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  1. Y

    Systemline S6.2 touchpad programming

    Hi all, as it says in the title am looking for advice on programming the wall touch pads for a systemline 6.2 multi room system, tried with some help from their tech guys but am only able to get one source working and no matter what I do I can’t get it to switch to any of the other sources, any...
  2. T

    How to link two amps in two different rooms

    Hi, What is the best way to link two different amps in two rooms to play the same music? I'd also like the capability to turn one room off if required. Thanks
  3. M

    Multi-Room Madness - Resistance is Futile!

    Hi, I’m new to this forum but not to the world of mid-range hifi. I have a working understanding of how the various components interact, of amplifier and speaker resistance etc. I am, however, struggling to find a solution to my latest first-world problem: I run a pair of Quad 12L speakers...
  4. L

    NetStreams Software MusicaTools

    Hello guys! I have a NetStreams NS-MU5066 Audio Distribution System and I wonder if anyone here have the software configuration (MusicaTools) of this equipment, since they no longer have even a site. I'll really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance.
  5. H

    Best Amplifier for Monitor Audio Speakers and Multi Room Audio

    Hey all! I have just built my first house and pre-wired up the living room before plastering for a 7.1 surround sound. I have never dabbled in home cinema ever before but am very into my music, guitars an good sound and have dreamed of having an amazing sound system throughout my house. I...
  6. Braun Audio

    The Braun Audio Thread - for all things design, inspiration, product news and exclusive offers

    Dear AVForums Community, Celebrating 100 years of Braun, we are happy to join AV Forums and be able to bring you design inspiration, first-hand insights into all things Braun Audio, product news and exclusive offers through this thread. Since 1921, Braun has earned a formidable reputation...
  7. TheReloaded

    Sky Q/Sky Q Mini Ethernet/Wi-fi Advantages and Disadvantages?

    Hello! I have a 2TB HDR Sky Q box connected via Ethernet and a Sky Q mini that is connected via Wi-Fi. This setup works perfectly fine but I have a HomePlug adapter where the Sky Q mini is, so I connected the mini box via Ethernet and disabled Wi-fi in the 0-0-1-select secret menu. There seems...
  8. sam93913

    Freesat 4k to six TVs

    Hi guys I apologise for being a pain, although technically sound I have no idea what I would need to install 6 sat feeds from one dish.. I have the cables, but have no other parts. I’m looking for the best quality and if possible gear that would be ‘future proof’ to distribute 4K. Also could...
  9. C

    Onkyo Pr-Rz 5100 + Onkyo TX-NR777 streaming - 4 zones

    I have 2 Onkyo receivers set up in my house for a total of 4 zones. 2 zones on the 5100 and 2 only the 777. They are on the same WiFi network and are controlled with the Onkyo app. I can see all 4 zones on the app, but I cannot find a way to stream the SAME music to these 4 zones. Both...
  10. T

    Multimedia gateway alternatives (sky channels over DVB)

    First post on here, open to corrections on forum etiquette. I'm working on a job in a multi dwelling unit where the client wants to provide about 12 specific sky channels to each room. They've got a card for each channel. Looking at the ATX MD16 Sky Bright box, seems it would be the best...
  11. J

    Question Advice - Multi Room Audio Novice - oPus MCU300

    Background - I have recently moved into a house that has an oPus (Octopus) multi room audio system installed (6 inputs with 4 main room, 4 sub-room Cat 5 outputs). I say installed, there is a set a Cat 5 cables in a cupboard with a disconnected oPus MCU300 and a remote control! There are...
  12. J

    Sky Q in 2 rooms

    Hi All, I have sky Q in my bedroom and I want to watch Sky Q in my study room but I do not have another Sky Mini I was hoping to use a Magic Eye but apparently sky Q does not work with Magic Eye anymore. Is this true? other than getting another sky mini, is there anyway I can view and control...
  13. CrispyBacon

    Question Recommended setup for outputting Vinyl through amp/speakers and connected Bluetooth speakers at the same time

    Hi all, I'm not overly savvy with audio tech so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. I am proficient in programming so can handle any DIY options which require it. Desired outcome With a budget of ~£1500 to listen to my vinyl in one room via connected amp/speakers and to be able to...
  14. E

    Question Multi room system based on Sonos Five

    I have been using a Bowers & Wilkins A5 to play my own music from my iMac and Apple devices with Apple Airplay. It has been extremely frustrating because the music keeps cutting out at random intervals, and the technicalities of curing this are beyond me. My wifi in all other respects works...
  15. Welsh Whirlwind

    Would this work? Multi Room audio for new build - getting confused!

    Hi all, Let's start with the TLDR version: Can I use echo dots (hard-wired via 3.5mm to RCA) directly into the input channels of this dayton audio power-amp to setup zoned, whole-home audio? Would this work? Or do I need to add anything else into the mix? Dayton MA1260a Multi-Zone 12 Channel...
  16. Real Ramona

    Multi room mini hi-fi system options

    My partner is about to move to a new house and her old JVC system has broken. So I am looking to set her up with something low cost but versatile. eg not NAIM :/ She needs CD player, DAB and some way to stream Spotify. My initial thoughts were Cambridge Audio One, or Denon D-M41, but then she...
  17. pschweig

    Question AV Receiver Multi room audio advice needed

    Hi I found the idea of something like the Samsung One Connect box very appealing. Getting every input (bluray/htpc etc) for the tv tucked away in a corner sounded good so I looked into getting one. As I found that only a select few Samsung tvs came with the One Connect I decided maybe an AV...
  18. D

    Question Av receiver

    Hello All, I’m a newbie in audio. I just moved to a new place that has ceiling speakers in pretty much every room. I would like to connect them all to an amplifier to be able to play music. 5 rooms have 2 ceiling speakers & 2 rooms a single speaker so in total I have 12 speakers to connect...
  19. S

    A few new build questions!

    Hello all, looking for a bit of advice on how to add to my set-up. We are moving in to a new build in July (all being well) and want to try and make it as easy as possible to be able to listen to music throughout the house. I currently have a set of wharfedale diamonds (these will probably...
  20. elneenio

    FREESAT / AERIAL multiswitch setup

    Hi all , Moved into a new house and I am looking at installing a free sat /saor view installation , I understand the majority of what needs to happen but I am kinda puzzled by one last piece so any advice is greatly appreciated. In a nutshell I was lucky that the house I bought had coax...
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