1. abr1

    Help with LCR downgrade/upgrade

    Hi all I currently have the following setup: Anthem MRX 720 receiver PMC Twenty5 22 L/R [to be used elsewhere] PMC Twenty C M&K M4T tripole surrounds KEF R50 Atmos (bit of an impulse buy to give Atmos a cheap whirl) JL Audio E110 sub This is currently being used for movies and music, but I am...
  2. J

    Question What’s that movie?

    So the Vanished (2020) is available on Netflix UK from today. Reading the synopsis I feel like I’ve watched something very similar quite recently. All I can remember is a young girl/woman disappears (turns out she was into prostitution) and the mother (think she was single parent) tries to...
  3. Del

    Movie & Music Room Build (Japan).....Lyngdorf MP40/60 + Speakers ?

    Hi all, Having been inspired by so many other build threads over the years and having negotiated with swmbo, we’ve decided to renovate the lower ground floor of our outbuilding here in Japan where we live. The upper ground floor is already used as guest accommodation. It’s a modest 4 x 4.5m...
  4. JabbaNut

    USA : Netflix Will Release at Least One New Movie Per Week in 2021
  5. TheDarkKnight01

    Question Original Authentic Movie Posters

    I was looking at getting an original authentic movie poster and wondered if anyone else on here had got one previously and whether it was worth paying the premium price they demand? Ideally would like to get a Goodfellas one but would be open to looking at a few different ones if anyone could...
  6. chrisgeary

    Trying to remember a movie...

    I remember watching a movie some years ago which culminated in the main protagonist saving the day by preventing some sort of contagion entering the main ventilation system of a space station (I think it was a huge space community similar to that in the movie Elysium). I can't remember the name...
  7. Iskren

    Recording is black when recording from mini-DV cassette with MAGIX Movie software

    Hello, I've got this old camera or camcorder might be a bit more accurate (I'm not into cameras too much so sorry), it's the JVC GR-D270 and I want to get the videos from it onto my PC. I searched around and found this tutorial Two Ways To Transfer Mini DV Tapes To Computer. - VHS CONVERTERS...
  8. C

    £1000-1500 Gaming and Movie projector

    I've so far narrowed down my search to the UHD42 and the UHD30. These seem to be tuned for low input lag. I think the only difference is the Vertical adjustment on the UHD42? I've had the hd28 for 5 years without it, so I'm pretty sure the UHD30 will be perfect for me. Are there any other...
  9. M

    Trying to Id movie... Bear left, bear right... Etc

    Looking for a movie title from possibly 80's or 90's. There's a scene where a family is in a car driving past roads and signs. The first one says "bear right," then "bear left," and then "bare breasted." There's a topless woman standing on the side of the road. I swore it was something with...
  10. D

    Stream 3D Movie

    Hi Everyone, Need your help to stream 3D blu-ray movies (iso file) to my Jvc x5000 projector. The hardware I have: Apple TV PS4 2 laptops, one with Nvidia RTX 2060 video card and the other with Nvidia GTX 940MX video card. I try to stream with PowerDVD but But the software shows that there is...
  11. F

    HELP!! What movie is this quote from!?

    Everything inside of me says it's from Shawshank redemption, but I searched the script, even using variations of the wording, and am coming up blank. I also searched the Green Mile script, same thing... In my mind, the words came from Red from Shawshank in reference to not wanting to say one...
  12. CaptnSpaulding

    Help with quiz - movie title from image

    Hi all, I know this might be classed as cheating - but I'm sure my colleagues are doing the same! :laugh: We have a work quiz where there are images put together to create a movie title and there's one I'm pulling my hair out with, and another I think I know but want to double check. There...
  13. J

    Movie about problematic teenager

    Hi everybody. Like the title says I am looking for a movie about problematic teen that I watched like 15 years ago. The boy started to do drink, do drugs l makes robberies and stuff like that. The part of the movie that I still remember clearly to this day is when the boy with a friend of his...
  14. asteveman2k3


    Hi I am looking for the boxset of Hunger games movie collection 4k blu ray. Thank you
  15. H

    Arcam Solo Movie 2.1 HDMI output issue

    Hi, I recently tried connecting one of these units up to a projector. All worked fine initially except that no sound was sent via HDMI which, after some research, turned out to be a feature! However, after working for a few days I now find that I get nothing via the HDMI Out, whether connected...
  16. Saltaflingor

    Hope you can help me, what movie am I thinking of!

    I have searched for this movie for many years... And I only remember small parts of the ending. Its an action hero villiain type of movie were the hero is trying to save his friend, love or family from the villain. Il split up the only three parts that I remember The villain has captuerd...
  17. kenshingintoki

    Is there an app or website you can use to track and document your movie collection?

    Any app or website people use to keep track of their bluray collection? Preferably letting you list if you have the 3D, 4K or Bluray disc?
  18. T

    Movie posters

    Looking for some high quality cinema style framed movie posters to decorate my room. Can anyone recommend a good site? Mods please move this if it's in the wrong location
  19. raigraphixs

    Unititled Noah Baumbach movie (Netflix) TBC

    Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver are attached to the third movie from Noah & Netflix as the two leading roles. The untitled movie plot is being kept under wraps for now with filming still set to begin in February 2021.
  20. SearchingAMovie

    Question Searching a movie

    I want to know if there is a movie that has this three things: Christmas, pandemic and informatics, thank you.
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