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  1. M

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius 200 Centre Speaker Gloss Black

    Selling this Monitor Audio Radius 200 Centre. I recently bought this speaker and a pair of Radius 270 as part of a package but I already have a 200. Therefore looking to sell this one. It is in really good condition and was very well looked after. I can see no visible scratches. I have the...
  2. wuffles

    Wanted Monitor Audio Floorstanders S6/8 RS6/8 and a matching Centre

    This is for an outbuilding/gym, the amp I've moved out there during the Christmas reshuffle seems not to want to power the existing B&W set particularly well and I know it was working perfectly well with the MA ones I have in another room, so a set of those is any cosmetic condition would work...
  3. Z

    Monitor Audio silver 50 paired with silver c350

    Hi Everyone..Has anyone matched monitor audio silver 50 with silver c350 center speaker? Currently have bronze 6 and bronze center setup. Havent been happy with bronze center dialogue.. Recently just bought silver 50 and intend to use silver 50 as fronts..I have space to accomodate c350 in my...
  4. martin 39

    For Sale Monitor audio silver centre 5th generation

    For sale is my monitor audio silver centre in very good condition. I dont have the box but i can easily sorce a box for delivery or collection is welcome
  5. J

    Arcam A75 plus - a good match for Monitor Audio Silver 6?

    Hi All I am looking for a dedicated amp for my front speakers (MA Silver 6) and have the opportunity to buy an Arcam A75 plus which I have read good things about, however I wonder if it’s powerful enough? Any advice appreciated on alternatives if not - I tend to buy second hand. Thanks
  6. Seanrose4217

    Advise on monitor audio centre speaker

    Evening folks! Just bought a second hand pair of floorstanders Monitor audio silver 8’s in white (love them’). I am really struggling to find a 5g silver centre speaker in white to match.. Would there be any recommendations in going for new C150 or C350’s? They seem a lot easier to get hold of..
  7. StefanBFC

    Wanted Monitor Audio CT265

    Long shot, but I'm looking for two Monitor Audio CT265's. These have been replaced by the C265 newer model. I already have two, but looking for 4 channels for Atmos. Would possibly consider the 165. Thanks Stefan
  8. Shaun1985

    Wanted Monitor Audio Floor standers + Centre + Sub

    Hi i am looking for some Monitor Audio or Dali 5.1 speakers, i would like Floor standing Front L+R and ideally Black and also including the Sub. budget is around £300 - £400 depending on colour as if not black i will have to get them all Vinyl wrapped. Thanks
  9. haltny

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver 300 (series 6)

    Monitor Audio Silver 300 series 6G Walnut Overall very good condition I am selling as I have these and a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 500's which I have been trying to sell for a while. I have decided to keep the Q Acoustics and sell these instead. I haven't used these in a couple months they...
  10. E

    For Sale Entry class 5.1 setup - Denon, Monitor Audio

    House move means this setup doesn't fit anywhere and I have to get a soundbar. So selling Denon AVR-X540BT 5.2 channel Network AV receiver / amp (was new £299) Denon SYS2020 sub and 4 satellite speakers (was new £140) Monitor Audio Broze centre (was new £159) So total new cost was £598. I...
  11. Kopec

    Monitor audio 500 6g vs 300 7g

    Hi all I'm in a bit of an odd situation as I can't demo. I currently have a 5.1 set up but will be going to 5.1.4 once I get hands on an onkyo rz50 in the UK. I have a bk p12 300 sb sub so I am not entirely sure if I need to get the 500 vs the 300 for the larger woofers since the sub plays...
  12. S

    Wanted Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 speaker package

    Hi all. Bit of a long shot, but I am after the Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 speaker package in black if anyone could help me, please? Needs to be in good condition. I already have the speaker package but I want to add more speakers to my system so they are all the same. Kind regards, Mike.
  13. waring192

    Monitor Audio Speakers/Stand help

    Hello all, First post of the year so hope everyone reading has had a nice Christmas and New Year! I have 3 Monitor Audio Radius 225 speakers wall mounted for left, center and right. No problems with them. For the rears I have 2 Radius 90’s. I bought 2 Monitor Audio speaker stands for the...
  14. R

    For Sale In wall - 2 x Monitor Audio CP-WT380IDC and CP-WT380

    For Sale are my Monitor Audio in Wall Speakers. 2 of the (3 way) CP-WT380IDC which were used as L/R and a CP-WT380 which was used as a centre. These were purchased just over a year ago and installed before a house move, then removed and kept in boxes for 6 months or so. They are in...
  15. bustamills

    Monitor Audio Silver 50

    Can anyone help , I just bought a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 50s off of eBay but I have to arrange a courier to collect them myself , does anyone know the weight of these speakers? they are in their original packaging.
  16. sosen13

    For Sale Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 plus Dali Epicon stands

    Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 plus Dali Epicon Stands. Excellent condition and fully working. Finished in beautiful Piano Ebony colour. Standing on dali epicon stands to complete the look and performance, which are filled with dry sand so very heavy. Bottom of the stands have some small marks as...
  17. Lanius1984

    For Sale (SOLD)Monitor Audio Bronze 5.1 Surround Speaker Set with REL Quake Sub - Excellent Condition

    For sale is my 5.1 surround speaker set. I've recently updated my setup and slimmed down to a soundbar. The items included are: Front Pair: Monitor Audio Bronze BR5 Centre: Monitor Audio Bronze BR-LCR Rear Pair: Monitor Audio Bronce BR-FX Sub: REL...
  18. M

    Denon AVC-X3700H or AVC-X4700H in Monitor Audio Silver setup

    Hi building a new home cinema 5.1.2 setup and going to be using monitor audio silver 200 7g floor standers and a Monitor audio silver C250 7G centre speaker with a £1000 sub (yet to be decided), two monitor audio C265-IDC ceiling speakers and as have no back wall a couple of monitor audio ATMOS...
  19. tickneb

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius 45 (White) Rear Speakers

    Changing my setup so selling these speakers, both in mint condition from a smoke free home. KEF Q200c comes with front covering. £100 SOLD Elsewhere Monitor Audio Radius 45 rear speakers with wall mounts. £110
  20. M

    Wanted Monitor Audio Silver 100 with DAMAGED cabinets or just the bass drivers

    Hello, I am after Monitor Audio Silver 100 with badly damaged cabinets in any colour or just the bass drivers. One of my drivers got punctured through diaphragm(suspension) hence looking to replace BOTH. Yes I am aware I can get spare drivers directly from MA, but woth asking on here first. Thanks
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