1. P

    Edison modulator

    i have installed this hdmi modulator into rf system but no matter what channel i select none of my tvs can see the modulator all the normal freeview channels pass through ok so it seems i have connected it up correctly any ideas why i cannot get this to work
  2. R

    Triax modulator problems

    Hi all, can anyone tell me why when I run a sky hd box through a triax modulator (mod103t) the picture is over a second out with the sound which is connected via phono leads into an amp which runs ceiling speakers. There is no issue when the sound is coming through the tv’s speakers and also...
  3. R

    Triax modulator picture not in sync with sound

    Hi all, can anyone tell me why when I run a sky hd box through a triax modulator (mod103t) the picture is over a second out with the sound which is connected via phono leads into an amp which runs ceiling speakers. There is no issue when the sound is coming through the tv’s speakers and also...
  4. J

    Run out of ideas with my Triax Modulator

    All looking for some help and guidance please. Just upgraded to Sky Q and having read a number of posts thought that a Triax Modulateur 103T would be the piece of kit to keep showing Sky on other TVS around housebut have some technical difficulties. My old set up: Ariel into loft down into a...
  5. M


    I have a 2 year old LGTV, and new megatek DVD player. I have no way to run HDMI OR component cables because of tv location. I have tried RF modulator to coaxial cable and attached to cable in Jack in back but not getting any picture or sound. when I hit Input button only Live Tv option is...
  6. CorvusAlpha

    Seeking MPEG-2 DVB-T modulator

    I’m keen to find an older-style digital RF modulator to replace the analogue feed I currently have round the house. Unfortunately, all the TVs it needs to feed are pre Freeview HD (they can’t receive any HD off-air channels), and one is only 720, so all the specs and discussions lead me to...
  7. caledonia

    Modulator but need HD tuner

    Can someone take a look at this thread as for some reason i have posted it in cinema section
  8. caledonia

    HD Modulator cable question

    Just bought a HD Modulator single DVB-T (Edision) as I'm fed up with analogue running on my second HD TV through a coaxial cable from RF out in sky box attached to a magic eye in other TV Both TVs are HD (not 4k) The coaxial cable i am running already is RG6/U so should be fine but looks like i...
  9. F

    Lost little boy needs help with a Triax Modulator

    Hello Hope this is the appropriate place for this ? So years ago we had a distribution amp up in loft with a downfeed to the lounge where sky was added, then returned to the amp & distributed around the house with magic eyes. Then a new sky q contract was taken out which screwed it all up ...
  10. M

    HDMI modulator to AV amp andprojector ?

    Hi I am put sky through an HDMI modulator into a distribution amp then to all rooms, this is fine and TV's show HD pictures, But how do I then get it back to HDMI to go into Amp and projector in cinema room ? Do I need to go into a freeview box first then out ? Old set up was sky analog...
  11. K

    Triax HD Modulator IR not working with 8 way Amplifier

    Guys Recently installed a Triax HD modulator MOD103 TRIAX - MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator - 300128 to send HDMI signals around the house through an 8 way woolsey IR pass thru amp.( IR magic eyes all working fine before I did this.) Im getting perfect picture and sound through DTV for sky, but...

    Manhattan distribute around house via coax, Triax Trilink and HDMI modulator

    I'm thinking of buying the Manhattan T3R too and cancelling Sky. I have a coax distribution system in the loft and IO modulator and Edision HDMI modulator at the Sky box and so get Sky HD on TVs in other rooms remotely controllable by 'magic eyes'. But I can't fathom out how I would connect up...
  13. N

    Edison HD to DVB T Modulator

    HELP!! I have 5 of these units distributing separate sources, i can get one working fine, although when i link any more than one nothing works!! I have followed all the guidance on the edison website to link these in series and changed all the ids so no two are the same as advised but still...
  14. D

    Question vigin v6 box to modulator

    which is the best Channel to set my rf modulator to which go to uplink to labgear 8 way distribution amp
  15. G

    Analogue signals to new tv

    I'm an amateur when it comes to AV so please overlook my mistakes. I have a security system with several cameras. All of these run to the Security DVR. From a few of the outputs I use Netmedia modulator to convert to 4 analogue signals assigned to channels 46, 48, 50 and 66 ( 66 shows all...
  16. I

    HDMI Modulator Recommendations

    Hi, I want to add an HDMI modulator to distribute SKY HD via existing coax cabling. All at a similar price I can see: Edison Xtend Triax MOD103T Technomate TM-RF HD IR Does anyone have any recommendations regarding these or any other HDMI modulators please? Many thanks, Ian.
  17. andy_48

    PC output distribution via RF Modulator

    (Not sure if this is the correct thread?) For many years, I have successfully distributed Sky HD via a Triax MOD103T HDMI to COFDM Modulator over RF Coax to my remote televisions. Now, I wish to add a Windows 10 PC over the same system but I have only partially succeeded. I can get very good...
  18. J

    RF modulator freezing/losing signal

    I have a technomate rf modulator that keeps freezing / losing the signal. The set up is as follows: Sky Q -> splitter / scaler -> output 1 takes 4K to TV via HDBaseT extender -> output 2 (scaled to 1080) -> rf modulator. The loss of signal only happens overnight so guessing it’s when there is...
  19. Kingzippy

    Help! HDMI Modulator crisis

    Looking for advice. recently got a Edision Xtend HDMI modulator to distribute my CCTVs (hikvision colour vu and hickvision turbo 7200 DVR) to the TVs around the home. All connected up Correctly and channel tuned in but getting nothing..... :( I tested the Modulator by plugging a DVD player...
  20. M

    Edison Modulator

    Hi, I have two Edison modulators, each linked to a sky box distributing the sky signals to a number of TV’s in my house. I have just installed the 2nd modulator and am receiving the picture only (no sound) on my panasonic TV from the newly installed modulator. The sound is ok on this TV from...
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