1. G

    For Sale BT ECI Modem

    BT ECI Openreach Fibre Modem (VDSL). Working fine and comes with a power supply. £12 including delivery
  2. SunnyIntervals

    Advice with replacing a BT Openreach FTTC modem

    I'm looking for a bit of advice, I had FTTC installed many years ago and the BT engineer set up an Openreach modem as part of that. I understand these are now out of support, and it must be a good 7 years old now. I have that linked to a mesh router, with 2 other devices around the house. It...
  3. -Spike-

    VDSL modem router recommendations

    Hi all, I have an FTTC connection with Plusnet and use my own router / modem which is a Netgear D7800. This has started to become a little unreliable and whilst I would have preferred to first try a replacement it appears the D7800 has been discontinued. Does anyone have any recommendations for...
  4. A

    Making BT Home Hub 6 into a modem?

    My HH6 is playing up on the 2.4Ghz channel, now only giving 'dial up speeds' to any device connecting to it and a recent reboot hasnt helped matters. The HH6 is so limited on 2.4G range that it only has 3 channels and changing to one of the other 2 hasnt helped either. I dont reboot the HH...
  5. ChungX

    For Sale BT Openreach Huawei HG612 3B Modem with unlocked firmware

    I recently upgraded to FTTP, so offering this modem which is in very good condition. Flashed with the unlocked firmware. Modem and power adapter only, no ethernet cable. £15 + postage or local pickup in Sevenoaks Thanks
  6. alextheg

    VPN Modem Router for Sky Broadband

    Hi. Im looking at buying a new modem router to work with Sky Broadband. Im on the Superfast package.. I know the new router would need to support DHCP 60 / 61. Ideally im looking for a router that supports VPN at the router itself rather than installing on connected devices. Any suggestions ?
  7. A

    Virgin Media Hub as modem - is this the same as using a switch?

    Hello! I am working in a restaurant and we have a Virgin Media Hub with 4 ethernet ports. We can't plug in all of our cheque printers (for bar and kitchen) so we tried a switch and they didn't work. SO my question is - if I buy a router that has 8 ethernet ports and use the virgin hub as a...
  8. S

    Slow after switching to Modem Mode

    Hi, I have just had M350 FTTP installed with virgin, the Hub 3 was set up and working with speeds 300Mb+ on Wifi. Anyway I want to put in on my existing network so switched over to modem mode and temporarily used a 5Mtr Cat 6 cable to connect a single port on the Hub3 to my WAN port of my ASUS...
  9. Optician

    Virgin 360 Box - Cable Modem Mode - Own Ethernet router - Mini Box - Possible?

    I'm looking at the getting the Oomph package Or at least, trying to persuade them to upgrade from 200 broadband to it. I've been reading the forums and trying to learn what I can. So far, I understand both the 360 box and the mini box have to have the white coaxial connection to VM, and either...
  10. Y

    Super Hub 2ac in modem mode and Super Hub 3 in router mode

    Hello, wondering if someone can help. Until recently I was running superhub 2ac in modem mode and using netgear nighthawk as the main router. However my housemate needs his nighthawk back so now I'm trying to replace it with a superhub 3 which I had laying around. I put the superhub 3 in...
  11. Autopilot

    Need a 4G modem (not router) - recommendations?

    Can anyone here recommend a 4G modem (only 4G in my area). It’s to use in a dual WAN setup, connected to an Asus AX88U router. I need a modem only, no routing or WiFi needed, or at least a router that can run in proper bridge mode. Must be able to lock on to specific 4G bands and connect to an...
  12. geordie809

    Can I use MESH network without modem

    Hi, I currently don't have any access to a bt or any other company telephone lines connected to my property and want to know if I could use my tablet as a modem which is on a Vodafone contract if I buy a mesh system to improve the internet? I'm not very tech savy
  13. Autopilot

    New router needed - but with or without modem?

    I currently have a Vodafone WiFi hub and a hardwired TP link AP. It’s struggling at times, mainly due to many smart home devices and my sons PC gaming. The gaming PC is hardwired to the main router, but he getting of lot of issues with lag etc, which I think is due to the router struggling with...
  14. D

    VDSL SFP Modem

    Has anybody come across these or used them ? I know that work in Australia, wondered if they work in the UK VDSL2 SFP Modem for Telco
  15. rp23

    Wired Modem Replacement

    Hi, I'm hoping to replace my current sky modem/router with a vpn modem without wifi capabilities but unsure what modems on he market are compatible with sky's service. I know I can switch off wifi but want rid of that option all together for a number a reason. I only would have a laptop, pc...
  16. W

    Plusnet - old modem and router changing

    Hi i have a BT Openreach modem with an old plusnet router that keeps dropping signal. i’m looking to replace with an all in one product so after advice on options and how easy to set up?
  17. P

    Good DSL modem routers

    We can only get BT ADSL broadband, unless we take out a second mortgage for Virgin. But our house is only 900 metres from the BT Exchange on same road, yet last few years we’ve dropped from getting 18-20Mbps to a max of 14mbps. And upload seems capped to 860kbps. One possible reason maybe due to...
  18. DarenD

    Plusnet Modem Wifi Poor

    So just moved over from BT and although my line is faster the WiFi has dropped off from the Home Hub. Any recommendations for something with more oomph?
  19. D

    FTTP question and Modem placement

    I’ve searched the threads but can’t find the answer, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I currently have FTTC and as I am at the end of the run from the exchange I get a speed of 30MB. The area has been cabled for FTTP and I have had an email from open reach letting me know that FTTP is...
  20. sep8001

    Good Alternative to Sky modem

    Hi What is a good alternative to the sky modem/router please? A work colleague has WiFi drop outs on his sky router and is looking for an alternative. I am not sure if any fibre modem/router will work as they do with other providers like Plusnet. Thank you
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