1. G

    Question Can motion interpolation be better at panning shots than a Plasma?

    For a while I've wanted to make movie watching my hobby, as I only played videogames for most of my life. But I am having issues. I was told the Pioneer Kuro had the best possible motion for 24 hz movies, being a plasma and having a 72 hz mode. But even when using a bluray I notice the inherent...
  2. G

    Question Is there no point in trying to find a TV with clear dialogue and speakers?

    So are modern TVs completely worthless when it comes to clear dialogue and sound? I have a Pioneer Kuro and have realized that home speaker setup is just way too demanding. All the speakers need to be ear height, you need to treat your room, can't have the wrong type of uneven roof/walls, etc...
  3. januilo

    motion sickness

    After months of longer screen time, I find myself feeling dizzy always. I found out about cyber sickness or motion sickness. Have you experienced it too? It seems that I'm about to off-balance.
  4. Olly Day

    Epson TW7100 image!

    After months of reading reviews and tech specs, an upgrade from my trusty Panasonic. Today I finally took delivery of my brand-new Epson TW7100 projector. The 4K picture is amazing, crystal clear, bright with natural colour. But when viewing a Blu-ray Disc via my new Sony UPB X700 player the...
  5. Quartz11

    Sub 50" vs. 55"+ -- is there any difference in motion blur treatment?

    A sales person at an electronics store told me something today that made me scratch my head and wonder if it was true or some marketing voodoo. I was trying to decide between a 50" and 55" version of a particular 4K TV series with a very small difference in price between the two sizes. My...
  6. S

    Question New CCTV setup needed.

    Morning ALL, I have a couple of Reolink 410 POE cameras (1 x front and 1 X back). I am more than happy with the cameras but am finding the motion detection extermely bad, if I set it too low then they detect nothing at all, if set them to at least detect a person then I get nearly 150 false...
  7. n00bftw

    Motion TV

    Hi, I am looking for the best TV money can buy (49" - 55") that has the best motion when playing movie content (24 fps) as well as normal 60fps TV content? I have already had the LG e9 and had to send it back as I could not stand the motion judder artifacts? Does Sony or Panasonic do it any...
  8. skhan786

    Question Need a motion sensor cctv

    Can anyone recommend me a good motion sensor cctv with push notifications so as soon as it detects motion I get a notification on my phone
  9. S

    Question 55" LCD TV with wide angle view & good motion?

    The title says it all. I'm thinking about buying a 55GZ950 oled but not sure I can afford it even if I want it! So I'm looking for a larger tv than our current 37" Panny, to mostly watch Sky sport on. Needs to have a decent viewing angle though - any ideas please. Is it still down to looking...
  10. L

    Question TV with good interpolation and contrast?

    Greetings everyone, was looking for a hint for next tv and Dodgexander convinced me to register. Backround: Using CRT 27" for decades I have been looking for a TV for over two years now. I had bought and brought back these tvs: LG Oled 55EG9109 Samsung 55Q9FN Sony 55XF90 Philips Oled 55 903...
  11. C

    Question motion and clarity settings not per input/app Sony xf9005

    ive found that the clarity and motion settings don't change when the TV goes into HDR or different input or app. the colour settings change. is this normal? as I don't want reality creation on for native 4K content as its already at 4K.
  12. T

    Picture freezing and stuttering urgent help required

    I’ve just brought an LG 50um7450pla . When watching most programmes it seems ok but when watching match of the day it keeps suffering every 15 seconds or so when someone moves quick it can’t keep up with itself and the image freezes for a split second then catches up a bit a bit more dressing...
  13. L

    KD-49XF8577SU Picture Settings - Help!

    Hi there, I've recently bought the Sony KD-49XF8577SU refurbished TV for £450 and I'd like to get some help setting it all up. I had a go myself where I downloaded some calibration patterns and tried fine tuning the settings, I think I managed to improve the picture in some areas but I think I...
  14. thevside

    Answered PC to HDTV micro stuttering except in PC/Game mode

    Hello, first post here despite I read you from long time. I use a modern Win10 pc as a media center (i5 with GeForce GT 620 video card) and I had no issues with my previous FullHD Samsung TV that had no Motion Interpolation engine or with another simple fullhd monitor I have. Now I've replaced...
  15. G

    Question TV for someone extra sensitive to motion blur, judder and stutter?

    I am new to TVs in general. I have decided i want to watch movies as a serious hobby and so have been looking for a good TV for watching 24 FPS bluray movies. I don't care much about other features. Sadly i have noticed that i am extremely sensitive to judder, motion blur and stutter. On my...
  16. MiiCK90

    Question Living Room TV Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a TV for the living room. Viewing distance is about 8-9 foot. Potentially wall mounted. Budget around £2000. Unsure on OLED//QLED//LED. -- Mainly for F1/Football and the occasional movie. No gaming. (don't want motion issues, had in the past with some previous...
  17. H

    4k Sharp TV help

    Hi, I'm hoping someone out there can help me. My mum has just bought a 4k Sharp TV and I can't find how to turn off motion smoothing and my mum hates it. On the box it says it's a: SHARP 40" SMART TV AQUOS I7350 SERIES - LC-40U17352K I have looked through all the settings and there is not a...
  18. MikeKay1976

    bargain full motion simulator

    Feel Three : Virtual Reality Motion Simulator honestly my biggest issue is, it does not support constelation. if it did i am 50/50 that i would put down the £2500 today to get one. (gotta add vat on) whilst in most other ways i am happy that for me the rift is the best fit of all the current...
  19. B

    does anyone know of any smart motion sensors or driveway sensor?

    I'd like to have a beam break sensor at the end of my driveway so that I a small "ding" sound & don't have to rush when anyone rings the doorbell. There would also be a number of other uses for this. Is there any smart motion sensor, external smart sensor, or similar? I can't seem to find...
  20. jt57

    Panasonic DX-802B - motion stutter

    Hi all. I recently (mid June) bought the 58" version of this tv and am generally very impressed with its performance, but for one very annoying thing.......motion stutter. The worst occurrences of this problem are when watching normal ota program content especially soaps such as Emmerdale or...
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