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  1. V

    Which are the better set of speakers for HT usage, the Q Acoustics 3000 series or these Monitor Audio Bronze?

    Looking for a budget set of speakers for my dad. He is currently using Tannoy TFX 5.1 which are god awful. Budget: £250. Have managed to find the following on FB Marketplace. I don't know what is the exact model of these speakers: vs Thanks in advance.
  2. L

    Wanted Monitor Audio w12 sub or SVS SB3000

    Hi, looking for an MA W12 6G sub in gloss black to go with my existing setup, or a pair of SVS SB3000 (gloss black or white)
  3. F

    Time for an upgrade - paired to Monitor AudIo Gold 5.1.2

    Hi, I need some suggestions on upgrading my AV Receiver. I have had Monitor Audio S6 floor standers, centre and rears since around 2000ish. But struck lucky last year on eBay and picked up Monitor Audio Gold speakers for a very good price. GR20, Centre, SFX Rears. Similar vintage to my existing...
  4. mehstg1319

    Wanted Monitor Audio RXFX in Walnut

    Hey Looking for a pair of Monitor Audio RXFX ideally in walnut, either for cash or also have a pair of RX1’s i. walnut surplus to requirement so could do those + cash.
  5. J

    For Sale Monitor Audio CT180 ceiling speakers

    Hi. I have for sale my Monitor Audio CT180 speakers in perfect working order. Purchased around 3 years ago, used in a dedicated room and not used at all since moving house 12 months ago. Boxed with packaging, template etc. (new home won't accommodate). There are 12 tiny magnets on each speaker...
  6. S7M0N

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze BR5 Walnut for sale (NOW REDUCED!)

    For sale 🎶 My faithful Monitor Audio BR5 bronze speakers in Walnut finish. Bought from new and including speaker grills and original boxes Very good condition apart from 3 small marks on one speaker as shown in pictures. No marks or damage to the drivers! Over the years I have used these in...
  7. mikmo1900

    Completing my Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 set up

    Completing my Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 set up Hi, I am excited to have my Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 speakers arrive today for my home gym. I choose these as I am looking for great sound even without a sub (initally at least) for a modest budget. These will be used for music from my TV or...
  8. marcbc

    For Sale Monitor Audio 500 Silver 6g - HAVE TO GO - NOW REDUCED

    Due to a house move I am selling my Monitor Audio 500 Silver 6 - Walnut. Whilst these will work well with a stereo system, they are currently in my AV system and I am very happy with them apart from the size. Bought new Jul 2021. I do not have boxes and would therefore prefer collection. I could...
  9. R

    Have an itch...

    I have an itch to scratch, but I need some suggestions please! I am looking at what I can upgrade to improve things a little further and whilst I am not unhappy with what I currently have, I do want suggestions as to how I can improve things. First off, the system I currently have: Musical...
  10. U

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver RX Centre Black Gloss

    Selling my Monitor Audio Silver RX6 floorstanders and Silver RX6 Centre in Black Gloss. Bought from new. Great speakers, worked flawlessly. Very highly rated at the time as I recall. Boxed with all original parts and accessories. They have been well looked after but have a few swirl marks and...
  11. Houndog6105

    Humming sound from monitor audio W10 Subwoofer

    So i went with a wireless receiver (HT-Air MKII) and moved my sub behind my chair in the corner of the room instead of next to my tv unit as i just don't have enough room unfortunately near my tv unit and all connected as it should once i connected the wireless receiver However I'm getting...
  12. M

    Wall mount Monitor audio gold fx speakers?

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have just bought the monitor audio gold fx (5g) wall speakers as i have slowly upgrade from Apex 10's to the gold and want to put them on the wall but the instructions are very limited. The fx's come with the wall brackets and i get how the speaker...
  13. S

    For Sale 7.1.2 Setup (Monitor Audio / Tannoy Sub / Onkyo Heights)

    Hi, Due to a failed AV received, I'm switching to a Samsung Q930c, as I can't justify buying another amp for a setup that doesn't get used as much as it deserves. Would prefer to sell as a whole, however, have included pieces for individual sales. All items are in full working condition...
  14. S


    3 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER ADVISE. After some help and advise please. I am considering adding a 3 channel power amp to my existing setup for LCR duty in my 7.1 setup. A friend of mine who has recently added a power amp to his setup and experienced a improvement has peeked my interest. My current setup...
  15. Houndog6105

    Monitor audio FX speakers

    Couple of questions regarding my new FX speakers Can anybody recommend some wall brackets for then please to sit flush to the wall? Is it possible to connect them wireless to the receiver? No biggy if it's not possible but just another easier option Regarding the monitor audio W10 Subwoofer...
  16. C

    Monitor Audio RS6 to Satellite fronts. Recommendations please!!

    Guys, I'm looking to change my setup from the rs6's to a smaller more room friendly satellite pair. The reason is that my projector screen is above my livingroom window and the floorstanders get in the way when the screen is down. So, I'd like to replace the floorstanders with small satellites...
  17. I

    Question Crossover Settings - I've Confused Myself!

    Hi, I have a Denon AVR X2600H receiver and have recently replaced all wall speakers with Monitor Audio Bronze 50's (L&R), 150 Centre, and FX rear surrounds. I also have 2 x Polk RC60i's as in ceiling Atmos speakers. I ran Audessey but decided to tweak the settings, but I am confused with what...
  18. mcsdan

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver RS Speakers 5.0 Oak

    Monitor audio silver RS 5.0 package in oak comprising 2 x RS6 (fronts) 1 x RSLCR (center speaker) 2 x RSFX (read surrounds) These are used but in very good condition cosmetically and no issues with speaker cones etc. These have been used in my dedicated cinema room for 20 years but the RS6...
  19. Houndog6105

    HF or LF monitor audio speakers

    Hi I'm after advice from someone who knows better than me (lol) I'm completely new to using a 5.1 setup with speakers and can somebody explain if i should be using high frequency or low frequency to connect my speakers or is it just off personal preference? I have monitor audio bronze...
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