1. M

    Football and money laundering through betting sites [article] Eye opening long piece about how Asian betting companies have invegled thier way into the fabric of the game and by circumnavigatin regulations via Isle of Man which is famous for its hands off approach to fiscal governance.
  2. Affy9

    Military and Money Collectors

    Hi All, Anyone know of any reputable persons/companies that can value WW1 and WW2 military medals, letters, books etc? And also old currency (ungraded)? Cheers
  3. R

    Money For Nothing

    Over the last few weeks I've been using Tidal and Spotifiy. Dire Straits Money For Nothing was available on both platfoMrs. Now Tidal say ‘ this record lable does not permit streaming of this track’ Still available on Spotify though. Any body know why this is?
  4. S

    75" TV 2-2.5k Budget Help me spend my money

    I'm struggling to make a decision and need some help. I want a 75" and i'm happy to spend 2- 2.5k on a set I currently have a QE65Q7C. Usage 4k TV series & 4k Movies HDR 50% - (Nvidia Shield Streaming) TV watching is normal tv and Sports (Motorbikes) 30% (Virgin media HD channels) Gaming - PS5...
  5. D

    Is the Sony XH90 worth my money or should I go for something cheaper?

    I'll admit to not having much technical knowledge. I want a television that deals well with gaming (particularly input lag), sports and movies. The Sony XH90 is really at the top of our budget and even then the missus is aghast at the price (to be honest she'd rather not buy a new one at all)...
  6. Steve Kelly

    Any money in a spent plasma?

    After nearly 10 fab years, my GT-50 broke the other night - there was a 2" strip of duff light across the whole screen for a bit, I didn't know it was on its way out, so I performed the scrolling bar to try clear it, it cleared it for 5 mins, then there was a loud pop and no more tv, and then...
  7. C

    TX-55HZ2000 - Worth the extra money?

    Just about to make the move to OLED, and have decided on Panasonic because of its good out-of-the-box colour accuracy and excellent above black detail. But which model to buy? Is it worth getting the HZ1500 or HZ2000 over the HZ1000 base model? There is quite a big difference in price, but I...
  8. DarthFenian

    Have you ever won a decent amount of money ?

    Just over 5 years ago I put my usual Wednesday night Irish lotto on (through the bookies) and while we play in the hope of winning we all know deep down it's unlikely to happen. Well I couldn't believe my eyes when the 4 numbers I'd picked came out netting me £21,000 Went to work the next day...
  9. Ed Selley

    Happy 25th Birthday to the money pit

    I posted this elsewhere but I put so little up other than reviews these days, I thought it might be worth putting here. On March 21st 1996, the first owner of this Michel GyroDec strolled out of a UK dealer with his purchase. I have his name on the original invoice but as he’s not me I’m...
  10. Pollywoggle

    Transferring money to someone in Germany?

    Not sure if this is the best forum for this query, I need to send a payment to an artist based in Germany to pay her for a commission she has done for me. She has sent me her invoice and so I want to pay her by bank transfer. I have a current account with Barclays and Santander so I did a live...
  11. Tantric Gamer

    Better to spend more money on TV or AMP?

    So this year i'm upgrading my whole setup. I was wondering what the general consensus is if budget is a limiting factor? Is it better to buy a 2020 TV and spend more on an Amp or visa versa?
  12. S

    Spend my money...

    Hi. Current system: nad 314 amp, Maudant Short 916i floor speakers, turntable. Chord interconnect cables. I mostly listen to Apple Music and find the sound on my system a little too focused on high frequencies but mostly I fancy improving the sound as much as I can within a £700 budget. Shall I...
  13. S

    Money Heist Season 5

    About: A criminal mastermind who goes by "The Professor" has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history -- to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. To help him carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits eight people with certain abilities and who have nothing to lose...
  14. McCol

    Wire money transfer - advice

    I'm currently selling a reasonably high value item both here and on another forum. On the other forum a new member has offered to buy the item by wire transfer (no paypal), now I've said no so far as it seems a bit iffy to me however what are the real risks to me as a seller receiving the...
  15. beecee

    New Laptop - are these good specs for the money?

    My daughter wants a laptop, she has saved her money and looking at these, im way out of touch for PC/Laptop specs. it will be mainly light gaming (roblox, maybe some fortnite) , school and internet use. first up HP Pavilion 15-cs3001na, at £550 first glance this look ok, but its the 1ghz...
  16. N

    Question KEF T205 worth it for the money?

    I'm looking to build a 5.1.2 setup, and I would be able to get my hands on a following (used) set for 1300€ (~1150£): 2 x KEF T301 for front left-right 1 x KEF T301c for center 4 x KEF T101 for rear + ceiling 1 x KEF T101C (just gonna sell it) 1 x T2 SUB 2 x T Stand (also gonna sell these)...
  17. KWB1

    SVS SB3000 - anything better for the money?

    Im wishing to move my already excellent BK XLs400 from the Man Cave in to my living room to pair it with my other BK Xls400 for 2.2 stereo configuration - now for the Man Cave Im looking for a really good Sealed Subwoofer (for both Music and Movies) and the SvS SB3000 is the front runner - I’ve...
  18. Tyler Durden

    Just bought an Epson EH-TW7300 to repair! Have I wasted my money?

    Seller says that it hasn't powered on since it was dropped! What are the first things to check once it arrives?
  19. D

    Xmas money to spend

    Got some money to spend and I wanted to get some advice/opinions from anyone who can help....its time to upgrade a few items in my set up. I've got a Sony Str-dn1050 av receiver and a pair of Kef iq5se's. I want to swap these out for something new. Got around £1300 or so budget. Narrowed it down...
  20. malctAN

    Is it worth the extra money (PHILIPS 55PUS9435)

    PHILIPS 55PUS9435 V PHILIPS 58PUS9005 Their is a big differance in price between the 2 models and thought i would ask if the PHILIPS 55PUS9435 is worth paying the extra money, I understand that the 435 is a premium model? I currenty have a Kuro 500a and i love the dark colours, Not to bright...
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