1. Random User

    Question Need HDMI splitter, but which model?

    Hope someone can advise me. 🙏 I have bought a Nvidia Shield Tv media player that I would like to use for 4K playback and sound. My issue is that my trusty receiver, a Sony Str-dn1060, cannot passthrough the 4k video signal to my Philips Oled 873 tv. So I need to split the signal from the...
  2. chopples

    New Nest Aware model now live

    Further to Google's announcement last year, it looks like they have updated their subscriptions The old model started from £4 per month for 5days events and 24/7 recording, with an additional £2-£3 per month (can't remember exactly) for each additional device The new plans are either 30 day...
  3. G

    Question New 2020 model already in stores!!

    Hey fellas, hope everyone is doing well among this pandemic. I was at my local Walmart this evening in Canada and found a 2020 Hisense model labeled "65Q7G". I saw it at a Walmart. It says Q7 series on the front of the box. I tried looking up some reviews but didn't find anything. I believe...
  4. LBOY29

    3d glasses for LG 60PM6700 MODEL

    Does anyone know of any alternative 3D glasses that I can use besides the one that actually comes what that tv model..which are ag-s350 3d glasses
  5. The Flying Boater

    Question Walkera Aibao, anybody with experience of this model?

    Hi All I'm still on the lookout for my first drone/quadcopter (although I'm not new to r/c or flying). I've come across a Walkera Aibao which, although a fairly old model, was well spec'd when it was new and so still looks pretty good today. I like the extra FPV range it has but I see it had...
  6. D

    Question Panasonic SA-HT990 will only play DVDs in black and white

    Panasonic dvd home theatre surround sound system model SA-HT990 will only play DVDs in Black and white, is this an easy fix or will I need to get an engineer in to fix it?
  7. M

    Question What model are these Artcoustic speakers?!

    Hi, I'm interested in some Artcoustic speakers but I have no idea what model they are! Can anyone tell me and also what they're worth?
  8. MrMister111

    Question Different Samsung model differences?

    So many models of different Samsung TVs and all look to have same basic specs. Does anyone know the differences please, on the following for example. All are 65” 4K LED models, I presume the U8000 is best, as higher number and higher cost. U7020 £599 U7100 £649 U7300 £579 U7400 £679 U7470...
  9. wguk

    Any good Android App of remote control for Philips TV?

    Using PUS8204/12 ambilight model. Thanks
  10. I

    2019 um model standard remote model for extra handset

    Greetings, anyone know the model number of the standard remote control for the um series tv's as will get a smart but want a standard control as well. Any assistance appreciated.
  11. Mayandi2

    Question Yamaha soundbar - dual model names?

    We have a second home in Bangalore, India and I am trying to set-up a small Home Cinema system there. I hope to base this on the Yamaha Musiccast Bar 400 Soundbar and a pair of matching Yamaha Musiccast 20 rear speakers. But when I e-mailed the local Yamaha HiFi supplier, he told me that in...
  12. P

    Samsung tv model PS-42S5H

    I have been given a Samsung tv model PS-42S5H and have attempted to download programmes through Plug and Play with no success. The screen just stays blue. The only way I can access programmes is through my recorder Humax box. What am I doing wrong. Please help me.
  13. B

    Question How to play TrueHD audio on LG OLED55B7V 2017 model and suggestion on good 5.1 Audio system

    Hi, I have "LG OLED55B7V 55 inch Premium 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV (2017 Model)" TV and I need some experts' advise on 2 things please... 1) It is unable to play TrueHD audio and the audio format details: (how can i fix that? 2) As my TV is just Audio 2.2, planning to buy 5.1 or 7.1...
  14. J

    Richer Sounds supplied OLED804 NOT UK model!

    Recently purchased the 804 from Richer Sounds as it was the only retailer with stock. My 4th oled and very happy with it. I was browsing the manual today and noticed that there should be a specific model for the UK which includes Freeview Play as you can see from the picks below, mine seems to...
  15. Denny316

    Question Hello I was just wondering...

    Ok So I currently have a Specs - LCD TV LN32C350D1D | Samsung TVs so it's pretty outdated I was just wondering if upgrading to Hisense 40H3D H3 Series Specs would be a smart thing to do It looks like a great TV but I have never owned a hisense, but the samsung getting pretty old I feel like...
  16. Rick84

    Question New Denon model 7500H??

    Anybody heard any whispers regarding a new model from Denon? The 7500H
  17. C

    Answered Panasonic HC-VX1 - Buy UK/Aust model or US model?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a camcorder to replaced my faulty Canon (Vixia) HF200. As I reside in Singapore, the camcorder scene over here is pretty bleak and slow in introducing new models (the latest panasonic 4K model sold here is VX980 w/o viewfinder, a 2016 model) Stumbled across the...
  18. S

    Question equivalent model to UE65HU7500

    As above - what is the equivalent model to my 2014/15 UE65HU7500? It was third in the pecking order top down back then, but with the qled/uhd range now - not really clear. I was told that the equivalent model now sells for around £900 but not which specific model that is. Thanks
  19. MariHarris

    Charme En Soie

    New shot! Please let me know what you think. :)
  20. A

    Question LG TV model number meaning

    Hi, what is the difference between LG 65SK8500PLA and LG 65SK8500LLA? I see form the marking explanation that P means EU model but what L stands for? Thanks, Andrej
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