1. jettim76

    Brick + Gybrock with no gap in between. Best way to mount Height speakers ?

    Hi all, As per title, what would be the best way to mount height speakers in that scenario ? Speakers themselves have two holes each. Thanks!
  2. M

    Gallo speaker mount thread

    I've just acquired some used Gallo speaker stands to use for my Micro SE (or maybe for the A'Diva, not decided) but didn't receive the screws for fixing the speakers to the stands. Does anyone happen to know the screw thread and length that I should look for to buy some replacements? Thanks in...
  3. Mendez

    For Sale Epson EH-TW5600 Full HD Home Cinema Projector + Ceiling Mount + 80" Pull Down Screen + Additional Original Bulb (with housing)

    Selling my projector and accessories, from a smoke free home. Reason for selling is I never use it and I've been planning on buying a TV when I move house. Epson EH-TW5600 3LCD 1080p HD Ready 3D projector - £520 O.N.O Owned for nearly 2 years (proof of purchase pictured) but honestly just sits...
  4. T

    Wanted Blink XT2 (just camera inc mount)

    Any one got a Blink XT2 cam going spare, one they're not using!? 2 just sold for £45 delivered. Would pay £25 delivered for the 1 if decent condition and not too old (including its wall mount). Thanks
  5. JamesR100

    For Sale Epson EW-TW6700 Projector (with 2 x 3D Glasses)- Sapphire SEWS200RWSF-A 92" Electric Projector Screen- Duronic Mount - Package/Sell individually

    Selling my home cinema setup from a smoke free home, as downsized to a smaller TV in preperation for moving; Epson EW-TW6700 3d Projector - 1080p with 450 lamp hours (excellent condition - has been wall mounted since bought new), 2x 3d glasses, remote, manual, power lead and original box (Proof...
  6. F

    Best wall mount 75” TV

    Just bought a 75” tv. Needs to be mounted to the wall flat, doesn’t need to swivel or tilt etc, which one should I get? Thanks.
  7. edd666999

    For Sale Sanus Adjustable Speaker Wall Mount Designed for SONOS PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 - White

    I purchased these sometime ago from amazon but never actually used them. Link the amazon page I bought them from: Screws still sealed. They say they are white, I'd put them closer to cream personally. £20 delivered Happy with collection, £16
  8. R

    Custom articulated TV mount

    We are redoing our living room and will need to mount a articulated TV mount. The issue is that we are building a vented recess to hold the cable box, receiver and gaming consoles, and the TV will cover the recess. All the TV mounts available mount to the wall, but I will need something that...
  9. shep1968

    TV Wall Mount Advice Needed

    Hi all. Shortly i'll be replacing my conservatory and will be able to have a TV wall mounted in there. I'm down to a choice of three but will definitely be a 48 or 49 inch model. I need some advice about the wall mounting. The TV will be fixed higher than ideal so will need to tilt so i have...
  10. F

    Off set ceiling projector mount

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knows of a ceiling mount that could be offset by about 50cm. I have an exposed beam I would like to fix a projector to but the beam is not in the Center of the wall I would like to project to so would like an elbow type design so I could position the projector...
  11. Rouanne

    Best cantilever wall mount for Samsung 7 Series 55" LED (UE55MU7070)

    Hi, apologies if this has been posted before - I've done a fair amount of searching but couldn't find anything. I'm buying my husband a surround sound and home cinema upgrade for Christmas. One of the things I need to source is a TV wall mount so that we have space for the middle speaker...
  12. arranchallanger

    Question Slimmest wall mount bracket for Sony KD-85XH9096?

    Just purchased this monster to replace a 65". The Sony 930d 65" is already hung on the stud wall on the original (provided with the TV) - it's super slim. I want to hang the 85" on as slim a bracket as possible (no articulation required)... any suggestions?
  13. LeftyXXIII

    For Sale Mous - iPhone 11 Pro Limitless Case & Suction Mount

    Up for sale are a couple of my Mous accessories, as I've moved back to my Mous Contour case because I prefer the look and feel of it. Both items are used but in good condition, with a few marks on the case, but that's to be expected with leather. Both items come unboxed and, for now, as a pair...
  14. J

    Which full motion TV mount for 85xh9096

    Hey Guys I will be purchasing this TV soon but really need some advice on a good wall mount. I have narrowed it down to a few but wanted to get your views and opinions on which one you think is best. Just to note the vesa for this is 400x400 and it weighs 46kg. First one is the Alphason...
  15. leeince

    Assistance selecting a new TV bracket please.

    Hi All, Im having the living room renovated and so need a new bracket for my TV The one I currently use is one of the flat style ones where the arms that go on the back of the TV hook over the frame thats on the wall. Im looking to go for a bracket that will allow me to pull the TV out or...
  16. Rick Robinson

    How to wall mount Dali Opticon LCR

    Hi all, I’ve just bought 2 Dali Opticon’s for wall-mounting and am puzzling how they’re intended to fix to a wall - there’s no guidance on the manual. They each have two plates on the back that look like they’d just accept a single screw to a fix them to the wall. Has anyone out there done...
  17. F

    Wall mount brackets to low TV, do they exist ?

    Hi, I have got a cheap but effective wall mount for my 50" TV, but it was put in place for a different TV in the past. the VESA holes on the back of the new TV are a lot lower, right at the bottom of it due to it being thinner, so once mounted it has had the result of moving the TV up the...
  18. Ryno18

    Clean Wiring for TV Centered on Chimney Wall

    Hello, My first post. Normally I run wires outside my house with insulation from my tv and receiver to the other components to keep every wire hidden, and I wire 3-prong power outlets behind the electrical components . However my TV and theatre system is up against the chimney wall (really a...
  19. T

    Optoma HD70 Mount

    Hi everyone New to the forum, hoping someone can help me with this. I own an Optoma HD70 and wish to mount it to the ceiling. I purchased an inexpensive universal mount from Amazon on a bit of a whim without doing any research as I naively presumed it would 'just work'. Turns out it doesn't...
  20. T

    Mount recommendations please

    I need a ceiling mount for my Epson EH-TW7000. I've had the Peerless PRG-UNV recommended. But is there anything else I could put should be looking at?
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