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Monitor Audio
  1. tigermad

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze BRFX x 2

    I am selling 2 BRFX. They are in good condition. 1 has a tiny mark which I have tried to show in the photo below. Collection only from Milton Keynes
  2. R

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius 250 LCR

    For Sale - 3off Monitor Audio Radius 250 Comes with wall brackets. There generally in good condition however there are some light scratches. See pics of the worst. You can only really see them up close in the right light looking for £180 Located near Leicester Prefer cash on collection...
  3. elessar

    Old or new? MA Gold Reference LCR or Dali Oberon Vokal

    I am looking for a center, already have the Dali Oberon 5s. The MonitorAudio is offered for nearly the same price as a new Dali center. This guy is also selling two MonitorAudio silver 4i for ca 320$, are those worth it and a good choice to complete the system? I am also eyeballing a Infinity...
  4. fetish31

    Wanted Monitor Audio Gold/silver

    Hi , looking MA speakers , front + Center or just front. Could be posted or local pick up NI/ROI
  5. Daddy k

    Monitor audio radius an upgrade from Anthony gallo micros?

    So I’ve had my Anthony gallo micros for ages. I love their design! I lot. but I think I want something that bit better. I’ve done lots of looking and I love the new b&w 600 series but I cannot fit their centre in otherwise I’d of snapped them all up and they go pretty low so I’ve narrowed it...
  6. N

    Monitor audio silver av12 receiver options

    Hi there I wanted to get some advice on what would be a great receiver for my Monitor Audio. As per the subject I've currently got the Monitor Audio Silver AV12 with a Pioneer SC-LX57. As you all may know the amp is around 8 years old. When watching films are a decent volume, it seems...
  7. MickEire

    Question Denon / Marantz for Monitor Audio Studio speakers advice ?

    Hi, Looking around for an amp that would go well with a pair of 4 ohm Monitor audio studio speakers, i have narrowed it down to the Denon pma-800 and the marantz pm 6007. The Marantz is at the top end of my budget and is rated at 60w at 4ohms and the denon is rated at 85w at 4 ohms, i have...
  8. M

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius 90 and KEF HTS 7001 with KEF C4 Sub Woofer

    Hi Guys I am having a bit of clear out. I upgraded to the GS10 as surround speakers so I am getting rid of my radius 90. The tweeters are slightly squished but this do not affect the performance at all, and this can be concealed using the front grills. The boxes and papers are all still...
  9. B

    Wireless subwoofer kit - Monitor Audio WT1 / WR1 and alternatives.

    The Monitor Audio is from a trusted brand and is only £70 - quite a bit cheaper than any of the branded alternatives. Is there any reason to pay more?
  10. JonnyTester

    Question What crossover point for Monitor Audio Bronze BX5's

    I've picked up a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze BX5's and I'm pretty impressed with them. I've gone for them as they are a match for my centre speaker, so sonically, the front is sounding very good. But I'm not sure what crossover point I should use for my sub. I have an Onkyo TX NR-686 receiver...
  11. D

    Question Has anyone heard the new Monitor Audio Bronze vs last gen

    Looking to upgrade my front stage. Currently running a 7.1.2 Monitor Audio Bronze System. Bronze 2 as fronts, Bronze 1's as sides, Bronze FX as rears, Bronze 1's as Atmos. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on whether the new ones are still fairly timbre-matched to the previous...
  12. bustamills

    Question Monitor Audio W10 help

    My W10 sub packed in yesterday , so I contacted Monitor Audio who informed me that I needed a new amp ,and as it was out of warranty it would cost £204, no problem there, but I know nothing about subs ,so how easy is it to fit a new amp into the sub ?
  13. Sjoerf

    Monitor Audio in wall LCR placement CP-IW460X advice needed

    After careful considering and shopping around I've collected my next setup for our new apartment that will be delivered to us soon. I decided to go with in-wall speakers for Monitor Audio after good experience with the Apex range from them and in-wall speakers should be pretty toddler proof and...
  14. harsha1101

    Question Trying to setup HT for first time

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to setup a HT for the first time. It is for a living space (190 sq.ft area, with one side open) and not an exclusive room. Also i am constrained with space for placement of front-left and front-right speakers. Cannot do a tower or bookshelf and have to settle with...
  15. M

    Question AV receiver for monitor audio speakers

    Hi, I am fairly new to all things av and had some great help so far, now looking at next part of a brand new home theatre setup and wandered if making a mistake. Current plan is to have monitor audio silver 200s as front speakers, silver c 150 as centre speaker and use Bronze AMS | Dolby...
  16. C

    Wanted Wanted Monitor audio hd 45s pair. Black ideally or similar.

    As requested. I’m adding an additional pair of rears to my Monitor Audio radius hd 5.1 setup. Ideally black. May consider alternatives if a quality compact bookshelf speaker and in black.
  17. supfoxtrot

    Question Watt calculations and Do I need an amplifier?

    Hello folks, Setup: AVR Denon X4100W Monitor Audio RX6 L/R Monitor Audio RXC Monitor Audio RXFX (Side Surrounds, Dipole) Sub - BK XXLS400 DF I have recently picked up a C weighter SPL meter and have been balancing channels for 75db with the internal Denon test tones. As I was looking into...
  18. S

    Wanted Monitor Audio Radius 90

    I’m looking to update my Radius 90HDs to the newer Radius 90s. Reason being is I’m moving but cannot wall mount and the old stands are hard to find. So I was looking to update my 90HDs to the 90s and pick up a pair of the new stands. Ideally looking for good cosmetic condition as they will be...
  19. graymattor

    Question Monitor Audio Apex Set up - What ATMOS ceiling speakers

    Hi All, I have a Monitor Audio Apex and 5.1 (1 x A40 and 4 x A10) plus a BK Electronics P12-300SB-PR, coupled up to a Denon X3600H. I am looking to take my set up to the next level and introduce ATMOS ceiling speakers (i assume this is the next step and a worthy one), what would you all...
  20. G

    NAD 3020e amp with Monitor Audio Bronz 100

    Hey, I have a NAD 3020e amp and I am thinking of buying a monitor audio bronz 100. Is the NAD amp powerful enough?How the NAD sounds like? I have also a a yamaha htr4068 5.1 amp. Which should sound better in a stereo set? It would be great if you could help me with your earliest convenience...
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