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  1. H

    For Sale 5.1 AV Setup Mordaunt Short Avant 900 series + Onkyo TR-SR605 Receiver

    Open to offers on the following 5.1 AV Setup. Open to splitting up and selling separately. Colour = black 4 x Mordaunt Short Avant 906i Black Floor Standing Speakers 1 x Mordaunt Short Avant 905i Black Central Speakers 1 x Mordaunt Short Alumni 9 Black Active Subwoofer 1 x Onkyo TR-SR605 AV...
  2. N

    Wharfedale 220 or Mordaunt Short M20?

    Got a small setup at the minute in my front room, with a Yamaha RX-V765 receiver and Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1 speakers. I've had this for over 10 years now, and whilst I'm still very happy with it, I'm looking to improve the front speakers for listening to music. As it's a small room I don't...
  3. M

    mordaunt short ms504 amp crossover setting

    Hi guys just brought the Mordaunt ms 504 thx centre speaker second hand (very impressed) i realise the frequency response of the speaker starts at 80hz as per thx guidelines. My question if someone can help is it best still to set the amp at 80hz as well its currently set at 60hz for my other...
  4. S

    TX-SR393 - subwoofer issues

    Hi all my sub volume is VERY low having set up my kit in a new house, where it was working fine. I have to have the sub on max to get any kind of bass out of it. I normally have it set to 5 (12 o'clock) and get plenty out of it. TX-SR393, Tannoy200 fronts with Mordaunt Short Alumni 9 (bass) &...
  5. J

    Help with second hand speakers please

    I am after a bit of help, i currently have a denon 2309 7.1 avr which is working pretty well and i am happy with. I am currently using a budget Eltax jupiter speaker system which i have had for about 8 years. (2x tower, 1x center, 2x small bookshelf). Teamed up with a B&W AS2 subwoofer I want...
  6. Qaisr

    Rare Mordaunt short aviano subwoofer any good?

    Hi guys i have a full aviano setup which consists of the 8s the centre and 1s at the back being powered by a pioneer sc lx2023k. I currently got a video logic 250watt rms 350 watt peak 10 inch subwoofer with a speaker driver made by audax and it is very good due to size and output but not much...
  7. Lozzyvxr8

    mordaunt short mezzo 6

    i was just wondering, i have a pair of mezzo 6 from mordaunt short and after 13 years of ownership was considering upgrading, they just do not suit the decor of the new house... i have seen a pair of monitor audio monitor 300 in white with the orange cones for 449.00 which would look perfect in...
  8. D

    Mordaunt Short MS339 - No Power

    Hi all, I just installed a new Marantz SR7015 AVR today and during setup realised there was no sound from the subwoofer. I checked the back of the MS339 and the power light was off. In fairness, I'd switched the power off to it at the mains socket a little while AGO, as didn't need it on while...
  9. Lee boy

    Mordaunt short aviano

    My dog has knock over one of my mordaunt short aviano 8s no damage only,I've put the tweeter back in its place with a bit of glue. But it's not right,so I took it out and had to pry it out of its black housing,and as a result it's not working at all,the rest of my speaker is fine,but I can't...
  10. B

    Atmos Speakers to work with Mordaunt Short Alumni

    Hi, I've been running a Mordaunt Short Alumni 5.1 setup for the last few years (well the MS sub died so replaced it with a BK XLS200). I've just got a Denon AVR-X2700 so now have the ability to add some upfiring Atmos speakers. We live in a rented house so can't go putting speakers in the...
  11. J

    Mordaunt Short Alumni Subwoofer not working

    My MS339 Subwoofer lights up and looks to be working but no sound or sound of relays/power-clicks/etc can be heard. I checked the fuses and they look to be good. Also took some photos of the internal components thinking a blown capacitor or general burn-out might be noticeable but didn't see...
  12. S

    Mordaunt Short MS409W

    Has anyone had an MS409W subwoofer suddenly just let out an endless boom until switched off and back on again? Any idea why this would happen?
  13. johndory2193

    Mordaunt Short MS-202

    I'm just getting back into vinyl and have a Cambridge AXA25 amp, Audio Technica LP2x turntable running thru an old pair of Mordaunt Short MS-202 speakers that I originally bought on the mid-90's. I'm looking for speakers specifications on the Mordaunt Short MS -202 speakers. I've searched...
  14. S

    Question Mordaunt Short Sub

    Hi, I have a Mordaunt Short MS409w which started intermittently booming and then after a few months gave up working. All the indicator lights are working but no sound at all. I’ve replaced both of the large capacitors on the boards, both blue relays and the transistor but still nothing! Is there...
  15. R

    Question HELP! Mordaunt Short 409 Subwoofer. Any Good?????

    Mordaunt Short 409 Subwoofer. Any good???????
  16. barijohn

    Mordaunt Short avant 906i still good?

    Hi everyone, Not been keeping up with AV Kit as money was tight, still is but now I have more free time I keep looking around. Got Mordaunt Short Avant i 5.1 speaker kit plus the sub and they have been solid for last 10 years or so. Keep thinking new tech must be an improvement but then...
  17. S

    Mordaunt Short 409W Fault

    Please could someone advise me on the following. I have a MS Genie set up with MS409W Sub which failed in me a couple of years ago. Taking advice from various forums I decided to bypass the filter by connecting the suggested wires together which worked fine. Recently the sub has been...
  18. A

    Question Upgraditis - New preamp for a Rotel RB-891 and Mordaunt Short 816's

    Hi Experts Newbie question here, I have an old (but perfectly working) set of components and whilst we are sat at home I have been thinking about updating. Principal reason was hearing Billi Jean on a relatives set up, it was amazing. I like the speakers and power amp so my current thinking was...
  19. N

    Mordaunt Short Speaker (905c), how thick is the wood/case going to be? I want to chop 3-4mm off.

    The front (facure) and rear plate are sunk into the sides, showing about 5mm of the wood around all the sides. But I'm guessing the sides are at least 1cm of MDF, if not more? Anyone able to speak from experience how think the wood around the sides of the speaker are? I want to chop 3-4mm off...
  20. N

    Upgrade Mordaunt Short Premiere 5.1 speakers to Dali Spektors? Worth it?

    So I have a rather old 5.1 package of Mordaunt Short Premiere speakers, which I upgraded the front pair of:- Front: 902i - -MORDAUNT SHORT AVANT 902i SPEAKERS Rear: 302 - -MORDAUNT SHORT PREMIER MS302 SPEAKERS (PAIR) Center: 304 - -Mordaunt Short MS304 Centre Speaker Cherry (Open Box) Sub...
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