1. D

    Best 75” tv at the moment?

    I bought a 65 lgcx last year for an upstairs room with an Xbox and think it’s great. I don’t really go looking for problems and just enjoy the good stuff. I’m going to get a 75” tv for downstairs and it won’t have a console attached being used for movies and tv. The room is brighter though which...
  2. S

    Best UST projector at the moment?

    I've just started looking at this and so far have found the following: Samsung LSP7T - around £2,380 Optoma CinemaX P2 - around £2,600 LG HU85LS - around £4,300 Samsung LSP9T - around £4,875 Has anyone tried these? Any thoughts on these models or alternatives that I have not seen yet?
  3. T

    Is anyone having glitches with at the moment?

    I rejoined Ancestry last weekend as they had a special offer and have been using it this week Ive noticed an odd thing that when I go into someone in my tree and do a search for their details, at the top of the page where it lists what records are already in my tree for that person, its...
  4. Matty18

    Question Best camera phones on market at the moment?

    Hi all, I am coming to the end of my SIM only deal where I am currently using the Huawei Mate 20 pro and I am considering an upgrade. The main function of a phone for me is the camera for stills so it's essential that any phone I consider be an improvement on what I've already got. Secondary...
  5. shoemaker666

    Whats up with the post at the moment ?

    Theres got to be something up with the post at the moment im waiting for stuff from almost 2 weeks ago. the only stuff i got over the last 2 weeks was 2 signed for parcels im still waiting on a couple if letters and several parcels
  6. MikeKay1976

    4k 60 or 4k 50?

    I was thinking has anyone not quite able to game at 4k with vsync on at 60hz.... Have you tried setting display to 4k 50? If you can get a locked 50fps may be better than dropping to 30. Of course it would make things worse if you went under 50 and got forced to 25 FPS :/
  7. Trollslayer

    Your best AVF moment

    As a reasonably gnarly AVFer I have seen a range of topics and just thought - what makes this place so special? Could be a topic, a thread, a particular incident etc. so what are your thoughts? I won't put mine up straight away but will give others a chance.
  8. gameover16

    Question Most popular online FPS at the moment?

    I'm wondering what the post popular FPS is at the moment? Recently I purchased COD:WW2 but just not feeling it, I'm slugging along but finding it boring. It may be that i'm done with FPS but i'd like to try something else to see if I can get excited again. The problem with buying older game it...
  9. Bert Coules

    Question Does anyone know of any bargain-price very basic Freeview boxes available at the moment?

    I've searched around of course but maybe I've overlooked something: I'm after one or more very basic Freeview boxes: no HD, no recording capabilities, HDMI not necessary. Does anyone know of anything like that at an attractive price? Many thanks. .
  10. Doctor Smith

    Question Best media player at the moment?

    Whats curently considered the best 4k media player at the moment? Is there such a player which can do any file thrown at it? Budget around £150 Thanks
  11. craig808

    Secretary having a blonde moment

    Our secretary has plenty of blonde moments and over the months I write the best ones down then when I'm with my mates on a weekend we have a good chuckle about them. Here are some of her better ones. I asked her for an order number so that I could book a telehandler (for those of you who don't...
  12. MikeKay1976

    anyone having steam log in issues at moment??

    6pm 9th july uk
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