1. Mj0156

    Question How can a mouse or graphics tablet be restricted to the primary monitor only?

    I have a MacBook connected to a monitor as an extended display. I am using a wacom graphics tablet. I want to restrict the wacom to the primary display only and not move onto the secondary display. Can the same be done with a mouse?
  2. tigermad

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze BRFX x 2

    I am selling 2 BRFX. They are in good condition. 1 has a tiny mark which I have tried to show in the photo below. Collection only from Milton Keynes
  3. C

    Sending TV signal to another monitor (TV, PC screen or Tablet)

    Hi, Thought I'd throw this one out there. I currently have my TV in the living room connected to my Cambridge Audio CXR120 AV receiver. Is there any solution for sending the signal to another monitor (TV, PC monitor, Tablet) in another room eg kitchen? Thinking of some dongle device that is...
  4. R

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius 250 LCR

    For Sale - 3off Monitor Audio Radius 250 Comes with wall brackets. There generally in good condition however there are some light scratches. See pics of the worst. You can only really see them up close in the right light looking for £180 Located near Leicester Prefer cash on collection...
  5. Cartmen

    Question Asus VZ249HE vs AOC 22V2Q

    Hello I'm thinking about buying a nem monitor to use as 2nd monitor to my 13 inch laptop. I always worked in my laptop but now when I want to use word/excel/... Windows side-by-side there isn't enough space. I can buy AsusVZ249HE (110€) or AOC 22V2Q (115€) with a promotion. I don't game. I...
  6. J

    For Sale Acer GF276 27 inch monitor

    I have just purchased a few high res dell monitors so this one is for sale. Its a Acer GF276 in good condition I'll add pictures a bit later on this evening.
  7. H

    Wanted Ultra Wide Monitor

    Hi, Looking for a decent ultra wide monitor.
  8. fetish31

    Wanted Monitor Audio Gold/silver

    Hi , looking MA speakers , front + Center or just front. Could be posted or local pick up NI/ROI
  9. C

    Do I need a TV? Or would a monitor suffice?

    I have a 12 year old 42" Sony HD LCD TV. It is starting to show its age in that the on/off button is starting to cause problems. I was doing a survey of likely replacements. My current set up is that I have a Humax Freesat PVR, with a Marantz AV handling audio. I have a blu-ray player and...
  10. Daddy k

    Monitor audio radius an upgrade from Anthony gallo micros?

    So I’ve had my Anthony gallo micros for ages. I love their design! I lot. but I think I want something that bit better. I’ve done lots of looking and I love the new b&w 600 series but I cannot fit their centre in otherwise I’d of snapped them all up and they go pretty low so I’ve narrowed it...
  11. griffsta

    PS5 on LG Ultragear Monitor?

    Hi all, I bought my lad an LG Ultragear monitor (32GK650F 144hz) to go with his PS5 ultimately for the frame rate @ 120hz. Trouble is no matter what settings we have tried so far will it not get over 60fps (COD Cold War), the HDMI inputs are 2.0 but I was of the understanding that it could...
  12. N

    Monitor audio silver av12 receiver options

    Hi there I wanted to get some advice on what would be a great receiver for my Monitor Audio. As per the subject I've currently got the Monitor Audio Silver AV12 with a Pioneer SC-LX57. As you all may know the amp is around 8 years old. When watching films are a decent volume, it seems...
  13. MickEire

    Question Denon / Marantz for Monitor Audio Studio speakers advice ?

    Hi, Looking around for an amp that would go well with a pair of 4 ohm Monitor audio studio speakers, i have narrowed it down to the Denon pma-800 and the marantz pm 6007. The Marantz is at the top end of my budget and is rated at 60w at 4ohms and the denon is rated at 85w at 4 ohms, i have...
  14. DodgeTheViper

    For Sale Arendal Monitor S L&R, S Centre & S Surrounds

    This sale is for Arendal Monitor S L&R, S Centre & S Surrounds. All speakers are in great condition and complete with boxes and packaging. All are Satin/Matte Black. Monitor S L&R £1195 £1095 Monitor S Center £595 £550 Surround S £1095 £1050 I would prefer all speakers to sell as a package...
  15. S

    Cheap 4k TV as PC monitor - 50hz?

    So I want to buy a 4k TV in 43inches to use as a monitor at home when I'm working. Meaning I can switch to the news easily, watch some Netflix on my break easily, as well as benefit from the extra real estate and resolution. I have used my 65' Sony before as a monitor for a large spreadsheet...
  16. F

    Best monitor?

    Hi all can anyone recommend a good monitor to connect to a MacBook Air. I want to use USB-C so as to keep the cables to a minimum. Upto 32 inch screen size and preferably 4K and wall mounted. Been looking at something...
  17. Brocky120

    For Sale Dragy Performance GPS Monitor

    Selling Dragy GPS Performance, overall 8/10 condition, been used so won't say like brand new but all fully working and boxed. £75 delivered.
  18. M

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius 90 and KEF HTS 7001 with KEF C4 Sub Woofer

    Hi Guys I am having a bit of clear out. I upgraded to the GS10 as surround speakers so I am getting rid of my radius 90. The tweeters are slightly squished but this do not affect the performance at all, and this can be concealed using the front grills. The boxes and papers are all still...
  19. HarryC

    For Sale Samsung 32" G7 Monitor

    Purchased 1st of September, have invoice. Updated to latest firmware, no issues, no marks, no scratches. no dead pixels that i have noticed. pretty much mint condition, stand not even used. Comes in original box with original accessories looking for £500. This is Collection ONLY.
  20. T

    New to all this. Want to remotely monitor and control pellet stove.

    Hello. I am new to anything smart home related. Old school, still run a C band dish and RCA port surround sound. I don’t have an Alexa or anything like that, or any smart lights or appliances. Anyway, I recently got fiber internet and I’ve been wanting to monitor and control my pellet stove...
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