1. Alexw7783

    TV Mount for existing Cabinet

    Hi All Is anyone aware of a TV mount that can be fitted to an existing Cabinet ie screwed to rear top shelf, middle shelf and base? I have a freestanding wooden cabinet and just bought a centre speaker which is too big to sit in front of the TV. The only solution is to therefore raise the...
  2. M

    For Sale EF 70-200 f4L, EF-M 28mm macro, EF to EF-M mount adapter

    EF-M 28mm macro No warranty £200incl. EF-M to EF converter No warranty £60incl. EF 70-200 With case and ET74 hood (later silver box) £300incl. ..priced to sell, pics on the previous sale thread...
  3. S

    Corner stand or Mount above fire...

    Evening, I have just moved house recently and in my previous house I had my tv above my fire and recessed into the chimney breast, all near and tidy with all the wires hidden away chased up the side of the chimney breast wall and hidden behind the coving to a little room under my stairs. In my...
  4. bogart99

    For Sale Ergotron 45-180-195 monitor wall mount

    Up for grabs is an unused Ergotron 45-180-195 wall mount for screens up to 9kg in weight Is basically the same as the 45-243--26 which is the current model. My one differs as is all black. I bought it with the obvious intention of using it but that never happened. As my screen, speakers...
  5. rotring

    Samsung Q80 slim wall mount with socket behind TV

    Hi, I've just renovated the living room and bought a new TV. The room has a power socket on the wall where the TV will go, plus some cable trunking going down to floor level. I'd like to mount the TV as close to the wall as possible, but I'm concerned the socket and plug will limit how close...
  6. F

    Panasonic 65" oled tv mount

    Hi I am trying to mount my oled to the tv cabinet with a built in mount. Now my only complaint is it only uses two holes on top for the mount not all 4. And with Panasonic I can't find any special fittings. It looks like it takes normal m6 screws not like Samsung that come with its own unique mount.
  7. B

    Pull down mount for 55” TV

    Hi guys, Since I resolved the problem of choosing a new TV and, courtesy of Hisense, I bought the O8B during this weekend’s promotion, now I need to sort out fast the second issue which is getting a good pull down mount to hold it over the fireplace and allow me to pull the TV at eyes level...
  8. C

    Wall mount for Panasonic Plasma 50" TH-PZ80U

    Is there any measurement for the holes on the back of the TV. What mount can an end user use with this TV?
  9. L

    Wanted Pair of wall mount parts for MK S150T

    Anyone have a pair of the little metal bits (silver or black) that attach to the wall floating about that they are not using?
  10. nheather

    For Sale Pioneer Kuru 500M and Wall Mount

    First refusal to @Timmy C I have my Pioneer Kuru 500M for sale. Excellent condition, complete with all accessories (such as speaker cables and carrying handles), manuals and remote. Also has the proper Pioneer wall mount specified for this panel. Note the odd green bit on...
  11. nheather

    For Sale Pioneer Kuru 500M and Wall Mount

    I have my Pioneer Kuru 500M for sale. Excellent condition, complete with all accessories (such as speaker cables and carrying handles), manuals and remote. Also has the proper Pioneer wall mount specified for this panel. Note the odd green bit on the bottom left is the reflection of...
  12. JohnWB

    Advice in which Canon mount telephoto lense to get

    I have a Canon 100D SLR and I would like to get a telephoto zoom without spending more than around £200. I was thinking of something around 50mm to 250mm but I would consider any other sizes. I am not after the worlds best, just something that will take good pictures and is reliable. Does...
  13. C

    Question I want to mount my Acer X34 onto this thin drywall opposite to my bed. How can I do it?

    This wall is occupied by a window and a space where the curtain pole will be, however there's a space above the curtain pole and on the sides of the window where I might be able to mount the monitor with an arm-like extension and angle it downwards. The only problem is the wall material is...
  14. mkohman

    For Sale Techniq Projector Mount for JVC DLA-X5900, X7900, X9900 & the new N5/7/9 series projectors

    Hey Guys, I have had this mount from new and it cost me £135.00 as can be seen in the link below. The only reason I am selling is due to change in circumstances as to how I am now mounting my projector, otherwise its an absolutely fantastic mount with very clean installation and close to...
  15. B

    LG OLED Wall Mount Fixed Cable Problem

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting the LG Oled 65B9 but I have a few questions: 1 Does anyone know how long the power cord is? 2 Main question is that the TV will be wall mounted and I need to feed the cable through a 4cm square pipe that is inset into the wall. As the power cable is fixed and the...
  16. SilverSlugger

    Smaller TV onto larger VESA mount? Help!

    I just pulled an old 43-inch (well 39-inch back when they had bezels) off the mount to replace it with the same-size 4k TV. Of course, a modern 2019 TV is so much lighter than it's 2010 counterpart, so it is coming off an arm with a (non-removable) 200mm x 200mm VESA plate. And the new, light...
  17. Y

    For Sale Pioneer PDP-LX608D 60" 1080P Plasma Television

    Pioneer PDP-LX608D Full HD 1080P 60” Plasma Television TV with Original Wall mount and Remote. Excellent Condition, No burns or dead pixels. Spent £300 to get this but it is too heavy for my plasterboard walls :( I had called a professional HANGMAN to mount it but he just refused to put it...
  18. mkohman

    Question Panamorph Phoenix Anamorphic Lens or Zoom?

    Hi Guys, Haven't posted on here for a while :) So for the past year I have gone scope (136" - 2.39:1 Screen) and I couldn't be more happier. I have the JVC x9900 and I have been very pleased with using it's lens memory function and zoom options in order to view cinemascope movies on my screen...
  19. NumberFiveee

    Wall Mount.

    Hello everyone, I have a TV with a weigh of around 6KGs. The holes on the TV appear to be at a distance of 5cm from each other across 20cm horizontally.. I'm looking for some kind of stand that allow for more than 4 screws to be used for extra security.. If anyone as any idea, it would be...
  20. nonsoloinglese

    For Sale TV Lifts Swivel Mount for TVL series TV lifts (can be used without a TV lift)

    I purchased the swivel Option attachment from TV Lifts a couple of years ago and it was used sparingly but given I sold the TV lift this is surplus to requirements. It provides a 45 degrees left/right rotation. Obviously this is ideal for someone wanting to mount a TV on a TVL but can also be...
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