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  1. kingolympics

    Question Widescreen monitors for WFH

    I’m looking for a widescreen monitor, ideally around 29-34 inches for WFH. I would be plugging my laptop into the monitor. I wouldn’t use it for gaming, just work which only involves spreadsheets and documents etc. most of the reviews I’ve read are confusing. Can anyone recommend a good...
  2. bag head

    Active Monitors replacement.

    Hi, I've been using my own Edirol MA-15D monitors at home since the pandemic hit and work has just confirmed I won't be going back... ever! So they've offered money to replace them. It's a maximum of £200 (preferably lower). I do a mixture of audio and video editing plus they will double...
  3. J

    Seeking Recommendations: Active Studio Monitors for Small Music Studio

    Hi, I'm in the process of selecting active studio monitors for my small music studio (11.5 x 6.5 feet). Currently, my setup includes a keyboard synth connected to a Klipsch The Three, and I'm exploring options to either replace or augment this setup with studio monitors. My initial...
  4. P

    For Sale Zotac 2080ti AMP extreme. SOLD.

    Time to move on some bits I have amassed over the last year. normally sell to friends but no ones looking for anything atm so figured id try on here :) GPU: 2nd owner since release of 3080 and everyone flogged em cheap Zotac RTX 2080ti AMP Extreme lovely card great condition. only getting...
  5. G

    Help! New sub to pair with monitors

    Hello friends! I recently got lucky on a great price on a pair of paradigm persona b’s. They will be replacing my kef ls50’s that I have loved. I will also be upgrading my sub and have several considerations after google research. But before I get to the ones I’m considering I’ll disclose...
  6. S

    Laptop to monitors

    Hi all, I’m wanting to connect my laptop to 2 monitors. I currently have it plugged into 1 mo it or using the hdmi on the laptop. 1. Can I just buy a usb hub with 2 hdmi outputs then connect my laptop to this by usb? 2. If so, most of the hubs I have seen are usb-c. My laptop is the...
  7. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Dell unveils new XPS laptops and UltraSharp monitors & comments

    The updated XPS 13 is joined by the XPS 14 and XPS 16, while the new 40 and 34-inch Curved Thunderbolt Hub monitors offer up to 5K viewing and a 120Hz refresh rate. Read the news.
  8. J

    What monitors for dual setup

    Could anyone recommend approx 24-27”monitors for a dual set up. My budget is about £200 per monitor. They need to work with a MacBook Pro for when I do office work. And for personal use a Lenovo Legion Slim 5 ( has hdmi, usb and usb-c that supports display port 1.4). Processor is AMD Ryzen 7...
  9. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Samsung announces new Odyssey OLED gaming monitors & comments

    The upgraded G9 leads the way with a 49 inch curved display, along with the 32-inch G8 and 27-inch G6 bringing the first flat OLED options to the range. Read the news.
  10. H

    Question Qualities of Active Studio Monitors - more "musical"?

    Happy New Year to you. My current kit list is in my signature. I deliberately chose components to avoid shrillness. Used for critical listening, on a desk, in near field configuration. No room treatment, but drivers are deliberately positioned far from walls to avoid early reflections. I've...
  11. G

    Gaming set up for ps5

    Hi all, my son wants a gaming set up for Christmas, I haven't a clue where to start. He's sticking with his ps5 as I thought when he mentioned it he was moving to PC gaming. So basically I'm just after some info on moniters, desk, chair etc any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks all Merry...
  12. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Samsung Display begins mass production of new QD-OLED monitors & comments

    The line-up includes a 32 inch UHD and 27 inch QHD model on the way for 2024, with the former boasting 140PPI and the latter offering up gamer-friendly 360Hz refresh rates. Read the news.
  13. M

    PreAmp for Studio Monitors + TV combo

    Hi! Im getting these speakers for my Tv: Can someone help me pick a Preamp/DAC between the speakers and TV ? -I want to connect them with optical input to my TV -XLR or RCA...
  14. S

    HDMI - 3 Output 1 Input (Alienware 15 R3)

    I want to output from an Alienware 15 R3 to two monitors and a projector which all use HDMI. I would ideally like to do this with just the one connection to the laptop e.g. the HDMI socket. Is there such a thing as an adaptor that plugs into the HDMI and then has 3 (or more) HDMI sockets that it...
  15. Pizzalover1

    Question Monitor

    Anyone know of any gaming monitors that actually give 1ms of lag? I’ve got the Sony inzone m9 but according to reviews the input lag is 4.8 ms at 120hz.
  16. B

    Question Two Monitors - MacBook Pro (coming from Dell)

    Hi all, wondering if you can help me with this situation. Current Setup 2 Monitors Connects to a Dell WD15 hub (via HDMI and Display Port) USB from WD15 hub then connects to my personal laptop or work laptop (both windows) I now want to switch my personal windows laptop to a macbook pro...
  17. B

    Question New Dell XPS PC, should I upgrade my 10 year old Dell U2713HM monitors too now?

    Just upgraded my 10 year old PC to a new top of the range Dell XPS PC. It's a very high spec one and I will use it for editing drone and video footage that's 4k etc. Question is will my 10 year old Dell U2713HM monitors be ok or to get most from the new powerful PC should I upgrade the monitors...
  18. gasolin

    Eve audio sc205 are wonderfull active studio monitors BUT

    Eve audio sc205 are wonderfull active studio monitors BUT Loud enough for most people, the bass is punchy and keeps up with the volume, wide sounstage good depth and lot's of details with no listening fatigue and no white noise. Theres just a few cons Over at gearspace they talk about eve...
  19. M

    Photography and gaming monitors (10 bit + fast refresh rate)

    Folks, I spend a lot of time editing in lightroom and have an old Dell Ultrasharp monitor that is fully calibrated. I am buying a decent PC and want to play some of the latest games using something like a RTX 4070 probably at 1440p. I am struggling to find a wide gammut 1440p screen (99-100%...
  20. A

    Building a 5.1 incrementally from studio monitors, in 2023 as an HDMI audio noob.

    So I've always preferred active monitors to loudspeakers.. As a result our TV setup uses a couple of Presonus eris 5 XT for stereo sound. We have an Samsung OILED 55" s95b on the way and after a bit of testing I found the monitors needing a bit of help so ordered a Presonus e44 MTM for the...
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