1. Markosm70

    In 2022, Htpc, mini mac or tv box for watching movies?

    Hi to everyone I'd like your expertise on the following situation: I own three old different TV boxes: one for IPTV MAG 250 for English Channels, another H96 for Netflix, YouTube and internet and the last one (no name) to receive the national channels. This is so baffling at time for the rest...
  2. K

    How do you watch DTS disc movies (i.e. most movies)?

    I have an LG CX and a Philips TAB8805/10 soundbar and a Sony 4K player, and a PS5, and an Xbox X (humble brag). Neither the soundbar or the TV support DTS, which is kind of annoying, and the vast majority of my 4k disc collection have DTS sound rather than Dolby (unless I want to learn Spanish...
  3. Doctor Smith

    Best headphones for movies?

    Currently I have a 5.1.2 atmos Bronze series setup with a Denon 2300w amp. Shield tv, Panasonic 820 4k player and an Epson tw9400 projector. At certain times the surround is too loud due to the neighbors. My question. Which are the best headphones which will give me something close to the...
  4. ciekawy

    Denim AVR x2700 - Center channel muted for multichannel streamed movies

    Got x2700h only for 3 days, Tried number of setups so far and in most cases center sound is very low. I saw some similar threads here but with no real solution. I experience the problem with streaming services like Apple TV+, Prime Video, Netflix with either PS5 or Apple TV devices - both...
  5. K

    TAB8805/10 - PlayFi DTS for movies?

    Does anyone know if this is possible? As the sound bar doesn’t support DTS, I’m struggling to get decent sound from some top 4k discs that only have DTS audio. But it has PlayFI DTS built in … so in theory you could use this to decode the DTS track…? I’m struggling with the terrible app to...
  6. mickey

    playing movies videos on quest 2

    hi guys, i am trying to find a way to play vr videos/movies that are in a folder on my pc rather than having the take up most of the room on the quest(128gb). as hard as i have tried i cant seem to do it, i thought sharing the folder on the same network would allow me to stream using airlink to...
  7. Roohster

    Google Play Movies not available

    I got a message on my LG C8 last night that my Google Play Movies are no longer available, but that I could watch them on Youtube. They're supposed to appear in "My Library" on Youtube but all I see there is stuff I've uploaded. Does anyone know anything about this? Apologies if this has been...
  8. password1

    Free full movies on You tube

    Please share your recommendations, ideally 1080p and not black and white, great sound a bonus. Thanks
  9. chang14

    Blu-Ray Drives: Quietest 5.25" Tray Models When Playing BD Movies

    For my new "mid ("mini") tower pc build, I want to use a 5.25" BD drive to play BD movies via JRiver Media Center Currently, I have free access to Panasonic SW-5584-C and Plextor PX-891SAF BD drives. Of course, with the tower several feet from my ears and with my surround sound system going I...
  10. hones93

    Which actress is this and what film or TV show is this screenshot from?

    I have this old photo and I was wondering if someone could identify who the actress is and what film or TV show this is from?
  11. R

    Was the 90s the best decade for sci-fi movies?

    Although The Matrix Resurrections is a little "divisive", I'm sure most of us will agree The Matrix was a stone-cold classic, and I think in manys way it drew to a close one of the best decades of sci-fi movies. There was CGI, but it didn't overwhelm the movie, as practical sfx were also used...
  12. T

    Sky movies not playing in 5.1 surround using a Sony AV amp.

    I finally connected up my old Sony AV Amp to my new LG CX Tv, using an optical cable (the amp is too old for HDMI) and have got it all working nicely with the auto selection and optical sound output for the TV. All the onboard apps work fine (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, etc.) as well as my...
  13. Y

    Can't hear dialogue on movies, use a DAC with wired headphones ?

    Hi all, New member here, sorry for the long post but I’m trying to give a clear explanation of my problem. First a bit about myself, I’ll keep it relevant to my question re. having trouble hearing dialogue on movies at home. I’ve spent 40 years in IT. I’m used to high levels of technical...
  14. number_3

    Playing movies via Xbox series X / stuttering

    Always had this issue when playing movies via my old ps4 pro but thought it might clear when making the jump to Xbox series x. Anytime I watch movies either via the native apps , Netflix / Amazon etc or usb/memory stick, the film stutters every so often, more noticeable on panning shots. if I...
  15. Hampy1972

    Some great unrated movies of 2021 I have watched

    Escape from Mogadishu The Last Son Nitram The Humans Pig Oxygen Blue Bayou CODA The Courier The Card Counter The East (My film of the year) Please add yours to the list. Peace folks.
  16. Walnuts

    AirPods only playing Dolby Atmos movies in stereo

    Hope some can help here. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong here. Got my AirPods pros on Saturday. Have a bunch of movies bought from Apple, many with Dolby Atmos. When I play them and then check the sound on my iPhone it's only showing as stereo. Called Apple and they were unable to...
  17. L

    Best settings for movies - Denon X3500H with 5.0 speakers

    Hello, I chose X3500 mainly for audio, together with a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 6 and I'm satisfied. At the same time, thinking about some movies in the future and trying to combine a budget solution, I bought a pair of Bronze 1 for surround and a center, also from Monitor Audio. The source...
  18. Tom Davies

    Straight to Streaming and Post-Covid Cinema - AVF Movies Podcast Discussion Thread

    Hello friends and foe alike! It's the AVFMPDT, just like clockwork, two days later than usual. The next AVF Movies podcast will be streaming live on our YouTube channel on 1st December 2021 at 7:30pm with me, @Casimir Harlow , @Simon Crust and @Mark Costello I hope you are all doing well and...
  19. Captainoats

    For Sale UK & USA UHD movies for sale

    Location: Northampton Price and currency: See each item - includes delivery Prefer goods collected? If you are in the area Yes Advertised elsewhere? Not advertised elsewhere Payment method: PayPal or Bank Transfer UK Boxed: Atomic Blonde £8 (includes BR disc) - SOLD to SMIVS Overlord £9...
  20. M

    New tv for gaming and movies

    Hi Well 2 month ago my ceiling fell on my TV while my house flooded from a broken water tank and looking for a replacement as insurance option will no doubt be poor. I have an xbox series x and looking for a decent TV to play on while also good movies and on demand services. We have currently...
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