1. R

    For Sale BK Monolith DF Subwoofer / Monitor Audio Radius 250 LCR

    BK Electronics Monolith - Down Firing Subwoofer 300W RMS (600W Peak) 12" Ported Reflex Light Oak Great condition apart from a small scuff as shown in the pictures. Perfect working order Collection only from LE19 or TW12 due to size and weight - I don't have the original box so may get damaged...
  2. Devil On Your S

    For Sale Monolith 10in THX Select

    Selling my Monolith 10 inch. Owned since December. Have added some AudioSerenity ISO-1H Hemisphere Isolation Pads 50mm (sorbothane) to the bottom of the sub for increased isolation from the floor, and is resting on a AcouFoam Speaker Cabinet Isolation Pad for even more isolation. Will sell...
  3. RW86

    Need help to identify suitable replacement - SVS PC2000 or Monolith+?

    Hello, After some advice please. I currently have an old 5.1 setup that i’ve had for many years. Just moved house and the old subwoofer (Snell PS.10 mk.2) has given up the ghost. Taking this as an opportunity to upgrade and have come across the Monolith Plus as a well regarded sub for...
  4. M

    Adding Monolith 7x200w to Denon x4400h...waste of money in my case?

    Hello. I wanted to ask here as this forum seems to keep it real when it comes to power needs. I have six JBL 590 towers and a monolith THX 365c center (which will become a 590 or Revel C52 in the future). And I have 4 atmos speakers the Polk OWM3 I do not play very loud but I will have to check...
  5. J

    Is it worth upgrading from BK Monolith

    Will I notice a perceived difference if I upgrade my BK Monolith to another single sub with relatively the same size. Room dimensions are 2.5m x 4.8m * 2.2m height. Currently playing at -8db from reference. Here's a compression test below. I get a relatively flat response from 18hz onwards. The...
  6. TJOY

    Monolith THX 10 vs BK Subwoofer, UK buying advise

    HI All. i need help in deciding on a subwoofer. Im looking to buy a new sub for my 5.0 set up. i have a Denon X3700H with Dali Zensor (Zensor 7's & 3's) speakers at the moment. i use it 50% music & 50% for Movies Im in UK so is it advisable to get Monolith THX 10? The pricing looks attractive...
  7. D

    Bk monolith to LG C1

    Hi all. Is it possible to connect my old (Sitting collecting dust) BK Monolith sub, to an LG C1? I'm currently using a Samsung HW-Q600A Soundbar with the stock sub, but just wondered if it's possible. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. U

    Uk.. bk monolith upgraded with jl audio 12w7 ae3

    Hello guys. I'm considering modifying a bk electronics monolith subwoofer.. The components are barenger nx power amp connected to a denon avr-x3400h.. I'm going to bypass the plate amp in the sub (95lts ported). Fit a jl audio 12w7 ae3. I'm concern is the 3ohm load of the driver..can I power...
  9. camcroft

    monoprice monolith m565C ( Closed back )

    Hi. Has anyone heard or used them?
  10. paulgyro

    M&K S-150THX vs Arendal Sound 1723 Monitor THX vs Monolith by Monoprice THX-460T THX : The battle of old, new, and high value THX

    Good day everyone! I know there are a lot of M&K fans around here so thought it the best place to have this discussion. I recently sold my Forte IIIs and am waiting for the Arendal 1723 THX to be delivered, no ETA as of yet. As I wait I'm of course keeping an eye on the used market as...
  11. Phil.LFC

    SVS SB or PB to supplement BK Monolith?

    I’m just finalising my cinema room upgrade and Richer Sounds recommended I get the SVS SB1000 Pro rather than the PB1000 Pro I’d chosen. They seemed to think it would work better as they are both sealed subs. The BK is over 10 years old so it’s the original one, DF. Having done much research I...
  12. A

    Upgrade from MA RS8, RSLCR, RSFX, BK Monolith DF, Onkyo NR905. New Square room with lots of windows.

    Had this setup since 2007ish with an Optoma HD65 720p projector in our living room, but now want to sell it all and put the cinema in another area. I'm lucky enough to have an outbuilding with a multi purpose room that I want to put the new system into. Unfortunately the new room is square...
  13. M

    Subwoofer Advice: BK P12-300SB-PR vs Alternatives

    Hey all, Recently fallen into the speaker rabbit hole and I've really gotten lost trying to narrow down which subwoofer to pick. Here's my current setup: B&W 620 Floorstanders (goes down to 58hz apparently) 3m x 4.5m x 2 (W,L,H) Room - Guess work here Denon x2300w Primary usage is a split...
  14. JeanLaCritique

    Monolith Sub Buzzing with Denon 2300W

    Hello you knowledgeable folk. So I have a bk monolith subwoofer and the constant buzz has become too distracting and I want to get to the bottom of it. If the sub is powered on with no input cable connected then there is no buzzing. I'm using the 5m phono to phono cable that came with the...
  15. M

    New BK monolith setup help.

    Hi all, as the title suggests I need some help setting up my new mono. And I have read the how to guides inside out. Some times I am impressed with the mono, other times not. Will try to keep it brief, I have a Sony STR-DA1200ES (will change when funds allow). I have set all the speaker sizes...
  16. L

    Alternative to Monolith plus

    I know this sort of question is asked all of the time but I have some specific requirements. Well two specific requirements. -Must be child proof (I.e no forward firing drivers or ports where toys can go, also no cloth grills unless they’re very robust) -Cat proof, I used to have a couple of...
  17. M

    BK monolith and Sony STR-DA1200es

    Hi all, been away from the forums for year's as I didn't have space for an AV system. Just getting back in to it all now. Have currently got a Sony STR-DA1200ES receiver, Sony SA-VE835ED speakers and a BK monolith. Just have a few questions regarding the monolith. I have set all my speakers to...
  18. Wswan85

    BK Monolith Vs SVS pb-3000

    Hi, has anyone on here ever gone from a BK Monolith (UK brand) to an SVS pb-3000?? I know the SVS is a superior sub, but was wondering if anyone has made the switch and can comment in the real world, in their set up, how they rate the difference? I actually have dual BK Monoliths, but am...
  19. Wswan85

    BK Monolith to SVS pb-3000

    Hi, has anyone on here ever gone from a BK Monolith (UK brand) to an SVS pb-3000?? I know the SVS is a superior sub, but was wondering if anyone has made the switch and can comment in the real world, in their set up, how they rate the difference? I actually have dual BK Monoliths, but am...
  20. S

    Monolith subwoofer 10 or SVS PB1000

    Hi After hours of reading watching reviews of these 2 subwoofers I am absolutely undecided! I have narrowed my search down to them, both within budget, both ported etc. Most reviewers have said, the Monoprice Monolith 10 is good for deep bass, for watching movies. And the PB1000 is more...
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