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  1. tickneb

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius 45 (White)

    Changing my setup so selling these speakers, both in mint condition from a smoke free home. KEF Q200c comes with front covering. £100 SOLD Elsewhere Monitor Audio Radius 45 rear speakers with wall mounts. £110
  2. T

    Marantz 1609 with monitor audio radius good match?

    Hello, This Marantz is 50w per channel. My setup is FL r270 and r250 center with two r45 as surrounds R270 (3,5m from couch) Sensitivity ([email protected]) 89 dB Recommended Amplifier Requirements 40 - 140 R250 (3,5m from couch) Sensitivity ([email protected]) 90 db Recommended Amplifier Requirements 20 - 120...
  3. J

    Denon AVRX2700 Subwoofer compatibility

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can put me out of my misery! I have recently purchased a new Denon AVRX2700 and two Monitor Audio Subwoofers. Both the subs are quite old (an RSW-12 and a radius 360). Both of these have a left and right RCA in, and the manuals for both say 'If a digital A/V processor...
  4. IIK3nnyII

    Monitor audio radius 270hd vs newest 270 model

    Hi all, I was wondering if a new pair of monitor audio 270 speakers could be sourced how much better the newest 270's are over the hd model? I have seen some hd variants at a bargain price and wondered if the difference was night and day or just an incremental upgrade? I am aware the mid bass...
  5. D

    monitor audio radius 90 vs gallo diva se

    Hello experts, I am looking for small speakers (WAF) that are an upgrade for my existing gallo micro-se speakers set (5.1) for small home theater use . As a subwoofer I'm using a SVS-SB-2000. What would you guys prefer ? Gallo Diva Se or Monitor Radius 90 Personally I think the radius are...
  6. NewsgroupMonkey

    Kef T301C vs Monitor Audio Radius 225 or something else slim?

    OK, first things first, I have a Frankenstein set of speakers (always have). I've been a member (but rarely a contributor) of this forum for nearly 20 years. Fronts are Mission M74s. Rears are Eltax HT2s. Current centre is an Eltax Symphony Centre. Sub is an active Mission M7. So... baby steps...
  7. marksson420

    Marantz 1711 or Denon 2700 for Monitor audio Radius setup?

    Hello all, I'm looking at purchasing either the Marantz 1711 or Denon 2700. I prefer the look of the Marantz but hear great things about Denon? I previously had an Onyo 606 but its dead, decided to upgrade to Monitor Audio 225 and 90's with aim of buiding an atmos set up in the future.
  8. marksson420

    Starting 5.1 set up with Monitor Audio radius 225/one HD or Klipsh R-34c

    Hello group. I'm starting a home theatre setup after a long absence. I had an Onkyo 606 which is now dead and the speakers I had were sold off. Taking you to the present day, I purchased a 55" TV to be wall mounted to the centre of our 14x11 feet lounge (not the biggest space). I've been...
  9. T

    Dali Spektor vs Monitor Audio Radius

    So last year during lockdown 1, I redesigned my lounge for the sole purpose of achieving a better placement of my home cinema set up. I also thought I'd update some of my speakers. I went from Kef eggs to a mixture of monitor audio radius fronts and Cambridge audio rears and heights. Mixture of...
  10. RobbySpurs

    BK Gemini II - step down from my Monitor Audio Radius 370HD?

    Hi all. I am in the process of tweaking my set up. After a small wife friendly sub woofer on a pretty tight budget. Currently have a Monitor Audio Radius 370HD which has served me well for a number of years. I realise it isn't an earth shattering sub, but has auto on/off and haven't got any...
  11. Daddy k

    Monitor audio radius an upgrade from Anthony gallo micros?

    So I’ve had my Anthony gallo micros for ages. I love their design! I lot. but I think I want something that bit better. I’ve done lots of looking and I love the new b&w 600 series but I cannot fit their centre in otherwise I’d of snapped them all up and they go pretty low so I’ve narrowed it...
  12. I

    Floating shelf for Monitor Audio RADIUS 200 centre

    Can anyone recommend a shelf that could hold a Monitor Audio RADIUS 200 centre speaker. I want to mount it below my TV on a chimney breast. Or is there a better way to mount them? In terms of look, invisible or minimal would be good, although I plan to redecorate so I could use a paintable...
  13. SaintDoglet

    Second hand subwoofer to go with Monitor Audio Radius surround sound setup

    Hi there I am planning to get 5 x Monitor Audio Radius 225 as part of a 5.1.2 setup, and given the cost of that am looking to get the sub second hand. Can anyone recommend a good sub that I would be able to get, around the £500 mark? Cheers
  14. G

    Monitor Audio Radius 90 vs Dali zensor 3

    Hi I have a 5.1.2 set up in my small bedroom...its 5.5m X 4.5m Front high (as dolby) are cambridge audio small cubes as I have lack of room, so these are fine.... The centre is monitor audio radius 200, the rear surrounds are monitor audio radius 45 ( again, no room for much else at all), sub...
  15. L

    Monitor Audio Radius 270s

    I have a pair of these I have been using a small fronts in my 5:1 system for a good few years now. I am upgrading so assumed I could sell these on, however upon checking I notice one has weird cone misshapen and distortion. They sound ok to my ears i.e. I hadn't noticed anything. Any ideas what...
  16. U

    Monitor audio Radius 90's & rear speaker stands

    Hi All, Recently weve bought a pair of monitor audio radius 90 rear speakers and we are looking at speaker stands. The issue we have is the height of our sofa to which they will sit behind. Ideally we need to sit these speakers at a cenre height of about 1050mm. Everywhere we seem to look...
  17. waring192

    Monitor Audio Radius 225 wall mounts?

    Hello, I bought a pair of Monitor Audio Radius 225 speakers from eBay but they didn’t come with the wall mounts. I was wondering if it’s possible to buy them in there own? I cannot find them anywhere so far.
  18. A

    Velodyne CHT 10R - Monitor Audio Radius 380

    My wife feels my Velodyne is is too large and ugly and as a compromise im thinking about changing. My current speakers are Monitor Audio so have found a Monitor Audio Radius 380 sub for a good price that's a good bit smaller so allot easier to hide. I guess technology has come on along way...
  19. P

    Monitor Audio Radius 390 Subwoofer fault

    Led indicator blinks red, no sound from subwoofer. Any repairers out there?
  20. M

    Monitor Audio Radius One or SB2

    Hi all, I’m still weighing options for my first AVR HT system and for WAF and practicality its a sub and sound bar with existing MA ceiling speakers for rears. I am replacing a sonos playbar as movie dialogue is often too low or muffled. I have just picked up a used radius 390 sub and am now...
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