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    Question This type of judder/ghosting can't possibily be normal, can it?

    A few days ago I bought my first flatscreen TV ever: A Hisense H55U7B. At first I was very happy with the sound and picture but then I watched an episode of "The boys" (4k HDR) on the built in Amazon Prime App. It had terrible ghosting or juddering when in motion. I took a slomo video of it...
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    Question Motion Smoothing impact on video games

    I have read that motion smoothing on TVs can cause artifacting and/or ghosting effects when the movement on the screen is rapid. I can see some artefacts when rotating the camera quickly while playing video games so I was wondering whether this can happen because of the TVs motion smoothing.
  3. M

    X750H Motion Judder or Motion Stutter

    Recently bought the Sony - 55" Class X750H Series, and while this TV is great, I am experiencing either Stutter or Judder (not sure which) on mainly 24fps content. I don't currently use any apps - just straight cable or DVDs. I have tried a variety of settings but nothing clears this up...
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    Hisense 55AE7400FTUK Motion Issue with Amazon Prime

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 55" Hisense AE7400FTUK. Overall I'm very happy with the picture quality, connectivity etc. However, there appears to be a serious issue with motion handling (particularly fast motion) with content from Amazon Prime. I believe it may be motion blur although I'm not...
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    Hi, I have a Samsung Q9FN tv. When playing Fifa20 on PS4 Pro (game mode switched on) I seem to get plenty of judder/lag/frame drop each time the ball goes over out of bounce for a kick-off/free-kick/corner/goalkick. I have found this issue to be Motion Plus (de-blur, de-judder) related...
  6. Z

    55 XF 9005 motion judder stutter

    Hi, Recently got 55" xf9005. Been playing since with motion settings. Ones that I found usable are Smooth and Standard. Custom gives me the same results as the first two. BUT in all of them there is very pronounced Judder (or Stutter?) when there is vertical or horizontal pan camera movement...
  7. Zeeser

    Philips 70PUS6724/12, darker objects flicker?

    Hello everyone! First time posting here. I just got the 70pus6724/12 this week which is apparently the same as 6704 and 6754 but different colour. I keep reading about the judder problem and Im not sure if this goes to the same category or is this a different problem, but: When there is darker...
  8. D

    Pan 55FZ802B Motion Judder

    Hi guys, Got my TV (above) back in January. I've been pretty impressed overall, but one massive bug bear is motion judder. Still images are perfect, but things don't move across the screen smoothly. In this regard, my old Panny plasma wins hands down, at about a quarter of the price ! Could it...
  9. M

    Pixel Precise HD vs P5 for motion smoothness

    Hi, Is there any difference between the two currently available processors, Pixel Precise HD and P5, in terms of motion smoothness (not talking about image quality)? Does P5 do a better job removing judder whilst producing as few artifacts as possible? I currently own a Philips TV set with...
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    Question MotionFlow efficiency w.r.t. competing technologies?

    Hi all, Is there any article regarding motion interpolation/smoothness/judder removal, comparing Sony's MotionFlow to other competing technologies? I currently have a Philips TV set with Perfect Natural Motion. I set PNM to 'Maximum' mode. In this mode, PNM tries to smoothen motion (i.e. add...
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    Question Sony X1 vs X1 Extreme for motion smoothness?

    Hi, In terms of motion smoothness, exclusively, is there any difference between TV models having the Sony 'X1' vs the 'X1 Extreme' processor? Motion smoothness/interpolation is extremely important for me (more than eg. raw image quality). Thank you and have a great year!
  12. M

    Sony Motionflow & Film mode Settings Explained (finally!)

    Hello all, between myself and some others on this forum, namely @Built To Chill , @Metalex , @Mattjax05 , we have pieced together what the different settings do and how different combinations affect different content. *Note that these results were obtained from tests on the XF90 & A1 Oled...
  13. H

    4k Sharp TV help

    Hi, I'm hoping someone out there can help me. My mum has just bought a 4k Sharp TV and I can't find how to turn off motion smoothing and my mum hates it. On the box it says it's a: SHARP 40" SMART TV AQUOS I7350 SERIES - LC-40U17352K I have looked through all the settings and there is not a...
  14. S

    Panasonic UK customer services - motion judder issue

    Hi, I'm the owner of a 50DX750B and am currently in discussion with Panasonic UK Customer Services regarding the motion judder issue (the one that affects scrolling text, head turns, etc on 25Hz broadcasts and can be "fixed" by enabling Game Mode) This has been discussed here on many threads...
  15. 826540272

    2017 LG oled motion judder

    I dont care motion artefcts too much and the bfi but the motion frame drop is really make noisy to me. regardless whatever you settings 1-10 in fast scene or panning shot , lg's trumotion will always get frame drop from 120 to 24 fps make a judder/stutter feel. and did much worse in 2017 oled...
  16. M

    Problem with LG 49LJ550 Help please

    Hey guys, i'm new here, i'm not from the usa so i'm sorry if my english is too bad. I recently got a new LG Full HD Smart TV 49LJ55, i chose this tv over a 4K one with only 43 inch, turns out that choosing size over picture quality was a better idea given that the difference between a FHD...
  17. everway9

    24p 4K BluRay Motion Judder

    Hi everyone. :) I have a Panasonic TX-50EX700B 4K HDR TV and a Panasonic DMP-UB700 4K BluRay player. I wasn't sure whether my post should be here or in the BluRay player section of the forum. I'd like some advice please regarding a combination(s) of settings on both the player and the TV...
  18. Darren17

    Question 49" With Least Motion Judder

    Hi, I bought a KS8000 at the end of last year and over the 6 months, engineers have replaced most of the components hoping to cure this judder. Samsung have now told them that this is just a limitation of the KS range. RS have offered me a full refund on the TV if I'd like to get something...
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    LG B6 MOTION judder

    Looking at the LG B6 but hearing various reports of judder and a few(older) reviews mention this I was wondering if any owners can tell me if it is a problem or have LG fixed it with firmware updates?
  20. RiGoRmOrTiS

    BenQ W3000 motion Judder in 3D?

    Hi All, I just recently purchased a BenQ W3000 projector and I'm in the processing of setting it up. Its a DLP-Link 6 color wheel projector and it comes with one free pair of BenQ GDG5 glasses. When watching movies in 3D there doesn't appear to be any cross talk, but any fast movement in the...
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