away in a corner sounded good so I looked into getting one. As I found that only a select few Samsung tvs came with the One Connect I decided maybe an AV...
  18. B

    No reception on one new tv in multi tv setup

    I have recently (2 weeks ago) installed a new Sharp tv in one of the bedrooms to replace an old analogue+ freebox which did not pick up anything. It (the new one,) worked for about 10 days, and then lost reception, some channels could be faintly heard but no picture. I have an aerial in...
  19. Jester1066

    Question Adding A Multi Channel Power Amp to x4500h

    Hi all.... Appreciate people's views/thoughts on this. I currently have the following Home Theatre setup - currently running in a 5.1.2 Atmos/height setup - Dali sitting on front speakers - although I have the additional (rear) atmos/height speakers to go to 5.1.4 (once I've decorated!)...
  20. Buttkicklover

    Question Help with Multi Ch Stereo on Marantz SR7012

    Hi I hope someone can help me. I have a Marantz SR7012, with a 7.1.4 setup. When I play music, I usually just use stereo, but sometimes I would like to use the Multi Ch Stereo option. But since my atmos height speakers are not the same quality as my other speakers, and the ceiling is rather...
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