A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, such as some mountains, or a single large piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument or building. Erosion usually exposes the geological formations, which are often made of very hard and solid igneous or metamorphic rock.
In architecture, the term has considerable overlap with megalith, which is normally used for prehistory, and may be used in the contexts of rock-cut architecture that remains attached to solid rock, as in monolithic church, or for exceptionally large stones such as obelisks, statues, monolithic columns or large architraves, that may have been moved a considerable distance after quarrying. It may also be used of large glacial erratics moved by natural forces.
The word derives, via the Latin monolithus, from the Ancient Greek word μονόλιθος (monolithos), from μόνος ("one" or "single") and λίθος ("stone").

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  1. K

    For Sale 1x Monolith THX-365c

    I have 1x Monolith THX-365c (centre speaker) available. I bought a set of three of them from these classifieds. Only had use for 2 (for my Surround L+R's). Selling for what I paid for it £250 and (PP) if not available to collect in London area.
  2. P

    Question Monolith by Monoprice M-15 V2 15in THX

    Hi all, Interested to know how many UK owners of the Monoprice Monolith THX subs have already or currently experiencing issues with them, whether that being them shutting down or the amp failing with the red/green light flickering or anything else, and whether they were refunded or replaced...
  3. C

    For Sale REDUCED Seaton Submersive SM-215 plus, Seaton Submersive SM-F2 plus & 2 x Monoprice M-15 v2’s

    All Sold pending payment / collection Hi all, I’m currently sorting out my late father’s estate and have his subwoofers for sale. He was a BBC audio engineer and audio fanatic! He had two Seaton Submersives as part of his 12.1 home cinema setup. The first is a Seaton Submersive SM-215 plus...
  4. Wilkeh

    For Sale BK Monolith DF in Black Ash £240 - MA Bronze 6, centre and Elac Atmos speakers

    For sale is my BK Monolith DF in Black Ash. It's in excellent condition with the odd minor smudge typical for it's age. All working perfectly and sounds absolutely excellent. Just to confirm it's the non-plus model :) Collection only due to size from Stoke on Trent. I'm 20 mins from J16 on...
  5. T

    Question Replacement for Monolith V2 10in

    Hi, I currently have a Monolith V2 10in for the last 20 months or so and have loved it. Unfortunately as some here who are aware of the Monolith thread my sub has started to suffer from the flashing red/green led issue that requires a power cycle to fix. It is random in nature and happens daily...
  6. M

    Upgrade - BK Monolith Plus FF to a SVS SB16 Ultra

    Hi all, I really love my Monolith, but am looking to upgrade. I listen to music and watch films 50/50. My Monolith has done well for both but I want to try a sealed sub hoping that musical performance will be improved. My concern is that, being a sealed sub, it won't rattle the windows and...
  7. W

    BK Monolith clicking and won't turn on properly.

    Hi, Came back home today from 5 days away and turned the subwoofer on to hear constant clicking from the amp and the rear power light is green for a split second then red and keeps repeating, any idea how to fix it? **Edit in my moment of shock after getting back I didn't use search, I'm...
  8. boxrick

    Question SVS SB3000 + Monolith Plus DF?

    I am currently combining my systems and replacing bits. I have recently purchased a Marantz SR8015 and own a BK Monolith DF + , I also have some B&W Floorstanders / Centre and Surrounds. I purchased a SVS SB3000 for a second system and was eventually going to replace the BK with the SVS...
  9. Number 7

    BK Monolith problem

    I have a Monolith which is about 8 years old, used for stereo music via high level connection and TV etc. via low level. It's recently occasionally thrown the odd unexpected thump into music listening. When powered up, but without a source playing, smacking the top of the cabinet with my hand...
  10. B

    Alternatives to Monoprice Monolith 12"

    Hey All, Sadly my monolith 12"s Amp has died, and as their EU operation no longer exists I will be getting a refund rather than a replacement which leaves me looking for what to replace it with. I'm in the slight conundrum that I have to purchase something decently powerful as my HT is in my...
  11. P

    BK Monolith+ not working?

    Hi, I've just got a BK Monolith+ from BK today, I've hooked it up to my Denon 2700 but there's nothing coming through the sub? I've tried different cables, tapping on the end of the cable, but nothing? Changed the gain on the back up and down, changed the db levels on the receiver, tried...
  12. un1eash

    BK Monolith, time for a change

    Hi, I've had my BK Monolith for 12 years now and for the past year it's had amp hum which appears to require a fix or replacement amp. I fancy a change for something newer in design but I know replacing a BK Monolith at its price range is a big ask. So far I've shortlisted the... SVS PB-2000...
  13. Bluedog

    Question Crack in Subwoofer Monolith plus

    Just got delivered a ‘Grade B’ Monolith Plus direct from BK. I noticed this crack underneath where the feet are screwed in. It moves a little if i press firmly. Is this something i need to be concerned about? Grade b describes blemishes/marks on the description. Nothing about cracks in the...
  14. Bluedog

    Updated BK monolith+

    I looked on the BK website and they have a updated Monolith plus. Was wondering if anyone has one and how it compares to the previous? Thinking of purchasing one to match my Monolith plus.
  15. Ja55

    BK Monolith or BK P12-300 SB-PR

    Hi guys Has anyone owned or done a comparison of the BK Monolith with the new P12-300 SB-PR (P12-300 with passive radiator)? I currently have a BK Monolith and thinking of adding another one but would prefer smaller subs with similar performance. I tried a pair of XTZ 12.17's but they didn't...
  16. FattMatt

    Amp size for Monolith THX 5.1.4?

    Hello friends and experts! I'm in the process of building a 5.1.4 with the Monoprice Monolith THX series (365C, 365T x 4). This is my first foray into the world of external amplification. I plan on using my Denon x3800h for DAC and at least atmos channels. I'm thinking a 5 channel amp here...
  17. R

    Monolith Encore T5 Centre Speaker - Where to buy from?

    Hi all, Just before Christmas i bought a pair of the Monoprice Monolith Encore T6 towers and a Encore C6 centre speaker from eBay while they were being sold for a bargain price. I have come to install them and the C6 centre speaker is just too big. I want to purchase a smaller centre speaker...
  18. Bluedog

    BK Monolith plus Hum at higher gain

    There is a noticeable hum from my Monolith when going past 12. o clock on the gain. It only hums when connected to the source. No hub when RCA is disconnected. If I move the socket end on the cable it goes even louder. I don't mind a little hum but his is noticeable and annoying. Any ideas?
  19. Kermodethecat

    Best Settings For Monoprice Monolith 15 Inch V2 Subwoofer

    Good afternoon and apologies if the answer as already been covering somewhere in the 255 pages of the Monolith Subwoofer thread, however I've looked without success. Recently taking delivery of one of these beast sand was wondering what setting other users of this sub are using? Crossover - on...
  20. R

    Setting up MiniDSP 2x4HD with Monolith subs & Denon AVR - My experience

    So having just received my MiniDSP 2 x 4 HD I spent the weekend trying to setup my Monolith subs using REW, UMM-6 Mic and a Mac Laptop with Denon AVR X3200W Things I have learnt: You need lots of time! Some USB extension leads A long (20ft) HDMI lead The best youtube series of videos I found...
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