1. K

    For Sale Rautken movie rental vouchers

    I have received 30 codes from Samsung for RAKUTEN TV movies rental service. Selling this as I don't use this service. PLEASE read the description from the photo. This is for Samsung tv's only but if someone is interested in purchasing MINIMUM of 10 codes I can go extra mile and check that this...
  2. Tyler Durden

    For Sale Funko Pop - Movie Moments Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Vinyl Figure Set - BoxLunch Exclusive

    Just arrived from America, I have 5 for sale
  3. raigraphixs

    Samuel L Jackson Hitman Movie (TBC)

    https://www.slashfilm.com/samuel-l-jackson-hitman/ https://deadline.com/2020/02/samuel-l-jackson-john-requa-glenn-ficarra-efm-1202859822/
  4. L

    What is the point of Movie Mode?

    Manufacturers' advertising blurb always seems to push things like contrast ratio, brightness, colour clarity and intensity etc. etc. etc. I've always been puzzled by the "Movie Mode" option on smart TV's that reduces all of the above "desired" characteristics and washes out the picture making...
  5. M

    Movie query

    Hi , I once watched a movie in which policemen arrests a person and takes him to police station .The convict had to go bathroom and policeman takes him.In bathroom he gets a paper which he reads and then tears it and throw in the toilet ,then tries to flush but there is no water for flush...
  6. kron

    For Sale Displates metal movie posters - Drive - The Dark Knight

    Displates metal movie posters - Drive The Dark Knight Size = 17.5" x 12.5" Both In great unmarked condition. £30 each or £55 for both
  7. raigraphixs

    Untitled David O. Russell movie (TBC)

    Margot Robbie, Christian Bale https://variety.com/2020/film/news/margot-robbie-christian-bale-david-o-russell-1203501662
  8. F

    Movie scenes with face's against a window/glass

    Hey, For my new movie compilation, I need scenes of characters who have their faces squished against glass. a window or anything transparant. It can be like a scene of someone running into a glass door, or being slammed against a window, or on a copymachine. I'm wondering if you guys can think...
  9. L

    please help me finding this movie

    What I remember from this movie is that a poor boy fell in love with a rich girl and her dad tried to bribe him to leave her while they were in a car warehouse. oh and the boy and the girl were at home with a river under it . and the boy had lot of scars on his hands.
  10. JabbaNut

    Pacino: “Hunters like a 12 hour movie”

    " Amazon Prime Video premiered Hunters, its latest original series, at an event in Soho, London on February 4th. A 90 second Super Bowl ad spot for the series (at an estimated cost of $13.5 millon) that aired this past weekend suggests the streaming platform has sky-high expectations for the...

    For Sale Various Movie Memorabillia - Bat Pod - Hulk - Sonny Head - Saw Billy Doll - Robocop - Knight Rider - Ironman - Spiderman

    Hi, I'm selling my collection of movie memorabilia. I have various items all with original boxes etc. They are all in excellent new condition and from a smoke/pet free home. o Batman Head Knocker £60.00 o The Hulk Head Knocker £80.00 o Spiderman 2 Head Knocker 80.00 o Saw (Billy Bike) Head...
  12. raigraphixs

    Untitled Silent Hill Movie (TBC)

    Christophe Gans says he has another Silent Hill project. https://comicbook.com/gaming/amp/2020/02/01/silent-hill-movie-fatal-frame-new-2020/
  13. pmk23

    For Trade My Lego Ninjago Movie game for your Lego Harry Potter Collection (Xbox One)

    Hi, son has completed Lego Ninjago Movie game and is wanting to trade for Lego Harry Potter collection, anyone out there looking for a swap? –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Price at £12 for rules but only looking to trade for LHP, thanks for looking
  14. S

    For Sale Samsung 55 Mu7000 4k HDR Wi-Fi smart tv Samsung K8500 4K Player 200 Bluray AAA movies

    Selling this lot as a bundle and will be collection only sorry. Selling my Samsung 55 inch Mu 7000 4k HDR Wi-Fi smart tv and my Samsung K8500 UDP 4K Player and my collection of 200 Bluray AAA Movies and Trilogys. Everything is in excellent working condition very well looked after no scratches...
  15. Nobbler

    Question Do we need a separate streaming service movie review section?

    Having reviewed discs on this forum many years ago, I know how much time and effort goes into each and every film. @Casimir Harlow does a superb sometimes unappreciated job virtually on his own and I for one, for somebody that doesn’t really buy discs anymore, always look in on his review to see...
  16. themissingelf

    Movie Aggregator?

    I'm imagining this must exist and that I simply do not know the correct term to search for to find it... I'm after an app or website which allows me to see movies (and TV shows - but less relevant to me personally) across multiple platforms. For example, I search for a movie title and I am...
  17. M

    What movie where Devil pins a man on the wall with baseball bat ?

    I am looking for this movie movie where Devil pins a man on the wall with baseball bat ? Its less than 15 years old movie. Hope some one can remember
  18. C

    Looking For A 75”+ TV for Movie Viewing

    Hi Everyone. My first post at your great forum. I’ve been shopping for a tv over the last few weeks, and the more I look, the more confused I get. I had figured I was going to buy a Samsung Q80 or Q90 after Christmas as they had some killer deals. I went to the Samsung store, and played for...
  19. A

    For Sale Silver/Grey Linn Classik Movie Player + Free speakers

    Silver/Grey Linn Classik Movie Player In good condition with remote and manual. Plays CD's fine, fussy on DVD's. + Free Pair of Mission 780SE £150 collected.
  20. Sptz

    Question TV for Movie / TV Shows (Netflix, Prime, Youtube, etc)

    I've already asked this question in another thread to Dodgexander but just wanted to see what others opinions are as it's a pretty hard decision (for me). My main use will be for Netflix (UHD plan), Prime, YouTube and my personal collection (4K). I won't be using it at all for freeview TV, Sky...
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