1. achujs

    For Sale Audiolab 8300 MB Monoblock

    These mono blocks are only 6 months old ,selling due to upgrade. Normally cost £995 each.Selling pair for £1350 ONO Comes with original packaging. No silly offers please.
  2. J

    Bridged power amp for Kef R2c centre speaker

    Recently I bought a Musical Fidelity X-AS 100 from guess where 😉 with the understanding that I could harness it’s full power (200w) by using it in bridged mode. I have connected it up with one pair of speaker cable and it sounds fine, but would it sound better if I connected a second speaker...
  3. Nico72

    Question Monoblock or Bi-Amping?

    This is a theoretical question. Let's suppose one has speakers with two binding posts that allow bi-amping. The choice of amplification is between two monoblocks outputting 100 W each, or two stereo power amps outputting 50 Wpc each, to be used in bi-amping configuration (passive bi-amping...
  4. L

    How to control volume on monoblock power amps?

    Hi, Looking to buy a set of monoblocks. Most I've seen feature no pot or attenuator to control the volume level. How is this achieved? Note, the system I shall be adding them to features a stage which has no volume control on it either. Thanks
  5. Lusankya

    Monoblock upgrade?

    I currently have a Bryston 4bst running Kef Reference 4.2s and am very happy with it. The preamp is an old Audiolab 8000c which is reasonable but will be upgraded when I stop spending all my money on scuba diving kit. I tend to run my system slightly bass heavy, it is just how I like it. I...
  6. supfoxtrot

    Answered What amplifier do I need?

    Hi, I recently started my home cinema project, got a projector, picked up a pair of Monitor Audio RX6's and a Denon x4100w AV Receiver. I've got surrounds on my list next with a subwoofer after. But I realised I have a 12" sub in the back of my car. Did some researching if I could connect that...
  7. Sandman

    How to maintain a block paving driveway?

    2 years ago I built a block paving driveway. It was built on a 150mm hardcore base and 50mm of sand and the drive is still perfectly flat (no dips from car tyres). The problem is, in just over 2 years, the gaps between the blocks were covered in moss with the odd weed sticking through. I have...
  8. A

    Monoblock LNB + diseqc switch + Zone 1 dish

    Hello (again) For a while I've been trying to get 19.2e and 13.0e on a modern Zone 1 dish (larger type). Tried a multi LNB setup using 2 quad Sky LNBs and a multi LNB bracket. This had previously worked quite well on a 60cm dish. No such luck on the Zone 1. I was focusing on 19.2 and trying to...
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