1. V

    For Sale Anthem MRX 510, Onkyo TX-NR905

    We're moving house soon, so I'm looking to sell some kit instead of having to move it: Anthem MRX 510 Purchased new from Audio T, Feb 2014. No sound due to fault, however it does power on, and HDMI does work. All accessories, comes in original packaging. £200 Sold to @dobrykamil Onkyo...
  2. Zappa2Vai

    Anthem MRX 1140 vs NAD T 778

    Any preference between the 2 - stability (bugs), sound, picture and ease of set up?
  3. bandyka

    Upgrade from Anthem MRX 720 to 740 or 1140 or AVM 70

    G'day, Soo, It was not my intention to upgrade as I am extremely happy with my current Anthem MRX 720, I am using it only as a Processor and powering the surround channels only, the power amp for the mains is an MCA 20, for the center is an Emotiva XPA-1 and an older Technics for the overhead...
  4. D

    Anthem MRX 500 sound issue

    Hello! I have a problem with the Anthem mrx 500.2020 I bought in December. From a reliable seller. The speakers came last week. Dali concept 2.1. The problem is that in many cases there is no sound when turned on.Dosent matter optical or hdmi input.In this case on fm channel no sound...
  5. T

    Very Buggy Anthem MRX 540 Receiver

    I know there's a few threads going on with issues regarding the new Anthem receivers. But I am very unhappy thus far with the shear volume of issues I've encountered in my first couple hours of use. Note: The first thing I did was update the firmware, got connected to my network, and then I...
  6. Sir Button

    Question eARC and Anthem MRX 740 with LG GX 65

    Hi, I've recently bought the Anthem MRX 740 in the hopes that I could reduce the connection to my AVR with 1 optical cable,by using the eARC connection between my TV and the AVR . I've run out of options of what to try. The issue is that I don't receive any audio signal between the TV and the...
  7. J

    Question New Anthem MRX 740 subwoofer room correction

    This has probably been answered before but after a quick search I couldn’t find a definitive answer on this. As much as I would imagine the new MRX 740 does include room correction for a subwoofer as well as the rest of the speakers, can anyone confirm this please? If not I presume my current...
  8. Dr. Robert

    Anthem MRX 500 Microphone .cal file

    I managed to get an MRX500 for £125 everything included. For the life of me I cannot get the ARC to work. The mic is connected to my laptop, the laptop is connect to the MRX usb to serial. Every time I run ARC I get the message "could not find any valid microphone configuration file" I've got...
  9. DodgeTheViper

    New Anthem Receivers MRX 540 / 740 / 1140

    News is starting to materialise about Anthems new Receivers, MRX 540 / 740 / 1140 The specs are starting to come through while the updated fascia has been touted for a little while now. I have to say that they do look rather nice. Let’s see what they have to offer.
  10. stevoknevo

    What front L/C/R to pair with Anthem MRX 500?

    Edit - ended up buying a pair of PMC GB1 and DB1i centre 👍
  11. Garry123

    Arcam AVR 550 Atmos

    Have most of the glitches been ironed out of the Arcam? I would be initially using the Arcam for 5.1 and then upgrading with Atmos speakers. Would I need external amps for the Atmos speakers? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. cksv

    Getting audio but no video with Apple TV connected to Anthem MRX 720

    Hi All - Recently purchased an Apple TV 4K and can't seem to get anything other than audio from it. Some troubleshooting steps I've taken: * Connected the ATV to several different HDMI ports on the back of the receiver (I always get audio but no video). The front of the receiver shows 4K. *...
  13. C

    Anthem Mrx 510 and LG C9 Issue - advice please.

    I've been trawling through threads but can't find a definitive answer to this. I have an Anthem mrx 510 and am using the ARC to my LG C9. Whatever I do to try and reconfigure the audio settings all I can get is 2.0 PCM, even if the source is 5.1, Dolby Atmos etc. Is there a solution? There...
  14. Garry123

    Anthem MRX 710 to a Arcam 550

    Getting upgrade itus. My MRX 710 is getting on a bit now. So I was think of jumping to an Arcam 550. Any thoughts? Is it worth the change. Main benefit is the upgraded hdmi and supported audio formats. Mainly used for movies, but some music.
  15. P

    Shut off issue with Anthem MRX 520

    Hi I have an Anthem MRX520 which has developed a shut off issue. It seems to turn on fine but shuts itself off automatically after random time periods, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 2 minutes. There seems to be no particular pattern with these shut off time periods...
  16. Rocky 1

    how to connect the phono preamp of pioneer sx 1250 to my present system: Anthem mrx 720 with Rotel RB 1582 MK2 ampand pictorial illustration

    Hello All I have a pioneer sx 1250 , had it for years however at present it shuts down one channel when it warms up . I've had this supposedly fixed but no . at the moment i can't afford to have it completely overhauld . The anthem MRX 720 a/v reciever doesn't have a phono pre amp ...
  17. P

    Anthem MRX 500 Amplifier/Receiver

    Hello! My receiver suffered an accident when it was pulled out and over-stretched a main speaker cable. Apparently, it did work for a while if you played around with the speaker cable - according to the previous owner - but when I bought it, I only heard sound once for a couple of seconds...
  18. Paul7777x

    Broken frequency control on my sub... bypass ok?

    I have a Ruark Logrthym sub which is quite impressive when working. They were built by BK, and Tom from BK reckons I’ll need the new 300 to match it. Unfortunately I can’t afford one till at least the summer, so I need to fix the Ruarks issue. The problem is there is no sound from it...
  19. B

    Anthem MRX 310 / Arcam AVR450 / Cambridge Audio CXR120

    I have a budget of around £500 at a push, and I'm wondering (rather than buying a brand new amp) about getting one of these slightly older units. My thinking is that I don't need Dolby Atmos, or 7 channels, but I do value good sound quality and I hope I'd get a more 'musically' capable amp which...
  20. F

    Question No picture with Apple TV 4k connecting to Anthem MRX 710

    Hi, I am using an Anthem MRX 710 as the center for my home theater connecting to an LG Oled 4k TV. The problem arose when I replaced my old non-4k Apple TV with a 4k 64 gb one, now I cannot get a picture through the receiver. When I connect the Apple TV directly to the LG TV it works fine but...
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