1. W

    Packing DIY speakers for a move

    I might be moving with my job, having recently built some DIY speakers anyone have tips on how best to package them to avoid damage? I thought about making a template and using expanding foam in a plastic bag to recreate the top and bottom polystyrene inserts but interested on anyone else's...
  2. TrebzUK01

    Need to move to a smaller AV receiver than my Onkyo TX-SR608

    Hi all I currently have an Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver. I'm wanting to downscale a little and use an AV amplifier with a smaller footprint, small form factor even. I'll also be moving down from 5.1 to 3.1. Is there an AV Receiver out there smaller than this hulk of a box that will deliver...
  3. H

    receiver for dvbs2 422 - move motor

    Hello, I am looking for a receiver which can both move the motor in my dish and also receive dvbs2 422 transmissions. Would Amiko HD8155 do the job? Any other options?
  4. Z

    Move Virgin Router to Loft

    I'm thinking of moving my VM router to the loft along with things like the Hue hub, smart things hub etc. My plan is to move the router up there and buy a decent switch then run what I need cat6 wise back down to where I need a hard connection. I have the Orbi mesh so coverage isn't an issue...
  5. F

    Purplish screen with Philips 22PFL3405H

    Hello everybody. My neighbour gave me this tv set for me to try and repair it. I know a lot about computers but I never repaired a tv set. I turn on the tv and I see the PHILIPS logo. Then I press number 1 channel and I see number 1 in white up left on the screen but the screen is purplish and I...
  6. dawson001

    PlayStation Move Controllers - no stock

    Hi. Does anyone know when Move controllers will be back in stock in the UK?
  7. DemonAV

    Anyone live in or near Hastings, West Sussex?

    Me and my wife are looking to move out of London. We would like to be near the sea and after looking at property prices in Hastings it could be a contender. Anyone here live in or near Hastings? If so what is it like. Does it have work (I'm currently a manager for a waste management firm but am...
  8. K

    SONOS Move owners: Your opinions please!

    Any SONOS Move owners on this forum? I'm looking to get one of these for my niece, her 30th birthday is coming up. It would be a joint gift from me and a couple of other family members. Keen to know what any forum members who own one think of it? I've read reviews and watched some YouTube...
  9. C

    Question Best way to move wiring

    I now have a flat with a TV aerial, Satellite dish and large Triax distribution amplifier in the communal area. In the flat I have a combined outlet with sat1, sat2, TV, FM and telephone but need to move or duplicate this setup to the opposite side of the room. Was thinking about cutting the 3...
  10. D

    Move over Southbank IMAX

    I'll believe it when its built IMAX, mountain sports shop and Hollywood Bowl CONFIRMED at new 'Snoasis' site Still a few years away and funding needs for such a large development. Great for film lovers in the west country.
  11. saguk1234

    Question May move from PSA S3000i to “high end” sub

    I have had the PSA for about three years and may move to a high end sub like Paradigm Sub 1/2 or JL Audio F113 etc. I know the S3000i is powerful and the higher end ones maybe less powerful. I would like a sub with a smaller footprint. Maybe. Which sub should I consider?
  12. T

    KDL-37V400 cut and move image

    Hello This is my first post, so thanks for all information provided. I registered in the attempt to get help for a situation that I can not find a solution because I do not know the technical term to search this problem. I had a problem with the T-con of my TV and bought a new one, when I put...
  13. S

    Move from V20 Plasma to OLED

    Hi guys and girls, I have had my Panny V20 for quite some time now and am looking at moving into the OLED market. I am torn at the minute between snagging the 55EZ952 or waiting for the 55FZ802. What are peoples thoughts? Thanks.
  14. L

    How to move photos from ipad to laptop

    My wife needs to move the photos from her ipad to her Windows 8 laptop.I did it for her ages ago and wrote down the procedure but we are having a problem.I used the following last time. But after clicking allow it says click on the folder symbol at the lower left then double click the ipad...
  15. D

    Move controllers

    I understand there are a Mk1 and now Mk2 move controllers now out , how can you tell the two models apart.
  16. spot01

    Question How to safely move 55" E6

    anyone had to move their OLED, I need to move mine to another room whilst original is re-plastered and decorated what's the best/safest way to manually carry such a slim OLED
  17. M

    Question New Virgin V6 box Router in other room can I move the splitter?

    I've had a new Virgin V6 box delivered but my TV is in a different room to my router, approx 3m away. The V6 box is currently using WIFI but I'd ideally like it running through the Ethernet cable (as this is what is recommended by them). I'd also ideally like to move the router to the middle...
  18. muljao

    Did anyone else move to ACDsee

    Just wondering did anyone here ditch lightroom and Photoshop in favour of ACDsee and if so how is it working out for you
  19. Cocacola

    Moving TiVo box to another room

    We’ve had our TiVo box for quite a while. Just set up a Humax 5000 box downstairs in the lounge. I want to move the TiVo box upstairs to the bedroom. The Virgin cable is still in the bedroom, since we used to have a 2nd box in the bedroom a few years ago. We sent the 2nd TiVo box back. I was...
  20. rometotalw

    Question Moving continent - do I need a voltage converter? (UE55JS8000)

    Hello all, I'm moving next year from Belgium (220V) to Japan (100V) and I would like to bring my TV with me. It's a Samsung UE55JS8000. I read several times that it's possible to just use it there. However, I'm not certain. Does anyone know if I need a voltage converter or not? Thanks...
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