1. lee1980

    Pay more into pension scheme or Pay more off mortgage?

    Seen various threads on paying off mortgage. As I am now 40 (nearly 41 soon) have been thinking about what is best for future. Really more so can retire earlier. We have a salary sacrifice type scheme in work for pension and am currently paying minimum amount, employer pays same I think. It...
  2. Harkon321

    Additional Pension Contributions vs Mortgage overpayment

    Reading through this thread, 'Good Salary vs Solid Gold Pension' got me thinking about my own situation. I've booked an appointment with a Financial Advisor but thought I'd also open this up to other people's experience and opinions. At nearly 40 I have a LONG way until retirement and just...
  3. VastGirth

    What to do with extra cash when you have paid of your mortgage

    We are fortunate enough to have very recently paid off our mortgage so now have an extra 1.5k a month. At the moment we are going to use it for some home improvements, but when they are done I'm not sure what do with it? Save it? Invest it? Spaff it all on holidays? What...
  4. sykotik

    Paying to towards my mortgage ( what's your advice or thoughts ? )

    The GF is going to move in with me , and we have agreed to split the bills in half , i have suggested that she contributes towards the mortgage.. not half of it , but a little something towards ! Am i wrong in asking asking or suggesting this ? have you been in this situation? what did you...
  5. MartinMiller

    Newly Self Employed mortgage

    Hi all I went self employed November last year, I have a joint mortgage with my partner. We would like to downsize to save a bit of cash, my question is, because I’m newly self employed we can’t get a mortgage till I have at least a years books, but could we get one in my partners name only? We...
  6. Alps

    Mortgage rate - what would you do?

    Hi All, I'm torn on the following: my mortgage is up for renewal and I have a fairly good deal offered with my current lender - 1.36% + £999 fee for 5 years. My question is, as the rates are so low right now, should I instead go for a 7 year deal which is 1.45% + £799 fee? I have 23 years...
  7. S

    Amending property deeds (in Scotland)

    Hi there, I need to take my ex's name off the property deeds (all above board I may add). I will soon be remortgaging but what do I need to do to change the deeds?
  8. WeegyAVLover

    Mortgage Interest Calculation help

    Hi All, Trying to put together a spready for my mortgage so I can calculate out a few things for overpaying. Now I am sure I could go onto the internet and find something that would do this for me but just fancied trying to do this myself. However I am looking at my latest statement and there...
  9. rousetafarian

    Does anyone have a Nat West/RBS mortgage that appears on their Experian credit report?

    I’m always reviewing my credit report, and have recently moved my mortgage from YBS to Nat West. My credit score isn’t optimised I believe as it’s not showing my current mortgage (a factor that is usually a positive marker or influence). I’m 3 points away from 999 and would like to know if it’s...
  10. D

    Mortgage advice

    I stay in a 2 bed property but there is some nice 3 beds in the street. Is it possible to buy a 3 bed as a second home and then quickly sell my 2 bed one? I have around £18k in my house when I purchased it two years ago. If I was to put a large deposit of say 50k down would the bank mortgage 75k...
  11. markie g

    Overpaying mortgage when planning to move in a few years

    Overpaying on my mortgage is something I've been meaning to do for a while so I was surprised when i did a calculator that said i'd knock 7 1/2 years off a 35 year mortgage by simply repaying £50 per month. My question is, we are planning on moving in the next 4 years to something bigger. So...
  12. mikeysthoughts

    Bridging finance to complete a house purchase?

    Hi fellow AV'ers, Has anyone used short term bridging finance to complete a house purchase? Any thoughts or specific things to be aware of? What surprises are there? For us it would be an insurance policy in case a property sale fell through. From what I can divine from Google, there are pros...
  13. DJT75

    Mortgage Repayment Calculation

    Just a quickie. I'm borrowing back £3,000 from a mortgage overpayment, the rate of this particular mortgage (as of this morning) is 2.5%, and I have 13 years and 8 months left on my mortgage. Before I called up just now I checked with an online repayment calculator and it said for 14 years I'd...
  14. Shooter1

    Mortgage Advice

    Hi all, Trying to get my head around remortgaging my house. I’m going through a divorce and i’d like to stay in the home and buy my wife out, primarily to provide my 11 year old daughter with some stability. Our current mortgage balance is £80k and the house is valued @ £280k, which means I’d...
  15. Oversleep

    Mortgage advise

    I would like to ask for advise if there is a mortgage adviser in the forum. Without giving out too much personal detail here. I and wife are trying to get a small amount of mortgage in order to quality for the equality loan, help to buy scheme. I am a director of start up company and my wife is...
  16. zed4

    Moving house and porting a mortgage - second mortgage for extra amount?

    Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I have just happened to come across a lovely house for sale in our dream location, and it’s just about in budget. We weren’t really looking to move house, but as it’s come up, we’re now looking into it quite seriously. We’re only ever bought one house, so not yet...
  17. Stuart Wright

    Mortgage advisor? Need to remortgage - *so* complicated!

    Can anyone recommend a mortgage advisor? Or would it be a broker we need? Don't know. It's time to remortgage and the options are too broad and my knowledge too limited to make an informed decision. Thanks.
  18. markie g

    Moving to interest only mortgage... not that simple?

    I'm currently on a fixed mortgage which ends early next year. My wife is pregnant and is planning to stay off work for the next year so was thinking of changing to a interest only mortgage for 1-2 years. Then when she's back at work change this back to a standard repayment (we would also likely...
  19. liamt

    redundancy looming - help with mortgage

    hi guys, so out of the blue our company is closing down due to greedy ass owners having a fall out. so, im looking at whats coming my way. i heard we can get help with mortgage payments. but when im looking at the info i see this: Can you get your mortgage costs paid straight away When you...
  20. Phil Scott

    Barclays Mortgage Redemption Statement

    We are currently purchasing a house and the exchange of contracts is being delayed due to the vendor waiting on their mortgage redemption statement coming from Barclays. Anyone with experience of how long they take to issue the statement? From what I can see online they fax them so should be...
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