1. W

    Motorhome TV

    Hi folks, not sure what I am after even exists but here goes, new motorhome arriving soon, it will take a 32" tv obviously I want smart, with freeview and freesat but no dvd player. I have seen online you can convert most standard tv to 12v. Is this so? I currently have an expensive Avtex...
  2. bigjb

    Outer Hebrides Motorhome Tour

    A few pics of some of the amazing scenery in the Outer Hebrides. We started at Barra and headed North and finished in Lewis. I also have short videos of some of the journey here : Luskentyre Beach Hushinish Beach
  3. K

    Question Looking for a 24”tv for motorhome

    just in the process of getting a van conversion built and instead of buying an overpriced tv/dvd combi brick that runs on 12v with no hdmi imput I’d rather get a decent lower profile set with decent picture quality. I’d say 50% of what we watch is downloaded so I’d run a feed from my laptop...
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