1. M

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius 200 Centre Speaker Gloss Black

    Selling this Monitor Audio Radius 200 Centre. I recently bought this speaker and a pair of Radius 270 as part of a package but I already have a 200. Therefore looking to sell this one. It is in really good condition and was very well looked after. I can see no visible scratches. I have the...
  2. wuffles

    Wanted Monitor Audio Floorstanders S6/8 RS6/8 and a matching Centre

    This is for an outbuilding/gym, the amp I've moved out there during the Christmas reshuffle seems not to want to power the existing B&W set particularly well and I know it was working perfectly well with the MA ones I have in another room, so a set of those is any cosmetic condition would work...
  3. Glenzo

    For Sale Eltax Monitor ATM Atmos Speakers (brand new, boxed)

    Hi, I will deliver anywhere in UK (Inc. N. Ireland). Rep. Ireland will be extra as it's more expensive. Brand new, unwanted as I ended up wanting Walnut colour and not Black.
  4. P

    For Sale ASUS VG245H Full HD 24" LED Gaming Monitor - Black

    For sale - good condition no longer in use as have since upgraded comes with original box and power cable and monitor looking for £110 plus postage of buyers choice link to monitor
  5. music

    advice on using a 34 inch monitor please - good idea or not?

    Hi, I'm using a two 27" monitors set up, frankly I'm always moving my head from one side to the other. It's fine but doesn't feel that comfortable. So I was thinking of going down the 34 inch route? I'm not interested in gaming, just having the extra real estate - two windows open side by side...
  6. Z

    Monitor Audio silver 50 paired with silver c350

    Hi Everyone..Has anyone matched monitor audio silver 50 with silver c350 center speaker? Currently have bronze 6 and bronze center setup. Havent been happy with bronze center dialogue.. Recently just bought silver 50 and intend to use silver 50 as fronts..I have space to accomodate c350 in my...
  7. fragdude

    Monitor for Xbox series x and pc

    Hi, I’ve admitted defeat and moved Xbox series x into my room with the pc ( wife hogging tv ) My monitor is a 1440p 144hz 1ms and looks nice on pc Just plugged my Xbox in and while it still looks nice, I can get any more than 60 fps in games and the enhanced options are greyed out on my...
  8. W

    Wanted Audio monitor silver FX WHITE

    Hi, Searching fir these surround. Cheers
  9. Beezy

    For Sale LG 27GL850-B 1440p 144hz Monitor

    LG 27GL850-B 27" 1440p 144hz IPS monitor. Bought June 2020, in great condition no marks or scratches. Have checked for dead pixels and can't see any showing. Boxed with everything included. £230 delivered
  10. ChrisOH1

    For Sale Sony GDM FW900 crt Monitor

    I have one of these that I'm considering selling. I have had it for many years and it has sat unused for near the last 10. There are a couple of dings and some marks on the anti-glare coating which are not visible when its swithed on. Any interest at the #2k mark collected after its shown...
  11. W

    For Sale Benq 24inch monitor & Corsair 900d water cooling build

    Hi . I have for sale Benq 24inch monitor & Corsair 900d build . Corsair 900d case Intel Core i7 2600k 16gb corsair XMS3 DDR 3 ram Msi z77a-gd65 motherboard 1tb seagate 3.5 hard drive st3100052as 2 - Inno 3d geforce gtx580 2 - Watercool HEATKILLER GPU-X GTX 580 Hole Edition Ni-Bl XSPC RayStorm D5...
  12. L

    For Sale Dell U4919DW 49 Inch 32:9 Monitor

    Selling my U4919DW monitor mainly due to change in work requirements. Perfect condition no dead pixels. Purchased in June 2020 direct from Dell. It came with 3 year advanced exchange warranty (in the event of a fault you get a replacement unit before having to send the faulty one back) which...
  13. martin 39

    For Sale Monitor audio silver centre 5th generation

    For sale is my monitor audio silver centre in very good condition. I dont have the box but i can easily sorce a box for delivery or collection is welcome
  14. J

    Arcam A75 plus - a good match for Monitor Audio Silver 6?

    Hi All I am looking for a dedicated amp for my front speakers (MA Silver 6) and have the opportunity to buy an Arcam A75 plus which I have read good things about, however I wonder if it’s powerful enough? Any advice appreciated on alternatives if not - I tend to buy second hand. Thanks
  15. Seanrose4217

    Advise on monitor audio centre speaker

    Evening folks! Just bought a second hand pair of floorstanders Monitor audio silver 8’s in white (love them’). I am really struggling to find a 5g silver centre speaker in white to match.. Would there be any recommendations in going for new C150 or C350’s? They seem a lot easier to get hold of..
  16. kingsize

    Can I connect an external (bigger) 4K monitor to my 2013 i7 iMac?

    As per the title… Eyesight not what it was. And was thinking of getting a 32 inch 4K LG to connect to the iMac with a view to replacing the old iMac with a Mac mini when the 2022 update comes out. Will the iMac be able to drive a 4K display - will it even work? Any ideas how I would connect...
  17. StefanBFC

    Wanted Monitor Audio CT265

    Long shot, but I'm looking for two Monitor Audio CT265's. These have been replaced by the C265 newer model. I already have two, but looking for 4 channels for Atmos. Would possibly consider the 165. Thanks Stefan
  18. Shaun1985

    Wanted Monitor Audio Floor standers + Centre + Sub

    Hi i am looking for some Monitor Audio or Dali 5.1 speakers, i would like Floor standing Front L+R and ideally Black and also including the Sub. budget is around £300 - £400 depending on colour as if not black i will have to get them all Vinyl wrapped. Thanks
  19. haltny

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver 300 (series 6)

    Monitor Audio Silver 300 series 6G Walnut Overall very good condition I am selling as I have these and a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 500's which I have been trying to sell for a while. I have decided to keep the Q Acoustics and sell these instead. I haven't used these in a couple months they...
  20. H

    Making a 3440x1440 144Hz monitor USB C with a dock or hub

    Hi there I currently have a monitor which is 3440x1440 resolution and runs at 144Hz. I use a displayport to usb c cable to my laptop to run it at the moment. I believe that's display port alt mode. The cable also has an in-line usb c socket so I can inject power. I just need a few USBs and...
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