1. G

    Ceiling speaker mount

    Hi guys Looking for universal ceiling brackets to mount my speakers. Yes, I know they should be ear level but my office is a tiny room and the only reasonable way to mount them is from the ceiling angled down. I've found a few brackets but they usually require drilling into speakers which I'm...
  2. Q

    Can you mount a TV too low on a bracket?

    Hello! I've been searching for an answer to my question and y'all seem to be the most knowledgable people I've come across on my quest for some guidance. I've had a 60 inch plasma tv mounted on a wall for about 10 years. I decided to upgrade to an 65 inch OLED tv and had a company come by to...
  3. Sutch

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 1080p HD plasma and original wall mount

    Pioneer plasma 50 inch TV for sale. Perfect condition. Bought from new and only one owner. Remote control, instructions and the original pioneer wall mount. An absolute stunner of a set with near perfect blacks. It costs me over £3k when new and receipt is included. Can outrun most tvs these...
  4. J

    Video wall 2x2 advice

    Hi guys, I just got 4 tv’s which i plan to connect together into a single image. I am planning to flip 180 on the upper tv’s and the lower ones to leave them as rhey are in order to reach the slimmest part of the tvs. I am using a tv wall controller to connect the 4 tvs and flip the upper...
  5. Ali Raza

    For Sale Laowa 24mm 2X Macro Probe Lens for Sony E Mount in mint condition

    Hey guys, I am selling my Laowa 24mm probe lens for e mount, its in excellent condition no marks or scratches on the lens. Works perfectly fine and comes with full packaging and accessories. If you are in food or any kind of macro videography/photography then this lens is for you. It creates...
  6. N

    Ceiling mount for Sony VPL-VW790ES (UK)

    I am planning on upgrading my projector to a Sony VPL-VW790ES and I'm therefore looking to get a new ceiling mount for the projector, as I'm not certain on the load capacity of my current one and obviously don't want the projector crashing to the ground! Richer Sounds seem to suggest the...
  7. meagabyte

    For Sale Qnap TS870u rack mount

    Selling my 8 bay rack mount nas. 4x GBE nics Dual power supplies. Comes with 2 keys and sliding rack rails It’s just too big for my needs now. Postage is not an option but could deliver distance depending.
  8. Brigga

    Rotating and Extending TV Wall Mount

    I do hope someone can point me in the right direction as all the conversations I've had to date have drawn a blank. I wish to place a Samsung Frame 32 inch TV on the wall in Portrait, due to the lack of wall space. I then wish to rotate it to Landscape and swing it around by 90 degrees so it...
  9. D

    Looking for an oak cabinet 1 or 2 shelves ideally with adjustable hight mount but not critical for 85" TV

    as TITLE really.., Looking for an oak cabinet 1 or 2 shelves ideally with adjustable hight mount but not critical for 85" TV Any ideas?
  10. C

    Are there acoustically transparent retractable ceiling mount screens designed for UST projectors?

    As per the title. I am putting together my current home cinema setup and I have prepared it in such a way that I could potentially have a UST projector added later where the screen rolls down to cover the TV and speakers. I am not planning to do this just yet but I am curious what's available...
  11. D

    Can you safely CORNER wall mount a 65" tv?

    As above really. We have a spare 65" tv incoming soon and I wanted to put it in the bedroom to replace our 28" which is mounted in the corner on a wall mount. Is it possible to use a corner wall mount for a 65" tv?
  12. G

    Best mounting option, LG 48 C1 and Sonos Beam

    Hi, I’m looking for a good mounting option and am a bit overwhelmed by all the options and the price range of the different options. I’m planning on wall mounting an lg c1 48 and Sonos beam gen 2 in my kitchen. It is a large kitchen and the viewing angle will vary significantly depending on...
  13. S

    For Sale Vogel Thin 546 Articulated Wall Mount

    Used for 6 months and now for sale due to house move. Unmarked Looking for £50. Collect only from Lincoln area
  14. N

    Who makes ultimate mount wall brackets?

    I have an ultimate mount 126m but lost the screw adjuster on the side. Any idea who the manufacturer is so I can see if I can get parts?
  15. B

    TX-65JZ1500 Wall mount dimension?

    My TX-65JZ1500 is still in its box and I shall wall mount it using a Sony SU-WL850 bracket. My studded wall was custom made to fit a bracket for a non VESA TV and so I cannot rely on industry standard vertical or horizontal stud pitch. The Panasonic TV manual does not show the height from...
  16. L

    q80a and nogap mount

    Why nogap mount 2021 is not compatibile with Q80A TV'S?
  17. B

    reuse wall mount?

    I have a 50" Pioneer Kuro Elite (heavy plasma) and intend to replace it with a Panasonic TX-65JZ1500B. The pioneer has two very sturdy horizontal wall brackets whose wooden battens were specially positioned behind a cavity wall. I'm just interested to know if anyone has managed to mount a 65"...
  18. O

    How high should I mount surrounds (image attached) 5.1

    Hi I have a 5.1 set up with my sofa against the wall. I have been using a pair of cheap M10 bookshelf speakers mounted on stands as shown in the picture but with a baby starting to crawl they have to go. I have purchased a pair of cambridge audio minx min12's (Cambridge Audio Minx MIN12...
  19. P

    Wall mount for LG 75NANO996NA

    The wall mount provided by LG for this television is no longer made or delivered (LGWB20GB). Very strange about this television : it has no VESA mount holes, just 2 larger screws at the back. Anyone for a solution to mount this tv ?
  20. aandpwoodley

    LG OTW420B wall mount bracket

    I need some advice please. I have the official LG wall mount bracket OTW420B which is Vesa 400x200, 300x200 The new TV I'm looking at is 300 x300 Can you get a conversion plate or something so I can use my existing mount ? Thanks
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