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  1. W

    Question New setup - best amp solution for multiple speaker pairs / zones

    Hi All, am in the process of remodelling the house and have come to a decision point for audio and electrics, your help and advice would be much appreciated. Scenario – I have attached a floorplan for the open plan area and showing room dimensions and speaker placement. Ceiling is 2.4m height...
  2. W

    Question Amplifier confusion - new setup with Monitor Audio CP-CT380 pairs

    Hi All, am in the process of remodelling the house and have come to a decision point for audio and electrics, your help and advice would be much appreciated. Scenario – I have attached a floorplan for the open plan area and showing room dimensions and speaker placement. Ceiling is 2.4m height...
  3. GadgetGuru

    Sony Inzone M9 for PS5?

    Anyone have, and use, the Sony Inzone M9 with their PS5? Strongly considering picking it up as I want to move my PS5 away from the living room (65" Samsung) and to my office room with its own dedicated monitor (that I can use with my MacBook at times as well), and the Intone M9 looks pretty...
  4. P

    Speaker connection to DVD/CD Player

    I have an old DVD/CD player in my canal boat I want to connect to some kind of speaker (not at all knowledgeable about what is possible) Due to space being tight I am considering a set of computer monitor speakers, bearing in mind the photograph showing the connections on the unit, would this...
  5. petrolhead

    Looking to buy a 42" 4K TV to use as computer monitor

    Now I know most will say LG Evo C3 but lest say I can't afford one. What other options are there? I can't go bigger than 42"
  6. midknight

    For Sale Samsung 55” Odyssey Ark UHD 4K 165hz gaming monitor

    Hi, selling my Samsung Odyssey Ark, great condition (no stuck pixels etc) original box etc This thing is a huge beast! Fantastic gaming and productivity monitor. Due to size and weight I cannot imagine any courier would collect so its collection in person only (you will need a fairly big car...
  7. V

    Which are the better set of speakers for HT usage, the Q Acoustics 3000 series or these Monitor Audio Bronze?

    Looking for a budget set of speakers for my dad. He is currently using Tannoy TFX 5.1 which are god awful. Budget: £250. Have managed to find the following on FB Marketplace. I don't know what is the exact model of these speakers: vs Thanks in advance.
  8. L

    Wanted Monitor Audio w12 sub or SVS SB3000

    Hi, looking for an MA W12 6G sub in gloss black to go with my existing setup, or a pair of SVS SB3000 (gloss black or white)
  9. F

    Time for an upgrade - paired to Monitor AudIo Gold 5.1.2

    Hi, I need some suggestions on upgrading my AV Receiver. I have had Monitor Audio S6 floor standers, centre and rears since around 2000ish. But struck lucky last year on eBay and picked up Monitor Audio Gold speakers for a very good price. GR20, Centre, SFX Rears. Similar vintage to my existing...
  10. RMCF

    For Sale OWL wireless electricity monitor, boxed, new, unused

    For sale, an OWL wireless electricity monitor. Boxed and unused, only removed from box to test. Please note: needs 6 x AA batteries and box is slightly tatty, but nothing major. Only selling as its a duplicate unit, already have one in use.
  11. Rob8980

    For Sale Samsung S32AG550EU gaming monitor

    Samsung S32AG550EU gaming monitor 1440p 165 mhz refresh rate 32’ curved display Comes with stand and display port cable. Works perfectly, only selling because I’ve upgraded to a 4K oled. I don't have the original box so this is collection only. Looking for £170 ono
  12. R

    Choppy/Sluggish FPS

    Hi guys. So I've recently upgraded my PC to a 4090, 7800x3D, 32gb RAM etc, proper high end rig. Installed on fast m.2 drive. I get really good FPS but the games I have tested still don't feel smooth at all, I don't get stutters but everything feels choppy and it's like I'm dragging my mouse...
  13. W

    Question LG Monitor Profiling

    Hi all, I asked this in the photography section but it is probably better here so I will ask again. I have an LG 32UN880 monitor which I am trying to calibrate properly. Until now I have used basiccolor sofwtare calibration to do this as it has been close enough on my previous monitors and I...
  14. Fade In

    Question L-shaped desks able to support monitor arm clamps / solid wood L-shaped desks?

    We're redecorating our home office and it's time for a new desk, but having searched for a while we're struggling to find one that ticks all the boxes: Must be able to support the force of a monitor arm clamp (not a cheap IKEA desk made of cardboard/MDF which will collapse/crush after a while)...
  15. iamgigglz

    Question How to monitor & log room temperatures

    I’m renting a double story home which has an old Honeywell thermostat setup. It has programmable time slots at least, which I’ve programmed in. What I’m looking for now is a way of monitoring and logging room temperatures. I know it’s far from necessary, but I’m a tinkerer and I’d like to see...
  16. M

    For Sale ITX PC 13600k/3080

    Collection/Delivery around (TW16, HA1, NW10) specs below, got the boxes for everything aside the CPU and GPU ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27" QHD IPS 144HZ Monitor until PC has sold Intel 13600k Phanteks Glacier One 240MP Asus Z690i ITX Motherboard Kingston Fury 2x16gb DDR5 6000mhz CL36 2TB...
  17. mesziahs

    Pc/monitor delay

    I badly need help, I'm pulling my hair out over trying to fix my pc. So this has been happening for the longest time, I have some strange monitor delay, it's like there is some visual hold back and compared to other people's screens and games, mine looks completely different. I get high FPS...
  18. kingolympics

    Wanted Lenovo ThinkVision T23d-10 22.5 monitor

    Based in London but would pay for delivery too. Looking for the Lenovo ThinkVision T23d-10 22.5
  19. mehstg1319

    Wanted Monitor Audio RXFX in Walnut

    Hey Looking for a pair of Monitor Audio RXFX ideally in walnut, either for cash or also have a pair of RX1’s i. walnut surplus to requirement so could do those + cash.
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