1. B

    Freesat signal but no reception on Sky+HD Box

    I have installed a 60cm satellite dish with a quad LNB and ran the 4 feeds into a 8 way Whyte WM508 multi-switch in my loft. Had an Engineer align the dish to Astra 28.2 East constellation and I get freesat channels all over the house on LG TVs. I am running a single cable from the...
  2. wp73

    Question Can't get my Antiference multi-switch system to output SKY Satellite signal

    Hi, We just moved into a new house and it has a preinstalled satellite multi-switch distribution system in the loft, it is an Antiference quad/quattro LNB iSYS7 model (5 inputs, 4x sat, 1x aerial) and 16 outputs. Every room in the house has a satellite wall plate however these are all female...
  3. L

    Question Sky Q, FreeSat and a Multi-Switch

    Hi, I'm in the process of renovating my house and have replaced the old setup with a new aerial, larger satellite dish and a quattro LNB. I have 5 feeds running from the dish/aerial to a central location and then have wired the rest of the house up so have a total of 14 cables feeding 7...
  4. S

    Multi_switch with dual LNB?

    Hi: i have question: i thought that multi-switch need four inputs 1. vertical high frequency 2. horizontal high frequency 3. vertical low frequency 4. horizontal low frequency but i see multi_swith( 2*4) has only two inputs by using dual LNB, one input for horizontal(18v) and the other for...
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