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  1. D

    Motorola G7 Phone Screen Flashing on Powerup

    Recently (I suspect following an Android update) my phone has developed a problem on powering up. Following the usual 'Hello Moto', instead of moving quickly to the lock screen, it flashes approx 72 times showing different colour screens with a Moto logo in the centre. The sequence lasts 35...
  2. RayP

    No Backup option available on Motorola Moto G - Android 6.0

    My Motorola Moto G (2nd gen) is running Android 6.0. I cannot see an option to backup the apps and related data anywhere. Foolishly I deleted the backup in GDrive thinking I could just generate another one so I could be certain when it was created. But despite repeated searches on t'internet I...
  3. RayP

    Question Motorola G7 Plus SIM card question

    I’ve had a Motorola Moto G (2nd gen) phone for around five years and whilst it’s still working fine its lack of RAM and memory in general means I now need a model with more of both. I’m looking for a Sim-free phone as my package with BT fulfils my needs. The G7 Plus looks a suitable choice but...
  4. G

    Question Wifi Calling with a Motorola G6 Plus

    Hi - is there any UK network that supports this specific phone with wifi calling ? This is a great phone which I only bought a year ago after intensive research that totally missed wifi calling compatibility as I took it for granted. Sometimes I miss calls and/or can't call out and it can take...
  5. Franco50

    Motorola G7 - how do I stop constant Settings notifications?

    I have a Motorola G7 with an annoying problem. I keep getting constant notifications of "Settings Update - 1 new provisioning update". I get roughly four or five each hour. I don't want to stop the updates themselves obviously but is there any way I can stop the notifications which are driving...
  6. everett_psycho

    Motorola RAZR 2020

    Motorola have finally announced their terribly kept secret of the new version of the classic RAZR devices. A really interesting take on foldables I could potentially see taking off as a concept. The second screen seemingly acts like you would use a...
  7. E

    redmi 7a vs motorola one

    so, i should get my mom one of these phones, which should it be? is 2gb ram in redmi 7a good enough in a long run for a highly non demanding user? she does like to keep her phone as long as possible. i like moto's looks and hardware better, but like xiaomi's customisation, compact size...
  8. seawanderer

    Question Looking for a new phone... should i go for 7.2, One Zoom, Mi9T pro or something else?

    Im trying to find a new phone that is a massive upgrade from my S5 Active . i rarely buy new phones. i have these requirements: - MUST have good battery life (3500mah+) - Durable. I am outdoor a lot / every day, so a phone that doesn't break when it falls on the floor or on the ground 1-2 times...
  9. T

    Motorola announces Motorola One Zoom

    Motorola One Zoom 6.4" Super AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 675, quad cameras (48MP Wide, 16MP Ultrawide, 8MP 3 x zoom, 5MP depth sensor), 25MP front camera, in-display fingerprint reader, and 128GB. All for £379. This could sorely tempt me away from my Moto X4.
  10. T

    Question GPRS / WAP Settings for an old Motorola Timeport - Can It Still Work?

    I am fiddling around with a "new" old Motorola Timeport T260 from the year of 2000 (!). What I wonder is; is it somehow possible to still configure it to be used for GPRS data transfer through its WAP-browser, in order to surf on still existing wap sites (which some still seem to exist), even...
  11. The Dark Horse

    Help please with deleting photos from Android phone

    My other half has an android photo (motorola) and needs help with something, I've been an iPhone user for years so haven't a clue about android. She syncs the photos on her phone to Google Photos but she has run out of space on her phone and needs to free some up. Is there a way of deleting the...
  12. pablo97

    Best phone in the 200-350 euros gap?

    I was thinking to buy the xiaomi mi mix 2, would that be a good choice?
  13. A

    Question Moto G6 plus or?

    Hi, Unfortunately my old LG G4 handset screen broke today, going on holiday on Wednesday and so in a rush to get a new phone. For now I've settled on the Moto G6 plus, was wondering your thoughts on any alternative handsets? It's £269 at Carphonewarehouse? The most important things for me...
  14. Bob Hawkins

    Question Unsuccessful Bluetooth pairing with Motorola 'phone

    My Moto G 4G 'phone recognises "BRAVIA" for my Sony Bravia KDL32W705 television when I attempt to pair it. A message displays, "To pair with: BRAVIA Make sure that it is showing this passkey: 835542". The number changes each time I attempt the process. Bluetooth Settings on the television...
  15. 273K

    Question Is this a good deal? Argos Motorola dash cam

    Argos have a "special offer" on this Motorola MDC100, £90 for 2. Can't find much info about the camera online. Buy Motorola MDC100 2.7 Inch Full HD Dash Cam Silver at - Your Online Shop for Dash cams, Sat nav and in-car entertainment, Technology. I have a 12v socket in the boot so...
  16. Bakey

    Motorola Moto G5 & G5 Plus

    The specifications for the Moto G5 & G5 Plus have been announced. I think they'll be on sale next month, no UK price revealed yet. The New Moto G Family | Motorola, a Lenovo company
  17. bobbymax

    Motorola Moto G 4th Gen

    Has anyone here got this fine budget phone and would like to give their impression on it for me please? Or if you know a lot about it ;)
  18. E

    Motorola phone charger question

    Does anyone know if the a motorola RAZR charger will work for a RAZR2 phone? I can't seem to find the proper charger online, so I'm hoping this one will work. There doesn't seem to be anyway of finding this information out online. You'd think there'd be some site that might tell you which...
  19. G


    I am after a new phone ,I would like a smartphone (not to smart) so I am looking at the Motorola e or the g models can anyone tell me about them. I am 73 so I don't want fancy specs', just a modern looking phone easy to use. mine is a old nokia (6years) I would appreciate any help. thank you.
  20. E

    motorola motog 3rd gen ,lenovo k3 note or lenovo A6000?

    cant decide between those three,i would gladly accept your help(or a better choice in the same price range if possible)
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