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  1. brandy123

    Question Msi x570 tomahawk mobo

    Hi any one own a msi mobo and have some must do settings they can suggest for me, This is my first time with a msi mobo and dragon control centre and want to get the important settings correct from the start ? all I have done was to go into the bios and match the speed of my ram sticks as it...
  2. Brummy1875

    For Sale Msi Gaming X GeForce RTX 2070 super

    Msi Gaming X GeForce RTX 2070 super, in excellent condition, was purchased exactly a year ago today from overclockers uk, so has 2 years warranty remaining I will include receipt in the box, runs cool and quiet with no coil whine I have noticed. Asking £350 delivered RMSD ppg or bank transfer.
  3. eugene2878

    For Sale MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF 15.6 inch (512GB, Core i7 8th Gen., 4.10GHz, 16GB)

    For sale MSI GS65 8RF-078 Stealth Thin Laptop Boxed. Excellent condition apart from wee ding. (see last photo) Full working order. Comes boxed with power brick. MSI GS65 8RF-078 Stealth Thin Intel Core i7-8750H 6 x 2.2 - 4.1 GHz, Coffee Lake-H NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q - 8192 MB, GDDR5...
  4. G

    For Sale victsing keyboard

    Hi, have the following for sale. 1x victsing gaming keyboard, like new. £15 () Can obviously provide receipts for all items. Will add pictures soon
  5. manxnorton

    Help needed with Elgato capture software (msi) constantly wont load

    Hi all, TBH I'm nearly deciding to send the item back, after hours and hours of trying to open the msi folder. After downloading i got installation directory must be on a local hard drive. as instructed on there web site copy path. but i couldnt see the copy path (after pressing shift) only...
  6. Code Geass

    Wanted Ryzen 5 & 7+ GTX 1070/1660 Super

    As per title. Ideally boxed complete. Can collect within 20-30 miles from Preston, Lancashire.
  7. F

    Help - can i use this monitors with Gefore 650ti OC by MSI

    I want to get one of this 3 monitors and dunno can i use them and their refresh rate. My gpu have DP, HDMI ,DVI and VGA. Will i have problems with those new monitors since my rig is 8 years old? Also i am on WIND7 PRO. And what of these 3 would you use, for office job only, i need desktop space...
  8. D

    For Sale MSI GTX 970 TWIN FROZR

    I've got a msi 970 for sale. Works no problem.
  9. tony8346

    Question Steam VR won't connect with my Gaming Notebook (Index)

    Hey guys, A few days ago my gaming pc died.. I already bought new parts including a RTX 3080 and the all new Ryzen 5900X but that's gonna be a long wait until the parts arrive. For now I have to use my gaming notebook for VR which I never thought was necessary. So here's the problem: For...
  10. stevos

    MSI GE63VR - Screws

    Hi, Does anyone have the above laptop that can measure the screws that are at the bottom back of the laptop. Both of the screws have come out and i can't seem to find any screws that are the right size to replace them.
  11. leamspaceman

    Question Anyone got an MSI GS66 Stealth?

    If you have, does the battery light illuminate when charging? There doesn't seem to be any indication that the laptop is on charge... no light?
  12. Dirtschmooz

    Question MSI dragon centre

    new build. Msi mobo and 5600 xt worth using dragon centre or delete?
  13. P

    MSI GE66 - Worth the upgrade?

    Hello, I'm currently in the market for a new gaming laptop with the possibility of doing some light cad and drafting work. I've been leaning towards the new MSI GE66 Raider but can't decide on which model to go with. I'll just list the main differences rather than all the specs. For $1800 I...
  14. CTJP

    Wifi extremely slow - Need help - MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC

    I have an issue with my computer only getting roughly 1/10 the upload and download speeds as my old laptop. Same location in the house. I think it has always been like this but I didn't notice how bad it was until recently. I have gone through all of the standard wifi fixes with MSI to no avail...
  15. Cocksure

    Which Msi laptop or other?

    Hi guys :hiya: Just over 12 months or so back I bought a cheap laptop thinking I didn’t need much and I would barely use it! Whilst the laptop isn’t terrible, the build quality was, so this time around I would like to up the budget and get something that will last. Budget is £1200 to £1800 I’m...
  16. Greg Hook

    MSI GL65 9SD Gaming Laptop Review & Comments

    We take a look at MSI's 15" GL65 9SD gaming laptop with Nvidia GTX1660Ti Graphics and a 9th Gen Intel i7 CPU. Read the review. Write your own review for MSI GL65 9SD
  17. nheather

    Anyone any experience with MSI BIOS FlashBack?

    Hi, My new new motherboard arrived yesterday, an MSI B450 Tomahawk Max. I will be fitting a Ryzen 5 3600X which is ordered and will arrive in the next day or so. I had read that I would need to flash the BIOS before installing the CPU using the onboard FlashBack utility - turns out I probably...
  18. topgazza

    MSI GT72 6QE Dominator Pro G Value ?

    My son would like to sell his 2.5 year old MSI GT72 6QE Dominator Pro G 17.3 inch with GeForce® GTX 980M. 16gb mem Just looking for a rough idea on how much he can sell it here for. Its in good condition so any advice appreciated
  19. David273

    Upgrading an MSI CR640

    I have an old CR640 that died updating to Windows 10 back in 2015. I've recently found that my neighbour fixes laptops and I'm thinking of reviving mine. However, as it's been out of action for a while, I'm thinking a few upgrades are due. First of all, I want to upgrade my 500Gb hard disk to a...
  20. C

    Question Anyone with Gigabyte Aero 15/15X or MSI GS63/65?

    Just wondering if anyone has got the above mentioned thin/light laptops?, Aero in particular. I currently have an Alienware 15R3 with G-sync GTX1070 sitting on the desk 100% of the time to host a couple of VM's and the occasionally used with the Rift for VR. I use a Macbook pro Retina daily...
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