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  1. haltny

    For Sale Monitor Audio Gold 100 4G in Walnut

    Monitor Audio Gold 100 4G Beautiful dark Walnut veneer A1 Mint condition, only 7 months old, purchased new from Frank Harvey HiFi in August last year Sound fantastic Boxed, grills, manuals, bungs, etc. I would prefer collection (London SE9) however considering current travel restrictions if...
  2. L

    Wanted Monitor Audio Apex

    I'm on the look out for 3x monitor audio apex A40s or 2 A10s and an A40. I would also consider 3x Monitor Audio Radius 225HD or the latest 225s Please get in touch if you can help
  3. D

    Monitor Audio Mass W200 Subwoofer - Green flashing LED and no sound

    Hi All, Recently established a fault with the W200 Sub after working flawlessly for a few years. LED at the top of the unit Flashes green when audio signal is sent from amp to sub. The user manual does not state a troubleshooting guide for this LED status. I have tried the usual Suspects...
  4. jingaboys

    Monitor Audio Mass W200 blinking red led

    Hey all, My monitor audio mass w200 started acting up last week and does not work anymore. The red led blinks when turned on and nothing works. bad timing for this to go wrong with the covid lockdown and stuff, any chance if this is repairable?
  5. H

    Monitor Audio surrounds with Q Acoustic Fronts?

    Hi, I have just bought a pair of Q acoustics 3010s and 3090c for fronts to replace a 1 series 5.0 which have served me well My initial thought was to buy 3020s next and put the 3010s to the surrounds but with the layout of my room not being ideal my right surround is just under a meter away...
  6. yba_us


  7. W

    For Sale Monitor Audio C265-IDC x 2

    I have 2 x Monitor Audio C265-IDC Speakers for Sale. These were installed in my ceiling and used lightly for a few months before I moved house. Speakers can be seen installed in my living room build thread: wardyworld's 5.1.4 Build £300 + P&P Cheers, wardyworld
  8. Emil93

    Monitor Audio Silver 100/ Wharfedale 11.2 Review

    Creating this post to help others find insightful info, that cant audition this 2 speakers or just curious and share my take-on/ experience with this 2 particular speakers from an audiophile beginner/ music enthuziast/ lover to another, and also an acoustic guitar player. I am not an experienced...
  9. L

    For Sale Monitor Audio Gold 50's - Walnut

    Selling my Monitor Audio Gold 50 bookshelf speakers. Great sounding speakers and a really nice finish. I bought them in November last year for a small TV room setup but they have proved a bit too big for the room. They were purchased from an authorised Monitor Audio dealer and so has the...
  10. O

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze 6

    For sale Monitor Audio Bronze 6. Speakers are 2y2m old, go them second hand, but they are a bit too big so they have to go. They are huge so, only local pick up from Coventry this way can be demoed when picked up. Speakers are great. One of them has a light mark on a driver after a drone...
  11. Smallboydanger

    Amp Recommendations For Monitor Audio Gold 100 5G

    Looking for an amp to drive these speakers which I recently acquired. I am due to audition them on Monday with 1) Yamaha AS - 801 2 ) Roksan Kandy K3 Another Amp I listened to that I liked was a Marantz PM 8006 unfortunately I did not listen with my speakers but rather focal speakers So it was...
  12. A

    Monitor Audio radius R90 Speakers with BK XXLS400-DF sub, will it be any good for Stereo Music ?

    Hi guys –– ADVERTISEMENT –– I have just purchased a Technics SU-7300 (retro) Amp and also a Pioneer Pl-15R turntable (vintage) I all ready own the above speakers and sub (listed in the title) it was all used part of my 7.1 AV surround system, but has been sitting in the loft collecting dust...
  13. C

    Heybrook HB2 or Monitor Audio Bronze 2

    I'm about to downsize my home and am planning to combine 2 systems from different rooms, they are... 5.1 surround system using a Yamaha RX-V775_V675 amp with the Heybrook HB2s as my front speakers. Turntable setup using a Rega Planer 3 turntable, Arcam Alpha 8 amp, and the Monitor Audio Bronze...
  14. S

    For Sale Monitor Audio BXW10 Subwoofer

    Up for is my monitor Audio BXW10 –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Bought while back as a secondary subwoofer but was just too much bass for the system and then has sat in storage since. Features: Compact 10" Subwoofer with C-CAM driver and 200 watt Class-D power amplifier. Attached a...
  15. ilovelife

    For Sale Monitor Audio RX1 + RX Centre (Natural Oak)

    Monitor Audio RX1 speakers in Natural Oak, boxed and in perfect condition, very light use over a year or so before boxing back up and storing in the spare room for the last 4 years. Monitor Audio RX Centre in Natural Oak, as above really as all from the same setup I used for a short period...
  16. MaryWhitehouse

    Question Monitor Audio tweeter needed

    Afternoon all does anyone know where, other than eBay, I can get a Monitor Audio TBX025 tweeter as I appear to have a dead one in a pair of BX2’s? Thanks
  17. C

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver 4i

    Hi all, i have for sale a pair of Silver 4i speakers. As you can see they are in generally good condition, but with some sun fading and a couple of holes from a wall mount. I do not have any boxes so collection only. Any questions please ask.
  18. steve1966

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze 5 & MR 1(Walnut)

    Monitor Audio Bronze 5 - £250 including delivery - Sold Monitor Audio MR1 - £65 Including delivery - Sold Both in Walnut finish *I have noticed a small mark on the side of one speaker which to be honest is hardly worth bothering about, see pictures 3,4 & 5. It is on the right hand side...
  19. H

    AVR with Monitor Audio Radius Speakers

    Hi All, I have a set of Monitor Audio Radius series speakers: 4x R90 Satellite speakers 1x R225 Central Speaker 1x RSW12 Sub-woofer Complete with (banana plug) cabling. These are old, in terms of design but barely used so thinking they'll still be good to use for general music & movies. All...
  20. RatJones

    Monitor Audio Gold 5G or B&W 700 Series for Atmos Set Up

    Hi All I have been procrastinating over my home cinema system for a while now and am almost at the stage where I can purchase. I have narrowed down to the following: Monitor Audio Gold 5G speakers consisting of: Gold 300 (front) Gold Centre Gold 100 (rear) W12 (sub) Bowers and Wilkins 700...
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