1. shahedz

    curved 34" , or flat or two 19" monitors.

    Going to upgrade my iMac 21.5" which I have used for the last 8 years at home. Going to get the Mac mini. My main gripe with the iMac is the screen is too small. I can't have multiple windows at once. This has lead me to thinking I was going to get a Mac mini with two monitors. But now...
  2. ClarksonRecords

    Adding two monitors to a lenovo thinkpad X280

    Looking for a bit of advice in respect to making my wife's home office a bit more user friendly. Looking to by two new monitors that she can hook up to her lenovo thinkpad X280 (one in landscape and one in potrait position for documents). I have a few questions, please bare with me as IT isn't...
  3. S

    Wanted Old 17-19" monitors

    Hey there, I'm looking for a few old style 4:3 monitors sized 17-19" for a project. They don't need to have a stand and the plastics don't need to be in good condition but the screen panel itself needs to be good. Thanks in advance!
  4. nonsequ1tur

    PC (Nvidia 3080) monitors flickers when TV (X90J connected via HDMI 2.1 enhanced mode) is switched off.

    I have the X90J connected to my PC via HDMI 2.1 with enhanced mode on, and my monitors are connected to my PC via displayports. Shortly after I turn the TV off, my monitors start flickering with intermittent black screens and I hear the Windows device connecting/disconnected sound. It stops...
  5. shanieboy69

    Which speaker stands for Arendal 1723s Monitors?

    What stands are 1723s Monitor owners using? Not Tower type base. Thanks
  6. mtenga

    Why Such Big Daily Price Movements On Monitors

    Since they came back into stock a few weeks ago I’ve been in the market for a new Dell U4919 monitor and finally jumped in at £1055 from Ballicom. However, in that time the price has been fluctuating nearly 3% in every 24 to 48 hour period. Same thing at eBuyer and CCL. They’ve tended to go up...
  7. E

    Man Cave Setup - One PC / Two Monitors / Two Desktops

    Basically got a 77" LG TV as the main display and a 23" Acer Touchscreen Monitor for Karaoke or Darts scoring software TV is hooked to my NAD AVR and the touchscreen is hooked up to the PC via this USB-C Hub / HDMI What's the easiest way to have the two screens act independently of each other?
  8. L

    Need specific switch with button to decide which of 2 laptops uses my dual monitors.

    I have dual monitors, each with two inputs (HDMI and DisplayPort). I have two laptops, one with two HDMI outputs and the other with two DisplayPort outputs. I have both laptops outputs connected to my dual monitors' inputs at the same time, but I have to unplug the outputs from one laptop when I...
  9. simeonb

    Help: Active Speakers with PC Monitors / External Screen

    Hi all, I am having trouble setting up by active speakers with my pc monitors/pre-amps. Anyone wiser than me able to help? Details below. Many thanks in advance, Simeon Setup 1: LG 29ub67 Roku Streaming Stick+ Yamaha WXC-50 Adam Audio T7V Setup 2: Dell UltraSharp U3419W Roku Streaming...
  10. Onlythesound

    Yamaha HS8 or Adam T7V monitors

    I think I need to stop being scared and traditional which means I want to buy a pair of active monitors. The Yamaha HS8 and Adam T7V find themselves firmly in my crosshairs but does anyone have other recommendations up to a max of £500? Main use would be streaming of Apple Music, via something...
  11. O

    Replace AVI monitors with true wireless system. OD-11?

    Hi All, I currently have some AVI DM10s. Having recently moved into a new place, I fancy a change. Although I like the way they sound, I want to get away from speaker stands and eliminate the cable between the speakers etc. Top of my list is the teenage engineering OD-11. I like the look, the...
  12. N

    Active Studio Monitors for HiFi & Home Cinema

    Looking to buy some new speakers for my front End now I have a decent subwoofer and was looking at active speakers which seam to be very cheap compared to passive speakers. I can see a benefit of the active speakers having a built in amplifier so wouldn't be using my Marantz 7010's internal...
  13. irvsax

    Identical monitors - one quite yellow

    I just purchased three identical Dell monitors. The one I have set up centre has a yellow tint that isn’t good and I can’t adjust anything to change it. has anyone had this? Also, I gave two of my old monitors to my partner and purchased an identical third and that new one has a yellow tint...
  14. X

    Huge bug on Monitors XSX

    I’ve run into a problem with my Xbox series x and I think I found the source of the issue. My problem is whenever I set my monitor (MSI mag27qrf) to 1440p and 1080p 60hz or 120hz the list of issues start in every game: Standard = washed out colors Pc rgb = crushed blacks Stuttering or...
  15. R

    pro-ject essential III BT Turntable & Edifier S3000pro Studio Monitors

    Has anyone managed to pair the Edifier S3000pro speakers through the Bluetooth with a Pro-Ject Essential III BT turntable ?? Any help would be appreciated.......Thanking You Kindly.
  16. C

    Need solution for an extended desktop (multiple monitors) with multiple inputs (computers)

    Hello, I’d like some feedback if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I’m setting up a mobile incident command center for work in a large trailer. At times we may have 2 or more laptops that we would need to extend their respective desktops to anywhere from 1-4 tv screens...
  17. nonsoloinglese

    Active monitors for office desk

    Hi all, any recommendations on active monitors to pair with the mac mini for my home office? Budget £200-250
  18. Dlchapman

    Active monitors for hifi?

    Hi All I'm a newbie here so be gentle So, I want to upgrade my horrid, very old passive separates hifi. Now the reason I'm posting here and not on some other forums is that I can't cope with the snake-oil discussions and pseudo-science. By way of background, I studied a BSc Hon in Audio Tech...
  19. Inked

    Question What to do, what to do?! New iMac? MacBook? Monitors?

    Following on from my iMac screen failure (See thread here Question - Anyone had an iMac screen replaced? Trying to get an idea of cost before Monday ) I have today collected my iMac without it being repaired, and after some back and forth with Very they have now agreed to a return and 80%...
  20. S

    BenQ - color is different on different BenQ monitors

    Hello, I've had a BenQ monitor (bl2711u) for around 2 years and I recently bought a second monitor (also bl2711u) from a seller on ebay. The color on the second monitor doesn't quite match the color on the first monitor, and I can't seem to do much about it. I've tried resetting both monitors...
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