1. T

    Anthem mrx 720 setup

    Hi. Is there anyone local to Harrow middlesex that can help me set up time anthem to get the best sound. At my age, all the techno speak makes little sense to me. I tried doing ARC setup but not happy with the results. Sound seems dead. Will keep trying but getting frustrated. Cheers. Deepak
  2. popesweetjesus

    Anthem MRX 500 as DAC for Music

    I moved from digital to Vinyl a while back and sold my DAC which was a very good Chord. I'm now wanting to start listen to my CDs and HiRes Flacs as well as vinyl. Has anyone any experience of the Anthem as a DAC? It will output into my pre/power stages so wont be using the Anthem for anything else.
  3. Nupe1911

    Anthem MRX 1140 issues

    Hello, Been having many issues with the MRX 1140. So MANY bugs with this 4k system, here is another issue if I could get assistance with. Anyone know how to get rid of this? Every time I press the volume, etc. I get this...any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. R

    Anthem MRX 1140

    I’m new to the Anthem receiver world and was hoping someone can help me understand how Anthem assigns the audio mode. I recently purchased an MRX 1140 receiver and have gone through the calibration process and the receiver performs amazingly. However, when I watch Dolby Atmos programming on the...
  5. F

    MRX 710 Will not go out of standby

    Strange one, watching a film last night the amp just switched off, my first thought was maybe it had got too hot, but has not done this in 5+ years of use, but now it will not go out of standby, press to start says powering up but then switches to standby? Any thoughts or is it new amp time...
  6. B

    Anthem MRX 540 problem with ARC

    Hi there, I bought a new Anthem MRX 540 one week ago and I can't get the ARC software going. My Anthem has firmware version 1.103.133 and I'm running ARC version 1.5.4 (no bèta). I'm am really puzzled about the notice on the Anthem ARC download page which says: "ARC v1.5.4 is required for...
  7. Nupe1911

    New Anthem Help - MRX 1140

    Community, Turning to you for help. Any idea what would cause this sound on my MRX 1140? The source is DirecTV. I converted the video to a YouTube. It happens multiple ways. 1). Turning from one channel to another channel on DirectV. 2). When I switch from XBOX Series X to DirectV Please...
  8. terrykuiho

    Yamaha A6A or Anthem MRX740?

    Hello, I currently have a HT setup with a pair of good fronts speakers paradigm prestige 75F, Yamaha AVR RX-V675, and a bunch of low-end central, surround LR, Suround back LR, subwoofer and speakers. As next steps of upgrade, I want to get a new AVR. I have 2 potential options on my list...
  9. M

    NAD T778 vs Athem MRX 740

    My Maranta SR 7013 is in for a warranty repair after some channels had stopped working , my last four AV receivers have been Marantz but I fancy a change . I like the look of the NAD T778 & Anthem MRX 740 , has anyone had any experience of both ? Thanks .
  10. O

    Anthem MRX 540 & Amazon Firestick 4k Speaker Pop

    I just installed my new Anthem MRX 540, updated the firmware and connected all my sources. Did the room correction, and everything is sounding top notch. My Amazon Firestick 4k however has speaker pop on certain activities. When I use plex and I start a new movie for example, or ocassionally...
  11. K

    ANTHEM MRX 1120 - Is it a good combination for KLIPSCH home cinema speakers

    I am new here and new in the world of high quality sound. But I am a huge fan of HBO, NETFLIX and Amazon prime movies as well as high quality music lover. I have finally got the chance and possibility to create a home cinema room of about 40 square meters, and I already purchased the main items...
  12. K

    Anthem MRX 740/1140 or Arcam AVR30

    So here is my challenge currently own a Marantz SR6013 and am in a fortunate position to be able to afford an upgrade. I am seeing great reviews on Anthem online, but also great reviews on Arcam. So I've got it down to MRX740/1140 (we plan to buy a house next two years so having extra speaker...
  13. R

    Arcam AVR10 vs Antehm MRX 540/740

    Hi, Would like some advice on which AVR to choose having been given the option to return our Marantz SR6015 due to the HDMI 2.1 Chip issues. I was thinking about the Arcam AVR10 or Anthem MRX540/740 due to the option of there being an upgrade to a HDMI 2.1 board in the future. I do like the...
  14. diamondtecusa

    Anthem MRX 720 vs MRX 740

    Hey Everyone, New here... I'm building a new 7 speaker system (LCR, two sides, two rears) and need an unvarnished opinion on the older Anthem MRX 720 compared to the new MRX 740 unit. I understand the MRX 740 has some new features that are not as important to me like Channel Re-Assignment...
  15. Zappa2Vai

    Anthem MRX 1140 vs NAD T 778

    Any preference between the 2 - stability (bugs), sound, picture and ease of set up?
  16. bandyka

    Upgrade from Anthem MRX 720 to 740 or 1140 or AVM 70

    G'day, Soo, It was not my intention to upgrade as I am extremely happy with my current Anthem MRX 720, I am using it only as a Processor and powering the surround channels only, the power amp for the mains is an MCA 20, for the center is an Emotiva XPA-1 and an older Technics for the overhead...
  17. D

    Anthem MRX 500 sound issue

    Hello! I have a problem with the Anthem mrx 500.2020 I bought in December. From a reliable seller. The speakers came last week. Dali concept 2.1. The problem is that in many cases there is no sound when turned on.Dosent matter optical or hdmi input.In this case on fm channel no sound...
  18. T

    Very Buggy Anthem MRX 540 Receiver

    I know there's a few threads going on with issues regarding the new Anthem receivers. But I am very unhappy thus far with the shear volume of issues I've encountered in my first couple hours of use. Note: The first thing I did was update the firmware, got connected to my network, and then I...
  19. Sir Button

    Question eARC and Anthem MRX 740 with LG GX 65

    Hi, I've recently bought the Anthem MRX 740 in the hopes that I could reduce the connection to my AVR with 1 optical cable,by using the eARC connection between my TV and the AVR . I've run out of options of what to try. The issue is that I don't receive any audio signal between the TV and the...
  20. J

    Question New Anthem MRX 740 subwoofer room correction

    This has probably been answered before but after a quick search I couldn’t find a definitive answer on this. As much as I would imagine the new MRX 740 does include room correction for a subwoofer as well as the rest of the speakers, can anyone confirm this please? If not I presume my current...
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