1. WadeoBlansh

    Wanted Gaming PC w/ monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset etc.

    Hi, I've got £500-600 to spend on a full PC set up. Ideally a good i5-i7 or AMD equivalent processor and good GPU. Can travel but not like 100 miles from Lincoln. Show me what yer got please. Cheers.
  2. K

    Question Mat for apple magic mouse 2

    can i get a recommendation for a mouse mat that works with the apple magic mouse all the ones i have bought are useless ..cheers
  3. G

    Mouse movement problems

    Hi all, I hope this makes sense and that ive put the post in the right place. Ive noticed in the last week or 2 that the movement of our mouse pointer on our laptop has started to respond slowly and is quite jerky on the screen. Can anyone suggest anything to fix this please Kind regards Mark
  4. B

    Wanted Apple Magic Keyboard & Mouse 2 Wanted

    Apple Magic Keyboard & Mouse 2 Wanted
  5. M

    For Sale SOLD - Apple Magic Mouse 2

    Bought as a bundle from eBay a little while ago, but I have no use for this - I prefer a 2 button mouse. It is well used with marks and scratches apparent on the glass. Perfectly fine to use as a spare or to use on the go. £40inc
  6. V

    wireless rgb keyboard and mouse for xbox one

    Had look on forum could not find any answers...wireless rgb keyboard and mouse for xbox one... But its for grandson for birthday any know but not to costly lol...
  7. C

    Wireless mouse (Logitech) speaker interference

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I have a problem with my Yamaha musicast speaker. I have this speaker in my study and it is linked to my Yamaha AV amp operating wirelessly of course. Unfortunately, when I am using my Logitech wireless mouse on my nearby PC the speaker cuts in and out...
  8. R

    For Sale SteelSeries Rival 3 RGB mouse + brand new mousepad

    Very good condition SteelSeries Rival 3 mouse with little to no use, Brand new QcK Steelseries medium mousepad to go with the mouse £28 for both shipped.
  9. steb9780

    For Sale Huawei Grey Notebook Backpack NEW/SEALED £15

    Got these two items for sale both brand new and sealed. Both huawei brand Grey backpack £15 delivered HUAWEI Backpack Swift (CD60) - HUAWEI UK Bluetooth mouse £15 delivered HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse Swift (CD20) - HUAWEI UK Will do both for £40 delivered
  10. jaipal2004

    Magic Mouse and bluetooth

    Hi Dug out my under utilised Magic Mouse 2 to use with my 2015 Retina and it keeps losing connection every few mins and also doesn’t do a good job moving the cursor around when it’s actually working. I’ve reset the Bluetooth module from within Catalina but no better. Also moved the WiFi router...
  11. calypso694

    Question Looking for Roccat Savu mouse to buy?

    Title says it all. Hunting for that mouse if anyone has one willing to sell let me know. much appreaciated and thanks. not sure if i should have put this as a bargain tab or something.
  12. imightbewrong

    Question Online FPS Mouse Tips

    I've started to get into CoD: Warzone a bit and have noticed I'm having trouble aligning some of the more precise shots. Yes, I'm not very good, but also I notice for the fine movements, like the last adjustment for that headshot, the reticle doesn't move for a small amount of mouse movement...
  13. R

    How Extend Wireless Mouse to Another Room?

    I have a network Video Recorder (NVR) for security cameras that uses a USB mouse to control the NVR (small mouse USB receiver plugged into NVR USB port). I want to put the NVR in another location several rooms away from the monitor while still using the mouse to control the NVR. I have a LAN...
  14. MrNPG

    Mouse mat recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good mouse mat for the Magic Mouse? The one I have had for several years is getting rather worn out and could do with being replaced. I know a lot people don't bother using one these days but I have to as my desk is an old wooden one with a fairly rough grained surface...
  15. JabbaNut

    Review: WeChip W2 Wireless 2.4GHz Air Mouse

    Thought I would share.
  16. BlueWizard

    General - PC Gaming - Mouse vs Trackball?

    Just a general question to Gamers. I've seen some pretty complex high end Mice for gaming, but I've found that a Mouse gives me a sore shoulder, in that large muscle where the shoulder joins the Neck. So, I'm wonder if anyone knows anyone who uses a Trackball for Gaming? It makes sense to me...
  17. RetroGlide08

    Question Console controller to PC keyboard and mouse transition

    Well! The last time I used a keyboard and mouse was approx 1998 and so after 21 years of controller use the move to keyboard and mouse seems to be harder then the actual pc build. I guess it’s a case of muscle memory. Anyone else start off like a complete n00b learning to walk again?
  18. Fr3d

    Somethings weird with my mouse

    Hello there, so I used to have glorious model 0 and I bought Logitech G pro! So model O is lighter than the logitech and I use 400 dpis but for some reason 400 dpi on the logitech feels super fast, is that normal, is something happening? Like CSGO I played with 1.65 sens on model O but on...
  19. SmokinWaffle

    Question Time for a new gaming mouse - recommendations?

    Hi all, I've been rocking a Razer Deathadder 3.5G for about a decade now. Great mouse. My original bit the dust last year, I replaced it with a good condition used one I got off of eBay - but now this is having problems with the right click and I figure I could use an upgrade. I have no idea...
  20. M

    Mouse and keyboard combo

    Hi, just purchased the Logitech mk270 Wireless key and mouse combo and I was wondering if I can swap out the mouse for another (wired/wireless...same brand /other brand) being as both devices run of the same wireless dongle ?, this is in regards to Xbox one , Any help appreciated in advance .
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