1. bouncer

    Mounting Garden gate?

    Hey folks, Im not long moved house and redone all the fencing, Ive got one little bit left and the garden gate, Ive no idea how to mount a post for this gate to hang on at this point due to there being a little wall. and narrow stairs. Ive attached some pictures! My gates a bit to narrow too I...
  2. sonysean

    Question LG B9 55" wall mounting

    Currently I've got an old(ish) Panasonic 42" Plasma (ST30) on my wall using a tilt VESA wall mount, and I'm hoping that when I get the new B9 we're planning on upgrading to it'll be a simple case of taking the old TV off, and putting the new one in the same spot. My current TV is only about 2...
  3. J

    Question Is wall mounting a large TV on a multi positioning bracket a good idea.

    Considering wall mounting a 65inch TV to a fully articulated bracket. Has anybody done this successfully.
  4. T

    projector mounting

    Hey all, Doing a home theater build in our basement.... found a 92" fixed screen that we will most likely be going with. Looking at mounting the projector and wanted some advice as this is my first home theater. Everything im reading online says to have the projector roughly 5-10 feet away but...
  5. Eightshot

    Question Wall mounting TV, Very nervous. appreciate an expert eye.

    I have a friend (a joiner) coming over tonight to put up a wall mount for my brand, shiny new, sparking LG 65" C9. I have no doubt in my mind that the wall mount is okay (Sanus advanced tilt), what i am worried about is the wall it is going onto. The wall is internal brick and mortar with dot...
  6. magycks

    Mounting Advice - Sony 55X8005C

    Hi All! First post for me so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I have a Sony 55X8005C TV (55") that i'm looking to wall mount in the bedroom as smartly as possible. I'm keen to have no wires visible and a slim fitting to the wall. Therefore I have 2 questions: 1) Can anyone recommend a...
  7. J

    Question Wall mounting Samsung UE75MU8000

    Hey, folks. We're struggling with fitting a wall bracket to our UE75MU8000 and I wondered if any of the knowledgeable on AVF might have the answer! We bought this bracket to mount the TV, but we've fallen at the first hurdle: fixing the first two parts of the bracket to the back of the set...
  8. Unused

    Question Need Help with Mounting my TV on the Wall

    I recently bought a 32" TV but I'm having trouble with finding a vesa mount that would work, I would like the tv to be around here: however I have two problems, first off the wall is made out of drywall however there are some wooden beams behind it so I think I can work around it, but my other...
  9. K

    Ceiling Mounting without motorised lens

    I've owned my Epson TW5300 for four years now and am very happy with my fist projector. However, I'm getting fed up with it resting in the middle of the lounge on a bedside table. So, I decided I really want it mounted on the ceiling and also use it as an excuse to buy a new model. I was about...
  10. disco74

    Question Wall mounting TV

    Hi Everyone I was wondering if there is a safe way to mount my 25kg 65" oled tv to a wall that is plasterboard on the surface, then that is stuck to 100mm of celotex with a brick wall behind it? I have looked at rigifix but they are not long enough to be fixed through into the brick wall! Many...
  11. Nightwatch77

    Question Need DIY advice for mounting Centre speaker above TV?

    Just bought a Tannoy precision 6c centre speaker, which is obviously large. I would like to mount it above my TV but slightly pointing down towards my listening area, any ideas if there is some magic mount or something I can do? I don't really want to make the speaker look ugly at the same...
  12. Sab

    Best position for wall mounting 49 inch Sony TV between speakers?

    Hi. I am sorry if this has been mentioned before. What is the best position for a wall mounted 49 inch TV between the front speakers? There is not that much space between my front left and right speakers ( about 1.5 m to 2m). Should the middle point between the horizontal distance from the...
  13. J

    Question Feedback for Projector Mounting Idea?

    Hello, I recently purchased an Epson Pro Cinema 4050 and will be mounting it on the ceiling. There is no beam (joist or stud) in the exact location at which I wish to mount the projector and I do not feel like ripping the ceiling open to tack in additional support. So, I have devised the...
  14. A

    Question Wall mount for Panasonic TH-42PZ80BA

    Bought a wall mount off Amazon (VonHaus 32"-70"), put the bracket on the wall, attached the arms to the TV and... the arms are too wide for the bracket. I'd stupidly assumed that the mounting holes on the TV were a typical VESA one. Easy option would be to buy another one of the same mount so...
  15. M

    Question Mounting to an old wall

    Hi guys, could I borrow some expertise? I’ve been wanting to hang a 55” on my wall, I presumed I’d be able to find studs with done trial and error drilling and measuring distance between them. However, my house is pretty old and it appears the upstairs walls are solid brick( but not smooth...
  16. M

    Question Projector mounting

    I fear I've made may hit a problem with throw ratios and how much space I'll need to mount the projector. I've bought a Sony projector and a peerless mount. The projector only needs 1cm behind it but the peerless mount slides in from the back and it needs about 6cm to slide in. If I use the...
  17. A

    AF9 How does sound work with wall mounting?

    In this nice summary video for the AF9 he confirms this TV can be wall mounted. This is good news because I feel the back lying design of this TV would possibly annoy me. I'm wondering how the sound would work with a wall mounting though, ie. where are the two sub woofers - aren't they in the...
  18. A

    Best way of mounting Plate Amp to cabinet

    Something Ive been pondering with a build Im planning, Im using a plate amplifier to mate to the box, obviously a rectangular shape will have to be cut out, but would it be best for the back of the amplifier just being in free air near the driver, or for the amplifier to have its own dedicated...
  19. B

    Question Wall mounting Atmos speakers

    I'm looking to get my main Atmos speakers off of their stands and up on to the wall, but I have literally no clue how to go about it! I'm assuming I'll want some flexibility in my mounts so that I can orient them in the right direction, but I have no inkling whatsoever about what sort of mounts...
  20. Y

    Answered Height of screen mounting

    Hi, I am planning to a buy a 65' screen and mount it on the wall. The distance from the screen and the seating is about 2.5 meters. The minimum height that I can mount it is 77 cm (from floor to bottom edge of the screen). My question if it's not too high. Thanks
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