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  1. P

    Wanted mous limitless 3.0 suction mount

    Anyone have one they no longer use?
  2. razy60

    For Sale JVC X7900, HDFury Arcana + Ceiling mount

    Hi, Selling my JVC plus Accessories, I've had this since 2019 when I got it off a forum member, It was serviced by Decam last year as it had a dust blob in it but no problems since. I'm including a just purchased Arcana and the ceiling mount i got when i purchased the PJ, i have some ceiling...
  3. W

    KEF CI4100 + CI200QR - Baffle Wall and Ceiling mount advice

    Hi there. I have bought a set of KEF inwalls and plan to building baffle wall and fit side surrounds plus in ceiling Atmos I'm a bit confused whether to go for infinite baffle or build a backbox since on KEF website they recommend a minimum volume of baffle area for best sound: So do I just...
  4. L

    What do Richer Sounds charge to wall mount a tv?

    We'll be buying a TV, soundbar and PVR/DVD player in the next few weeks. I have considered going to Richer Sounds as they have some good deals. Does anyone know what they would charge to put the bracket on the wall and set everything up please?
  5. M

    What size TV can I mount in my living room?

    I'm a newb with TVs and this forum. I just bought a house and I'm looking to wall-mount a TV in the living room. My question is, what is the biggest TV I can mount in this spot? I just marked that the wall is 71 inches wide and the electric fireplace is 42 inches wide. Thanks.
  6. sebna

    Wanted Zappiti / Dune HD rack mount brackets wanted

    Hi All, I am looking for a pair of rack mounts that come as standard with either Zappiti Signature / Refrence or Dune HD 4k Max / Ultra Vision models. Maybe someone has it on the shelf and is not using rack mount kit and would like to let it go? Let me know what you have. Thanks
  7. Rick Altman

    Need a good pedestal

    We are taking delivery on a TH-xxCQE2U, either 86 or a 75 inches. This is for a classroom and we will place it on a table. We just need a simple mount but Panasonic offers no product or information, except to say that it takes a standard VESA mount (although I am not sure I want to take that on...
  8. MrsRubberducky

    Ceiling mount Q Acoustics 3010 for Atmos Height channels

    I purchased 4x Q Acoustics 3010 bookshelf speakers to upgrade to 5.1.4. These speakers come with a hole in the bottom that takes an M8 bolt for mounting. Ideally I'd like my mount to be as small as possible, to make it all look neat. I was thinking to either: - Mount them upside down, with...
  9. ScottieDog

    Touch Screen Wall Control Upgrade - Or Full System Upgrade?

    Hello, Current System: iPhone as source (Amazon Music and internal drive music) Feeds 2 x Digital Amps via 3.5mm jack (Amps are Vision) Each amp feeds one pair of B&0 Speakers (vintage and awesome) I want to control my 2-zone wired music system with a wall-mounted touchscreen device...
  10. F

    Can LED backlight fitted when using a Samsung Slim Fit wall mount

    I've just purchased, but not yet wall mounted, a Samsung QE55S95C OLED TV. I want to use a Samsung Slim Fit wall mount to mount the TV but have two questions. Firstly, how easy is it to install this mount? The staff in Richer Sounds store I purchased the TV from were less than complimentary...
  11. K

    Dash Cam won’t keeps falling off

    I have a nextbase 622gw dashcam and a rear window cam. I paid nextbase to install this for me. After a month I was surprised one morning to go out to the car and the windscreen mount had come off. I ordered new adhesive pads and it stayed up for around a week. Nextbase don’t seem to have a...
  12. J

    VIVO under desk computer mount

    Has anyone have and use an under the desk desktop mount? It LOOKS like a nice space saving idea but I'm reluctant into jumping and buying something then it turns out to be more of an hinderance rather than a assistance. As a space saver it looks good, but if I need to open the case and work on...
  13. ohorovsky

    Rear speakers wall mount - what do you think?

    Hey guys, I am in the middle of designing our new living room and need to make some future audio choices. After long decision making process (mostly my girlfriend shouting at me that I cannot have my beloved stereo floorstanders... ) the choice will go for soundbar (probably something like...
  14. stevetiler

    Stand mount speaker recommendations

    Hi all , so have the upgrade itch ! Currently have Dali Spektor 2 ‘s driven by Marantz PM 6007 amp , also a Rel quake sub, mainly listen to vinyl via a Thorens deck fitted with a Goldring E3 cart , looking for a warmer sounding speaker with more bass than the Dalis , budget up to 5-6 hundred (...
  15. chrisrm

    For Sale [reduced] Epson EH-TW9400(W), Flush Mount for PJ, 128" Tab Tensioned - Borderless - React ALR Motorised Screen

    Moved house and can't get this setup in to the room I'd hoped to :( Used, but all in good condition. Mount link Bracket for TW9400W flush ceiling installation - UK Home Cinemas PJ EH-TW9400W | Home Cinema | Projectors | Products | Epson United Kingdom Screen was purchased from RickyJ from...
  16. G

    Toshiba TV pedestal mount screws

    Hello everyone, I've joined this forum to ask if anyone knows what screw size is needed for a Toshiba TV (40RL958) to reconnect it to its pedastal mount? This is the mount it comes supplied with. We've always had it one a wall bracket, somehow we've kept the pedestal mount for 10 years but...
  17. oaklandraiders

    For Sale Peerless Ceiling Mount PRGS-UNV

    Peerless PRGS-UNV as shown in photos, what you see is what you get. 3 arm version, manual and some screws. Came with my previous Sony PJ, unused by me, previous owner used it briefly £75 posted
  18. C

    Mount for LG CS 65” - which one is better?

    Just ordered a PERLESMITH 26-65 inch from Amazon for £26 but also ordered a Sanus VLT5 - B2 from RS for £99. Should I bite the cost? PERLESMITH seems good according to Amazon reviews Also is it ok to use a bracket that has my TV size at the highest end? Or should I upgrade to the 37-82 inch one?
  19. P

    Question Benq Tk700sti ceiling mount

    Hi Anyone with this projector what ceiling mount do you use? I note the Benq ones are out of stock. Thanks Dan
  20. markymiles

    Anyone used a Projector mirror mount?

    I am throw limited and at present can only fill my 120" 16:9 screen using my Epson right up against the back wall which gives me 3.6m throw. The air intakes/exhausts on the Epson are on the front which means mounting like this isn't a problem. I am not willing to go down in size as I've got...
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