1. S

    Yamaha rx-v585 and mp4

    as a newbie, if I've downloaded a mp4 movie, anyway I can watch this via my rx-v485 to get 4k/atmos ?
  2. DoogyDawg

    (Sorry didn't have a clue where to post) convert to MP4 or MP4 (H264)

    Please feel free to move to the correct section as I didn't have a clue. So after downloading some movies I need to convert them to play on my old samsung tv. Without going into all the heavy stuff, the in's and out's :D all I want to know is which will give me the best quality conversion...
  3. T

    Panasonic UB820 - Accessing mp4 video files from DVD disc

    Hello, I've searched all over the internet but can't seem to find an answer. I'd like to burn some videos onto a DVD without converting the file format for playback on the UB820. The UB820 recognizes the files without any problem from a USB stick but won't read the DVD unless it's a specific...
  4. N

    Having a nightmare trying to play .mkv and .mp4 video files

    Hi, firstly my equipment: Philips 42pfl7666t12 Panasonic dmp-bdt110 Humax hdr fox t2 it's old stuff I know but works fine, until I tried to play an mkv file from a usb stick (Toshiba 64Gb). Basically, I cannot get .mp4 or .mkv files to play on any of this equipment, despite their specs...
  5. scottyccfc

    Converting DVD to MP4 or MKV

    Hi all Im having a bit of trouble copying some of my old football DVDs to another format. Basically I want to put all these on my dropbox/nas/external hardrive etc as they are easier to watch and I dont have a DVD player as such bar the PS4 and laptop. The problem Im having is every way I...
  6. A

    Question Record mp4 file without splitting (Panasonic v770 and sdxc card)

    Hi, I've looked all over the internet to try and find an answer to this and I'm struggling - hoped someone here might be able to help! I'm recording video on Panasonic v770 in mp4 onto SanDisk Extreme Pro sdxc card to then edit on iMovie. I'm recording clips up to about 35mins long. First...
  7. ClarksonRecords

    Question Hisense h55b7500uk not playing mp4 files

    Yes so basically as the thread says, have a mp4 file that will play on my macbook but not on the tv via the same file from a external hard drive. If I'm missing something really obvious please go easy :) Regards Aidan.
  8. G

    Sony Brava KDL-55EX620 stopped playing mp4

    My Sony has always played movies that I have on a server in MP4 format. It just stopped. I see the server and folders that the videos are in but cannot see any videos. Every thing else works on the Sony. The other TVs in the house see and play the videos on the server. Any thoughts? TNX, Goldie
  9. sleepingawake

    Tv avi mp4 software vs pc

    I bought LG B9. Before this i was using my pc as a media player because it could output 5.1 audio. But lg webos default media player can play many video formats as i have seen also 4k and hdr, 5.1 and i don't see any slow downs. Pc needs 500watt to work, but as i have seen Lg video player does...
  10. hd3d

    Answered Why are AV Receivers in 2019 unable to play MKV/MP4 video files via USB?

    Why are AV manufactures unable to do this (cost/licence/copyright...etc)? -- Question Good receiver with USB input: Here Can any AV receiver play movies via USB? Here -- Samsung quits making new Blu-ray players : Here Samsung is pulling away from Blu-ray players, as streaming dominates: Here --
  11. L

    Instructions on how to operate MP4 Player

    Not sure if this is the correct section for this post apologies if it is not. My wife has a Philips GoGear Vibe MP4 player which she has not used for some time and has forgotten how to use it.All I did when she got it was fit the battery.I have got the quick start guide here but it is not very...
  12. B

    Will HISENSE H49N5500 play MP4 or MKV from USB stick?

    As title really. Thinking about buying this TV but can't find info if it will play either MP4 or MKV from USB
  13. A

    Question How do I add an MP3 file to an MP4 file and M2TS file so the audio from the MP3 plays over the video

    Hi, I have video files of the following format: - MP4 - M2TS I have a Windows 10 PC where I have the videos stored. I would like to add audio to the videos mentioned above with an MP3 file so that the sound of the MP3 file plays over the sound in these videos. How would I do so? Thanks, Aaron
  14. C

    Converting MP4 video to DVD - wrong region?

    The title is not very clear, so let me explain... I have converted many video files to DVD format, at the same time copying to DVD, using "ConvertX to DVD" software. Up until now, no problems. Now I've just converted an MP4 file - my grandaughter's 3rd birthday - to DVD format using the above...
  15. T

    Answered 4K converters from mkv to mp4?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Samsung UE49MU6400 UHD TV. I decided to test out it's capabilities by trying some 4K films (all mkv format) I have on my external HDD USB. The videos played just fine but there was no audio (I got the "audio data not supported" error) I think this because all the...
  16. L

    MP4 to MP3 using VLC

    I have just discovered how to convert MP4 music files to MP3, using VLC on my Windows 10 PC. I want MP3 files for the SD in my Skoda's Bolero radio which doesn't play MP4 files. My question is: is there a way of preserving the pretty picture that goes with the MP4 file, like the album cover, so...
  17. Martin68

    can 4k BD players play 4k native MP4 files?

    As Home video cameras from smart phones to dslr and camcorders can now shoot 4k video, it's quite obvious to want to watch the videos on a tv apposed to a computer. and In my case I prefer to store what i create on removable media such as BD-r I have yet to find a program that can create normal...
  18. D

    Question .mts and Mp4 joiner and edit

    hi new to forum i looked around a bit and this topic is covered in different places but post are very old whats the best thing to use to join .mst and mp4 files together and convert them to one format and also want something that can let me add effects to the video and even replace some parts of...
  19. GalacticaActual

    Using Handbreak to encode 5.1 audio

    Hello all, I posted a similar thread about this a little while back but it may have been in the wrong forum. I have been using hand break to put some files on a flash drive for viewing in another room. The files a rips from my own personal Blu-ray's and dvds, and I want to keep the audio in...
  20. GalacticaActual

    5.1 sound via usb drive?

    Hello all, I have a Panasoninc UHD bluray player the 700 series. I have some movies ripped to a flash drive that play fine through the USB slot on the player but only in 2 channel stereo. I know the 5.1 audio is there because if i play it through the TV USB port i can select the second audio...
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