1. Knight Rider 1963

    How animal sounds in Movies and TV are made

    A must watch and an interesting video:
  2. T

    TV for PC use as well as movies and games

    Hi, I am struggling to make my mind up on what TV i can get for me for under £2000 would be for the best, I am looking to use it extensively as a PC monitor both for web use and gaming but also for movies and such mostly from streaming services. I have been looking at the below tv's that i can...
  3. J

    For Sale 4K UHD Movies

    Hi all, just off loading a few 4K UHD titles. Being sold as disc only so the standard Blu Ray disc is not included. Postage is included but add £1 if you want the case posting too; BlackkKlansman £7 Cold Pursuit £7 Sold theghost Widows £7 Sold theghost Midway £12 Sold theghost Thanks for looking
  4. D

    Question Any way to play higher bitstream UHD movies with this set up?

    Hi, Sorry if this is a silly question but I am having a few difficulties playing higher bitstream files ripped from UHD blu rays without constant stuttering and buffering. It may be I need some more equipment and if so please let me know. The file is on my laptop which is an Acer Aspire 7...
  5. wilsthp

    Question Movies and Series to watch

    I am officially bored... Any suggestion on movies and series to watch on Netflix? (Interesting movies 🙈) thanks
  6. R

    Question That's fine / standard level of DSE for brand new Sony 55XG9505 right? Doesn't bother me in movies etc...

    Hey all, Quick question.. Would it be a fine / standard level of DSE for Sony 55XG9505 right? Doesn't bother me in movies etc... Thank you 😊
  7. Stockholm

    Movies in the time of Coronavirus

    Any recommendations for movies that soothe the soul, settle the nerves and pass the time in a relaxing and easygoing manner during this unprecedented crisis? The sort of film that's funny, touching, or uplifting. I recently posted on the 'What film are you watching' thread about a film that is...
  8. Alexisto19

    Question Looking for movies/tv shows with flying/levitation scenes

    I know that’s kind of an odd question, but I wonder if you people know some movies or tv shows with good levitation/flying scenes, like, witches, vampires, well, any movies/show that contains a scene of a woman levitating.
  9. gavinhanly

    Movies appearing on digital/streaming early (due to Coronavirus)

    We have the other thread about delays - but I thought that it might be good to bring some of the positive elements out - i.e. how more and more films will be hitting streaming early over the next few months. So - off the top of my head - these are the recent announcements: Frozen 2 has hit...
  10. JabbaNut

    USA : 10 Movies to Watch for Free on Tubi This Weekend

  11. D

    Hard to hear voices in movies and potential hardware fixes

    As I have gotten older and my hearing has gotten worse, it’s hard to hear voices in TV and movies that have a bunch of music or other background sound. What hardware do I need to take down the background and pull the voices out better? I would assume I need a stereo receiver with a built in...
  12. JabbaNut

    USA : Movies Anywhere’s Screen Pass lets you share your digital movies with friends (private beta launches today)

    " Buy a digital movie from Amazon and you can watch it in Google Play Movies or via Apple TV thanks to Movies Anywhere, a service designed to bring together many of the major online video platforms so that you can buy once and view on any (supported) device or app. Now Movies Anywhere is...
  13. V

    For Sale Movies (1K/4K) CHEAP, MINT TITLES!

    All titles are unused, never played, although they have had their plastic cover unwrapped. Not selling individual titles, it's either everything or nothing! Price: £300 plus shipping, offers are welcome! 1K 9.April - 9. april Blu-ray Release Date August 20, 2015 1K 12 Years A Slave - 12 Years...
  14. P

    Question macOS Catalina TV App - Downloading Movies/TV from Apple Store.

    Hi All, A question for those who use Catalina and download movies and TV from the Apple Store. When you have downloaded a movie does it create a folder with the name of the movie and then place the media in that folder? I am using 10.15.3, downloading movies and it places all the movies...
  15. simonjenkins

    4k movies

    what 4k movies should i buy and what should i look out for which are bad, i only have a few 4k movies one being midway plus fast n furious 5/7/8 plus mell gibson the patriot plus american heist which i thought was brill, other that that i've not bought much els,
  16. Larrylamb97

    Looking for new TV, Oled or better best suited for movies and gaming

    Hi all, So I’m looking for a new TV which is great for 4K movies and high quality gaming. I currently have a 4K LG 55SJ850V and thought OLED was the next step, again this will be primary used for gaming first then movies and tv series. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking Philips...
  17. Saidur

    Question How to play Atmos movies via USB?

    Hi It's probably a stupid question, but I'm the beginner with the surround soundbar. I have a Sony 4K Android TV, which has no HDMI eARC port and I recently ordered the Sony HT ST5000 soundbar to stream Dolby Atmos movies. I also have some 4K movies downloaded with Atmos on an external 1TB SSD...
  18. luciano94

    Question Dolby Atmos movies from hdd on Philips TV

    Hello all, I 'm trying to watch movies in dolby atmos and dolby vision format from an external HDD. I have a Philips Pus8804 Series which has dolby vision and dolby atmos integrated. The tv'speakers are also Dolby Atmos ready. For exemple when I m watching a movie on Netflix, on the screen...
  19. Dazza Cole

    Why are movies anywhere and iTunes file sizes so different ?

    Been cleaning up some files, and I noticed a couple of movies I had downloaded via iTunes/Apple TV and Movies Anywhere. So no need to have the same thing saved twice....but then I noticed that the Apple download was 3 or 4 times the size. Does anyone know the reason for the difference in size...
  20. D

    DIY subwoofer build for nearfield music and movies

    Hello... long time lurker, first time poster. Intermediate woodwooker with access to a full shop, complete novice when it comes to DIY speakers or subs. I live in a rowhome in the city with shared walls on either side. I recently upgraded to a Denon x3600h and installed 4 ceiling speakers to...
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