1. W

    Slow Motion or Fast Forward

    I cancelled our cable tv after gradually subscribing to a few streaming services, and the only thing I miss is the cable DVR box and the functionality of the remote. I currently use the "Smart TV" options of my Sony XR 90J TV mainly to watch YouTube TV, Netflix, and HBO MAX. But, I really...
  2. moviegamefan

    After a year of researching TV’s I bought a Samsung QN90A who has insufferable stutter or artifecting in low fps hdr content. Please advice a desperat

    After a year of researching TV’s I bought a Samsung QN90A who has insufferable stutter or artifecting in low fps hdr content. Please advice a desperate newbe. Dear forum-visitors, I am new to avforums. Well, sort off. I only just registered, but I’ve been reading relevant threads from the...
  3. T

    Philips PUS8505 vs Panasonic TX-58HX800B

    I currently have a Samsung UE50RU7470U (or just 7470) which suffers terribly from motion judder. After having read some of the advice on here, it would seem that either the Philips or Panasonic (becoming difficult to get) would be a good choice. Can anyone recommend any other sets around £600...
  4. N

    Is 50Hz motion worse on HZ series Panasonic OLEDs using the internal Freeview tuner?

    Out of interest, how many HZ series OLED owners are watching broadcast content using the internal Freeview Play tuner, rather than an external PVR? I ask because I feel continually frustrated by 50Hz motion when watching television. There simply isn't a motion option that looks acceptable to...
  5. H

    55''- 58'' TV with good motion - 550£

    What I care about: Good motion Decent screen uniformity VA panel Decent upscaling Decent color accuracy out of the box What I don't care about Gaming Reflection handling Viewing angles Will mainly be watching Sports in 4K , some TV Shows and the occasional movie. Using bias lighting so would...
  6. LostKiwi

    Motion blur on TV when gaming on Xbox? (Tried several TV's now)

    Hey, I'm dealing with a bit of an issue with TV's for gaming, and honestly I'm getting to the point of not knowing what to do about this. I'm currently gaming on an Xbox One S (last gen) console. I've been using an old (cheap) TV for years now, and never had any issues with it, it was a DigiHome...
  7. The raven

    Hue dimmer with motion help please

    Hi i hope someone can help. Can i have both a hue dimmer and motion switch in the same room? I want the bathroom to be controlled by the switch in the day time, but the motion to come on as a night light after 10pm.
  8. N

    LG OLED CX clear trumotion settings

    Hello, i have an LG OLED CX and please i need the clear trumotion settings for de-judder and de-blur because i have only Natural and HD Cinema and Smooth settings and on the C7 OLED there was a clear trumotion setting that was smoother than the Natural of the CX .
  9. tyngai

    Is VISONIC Next T DD MCW 868mhz MOTION DETECTOR compatible with PowerMax Pro?

    Hi, our house got a PowerMax Pro alarm system (discontiued product) and I would like to add more PIR sensors. Having checked and google for some time but still not sure if the VISONIC Next T DD MCW 868mhz MOTION DETECTOR is compatible with it. Appreciate if someone can advise. Regards, TY
  10. mudddy

    Question Motion Blur and Tearing on New Monitor

    I've bought a new monitor and I''m getting significant motion blur and some screen tear. I've tried it my PC and now an Xbox One, the motion blur was evident on both. Can this be eliminated by adjusting any settings? The model is Samsung LC27T550FDUXEN. Is worth returning and getting it replaced...
  11. S

    Question Full Motion Wall Mounting with inflexible HDMI cables

    I thought I had things completed, I put the cables behind the wall, attached the full-motion wall mount, and got all the cables connected to the TV. And then I found a problem I'd never thought of. I found out it is not possible to push the tv (LG OLED77CXPUA) back to the wall, as the Zeskit...
  12. X

    u8qf hdr ghosting, motion problems?

    does anyone else have this problem with HDR content? normal HD and 4k seems ok, but HDR motion is awful and ghosting , trail type stutter?
  13. M

    U8q - Just how bad are the motion problems?

    I'm considering this tv but keep hearing about motion issues and judder. How bad is it really? Thanks
  14. G

    Question Can motion interpolation be better at panning shots than a Plasma?

    For a while I've wanted to make movie watching my hobby, as I only played videogames for most of my life. But I am having issues. I was told the Pioneer Kuro had the best possible motion for 24 hz movies, being a plasma and having a 72 hz mode. But even when using a bluray I notice the inherent...
  15. G

    Question Is there no point in trying to find a TV with clear dialogue and speakers?

    So are modern TVs completely worthless when it comes to clear dialogue and sound? I have a Pioneer Kuro and have realized that home speaker setup is just way too demanding. All the speakers need to be ear height, you need to treat your room, can't have the wrong type of uneven roof/walls, etc...
  16. januilo

    motion sickness

    After months of longer screen time, I find myself feeling dizzy always. I found out about cyber sickness or motion sickness. Have you experienced it too? It seems that I'm about to off-balance.
  17. Olly Day

    Epson TW7100 image!

    After months of reading reviews and tech specs, an upgrade from my trusty Panasonic. Today I finally took delivery of my brand-new Epson TW7100 projector. The 4K picture is amazing, crystal clear, bright with natural colour. But when viewing a Blu-ray Disc via my new Sony UPB X700 player the...
  18. Quartz11

    Sub 50" vs. 55"+ -- is there any difference in motion blur treatment?

    A sales person at an electronics store told me something today that made me scratch my head and wonder if it was true or some marketing voodoo. I was trying to decide between a 50" and 55" version of a particular 4K TV series with a very small difference in price between the two sizes. My...
  19. S

    Question New CCTV setup needed.

    Morning ALL, I have a couple of Reolink 410 POE cameras (1 x front and 1 X back). I am more than happy with the cameras but am finding the motion detection extermely bad, if I set it too low then they detect nothing at all, if set them to at least detect a person then I get nearly 150 false...
  20. n00bftw

    Motion TV

    Hi, I am looking for the best TV money can buy (49" - 55") that has the best motion when playing movie content (24 fps) as well as normal 60fps TV content? I have already had the LG e9 and had to send it back as I could not stand the motion judder artifacts? Does Sony or Panasonic do it any...
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