1. F

    Panasonic DP-UB150 Locked in 4K mode - Can it be reset?

    I recently bought this Blu Ray player from Richer Sounds and tested it on a frineds TV and all was well. The reason I tested it on his TV is because I am an expat in Singapore and bought the player on a business trip (all my discs are region B / Zone B and getting a Blu Ray player in singapore...
  2. Dimp

    Tv on standby mode

    Hi. My pioneer tv and media recorder went off but theres still power. The media recorder green power light is on but standby light is red and not flashing. The tv light is red. When i try to turn tv on via remote nothing happens
  3. sykotik

    Game or PC mode on a TV, which option do you use ?

    I have been under the impression that game mode has been the best option for playing games on a TV , but while watching last nights LTT vid ( best tv under $400 ) he selected PC on the samsung tv , which give him a very low input lag ( a lot less than the game mode ) so im just curious what...
  4. M

    Picture Mode

    Hi, Can anyone advise what, if any, the difference is with the different Picture Modes? I've recently bought H65B7300UK and use avs hd 709 disc to do basic calibration of brightness/contrast/colour/aspect ratio. I've switched everything else off except HDMI enhanced. When i click thru the...
  5. M

    rx-v385 game mode disable on screen display

    I just brought a yamaha rx-v385 receiver. I would like to disable the on screen display. I find the pop up that shows the volume change annoying; the front of the receiver already shows this information. I was looking for a game mode that disables all processing so there is no delay in video...
  6. Cameron583

    Wanted Anti Mode

    Title says it all :-) Let me know what you have and the price you're looking for. Many thanks
  7. NXT

    Epson TW7400 Image flicker in ECO mode

    Hoping that someone can shed some light on possible causes. Any input really appreciated. Have a pc, sky Q box and Blu ray player connected by HDMI to a Yamaha CX5100 processor. Have upgraded HDMI cable to a fibre HDMI as i needed a 15m cable. Purchased Epson TW7400 just before Christmas...
  8. X

    Question (Jan 2020) Eye Care Mode for Lenovo Vantage No Longer Available?

    I updated my Lenovo Vantage and Windows Setting on the January/03/2020 and suddenly the Eye Care Mode through Lenovo Vantage has now disappeared. Through the device settings you can now only optimize your battery and toolbar settings. The audio/visual settings are no longer available. Now I am...
  9. M

    58pus7304 Game mode greyed out

    Hi, I have an issue with ps4/laptop on the tv. The input lag is huge and i cannot select game mode since its greyed out. I've tried every hdmi port with no avail. Is there something that is blocking it? I have basically everything on factory settings. Sincerely, Miro
  10. jonboy666

    4K and picture mode

    Hi When I go to watch a 4K program on either Netflix or YouTube or any other source,what picture mode should it be on?or does it change itself? just want to get the best possible picture.
  11. D

    Can someone explain to me how to enable day mode on a Pioneer 101fd using the service remote

    Great monitor but a little dim. I have read that enabling day mode increases the light output and I would like to do this but I am having a hard time finding any instructions on how to proceed using the service remote. Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: had the set calibrated, all is...
  12. ldfonz

    Yamaha vx 681 4k mode issue

    So I had an issue with my tv not getting the HDR from my x box one x, I discovered if I switched from 4k mode 2 to 1 the video issue is corrected. Now I have lost the ability to use my Dolby surround or cinema DSP options. Seems like the surround is working fine but the receiver does not show...
  13. bluenose boy

    Question Hdr or game mode ?

    Hi guys on my Samsung 4k TV I have options for hdr and game mode for one X but can't activate both at once. Hdr looks better but game mode I imagine would be faster response so not sure which is best to use. Anyone else have this option. Cheers
  14. A

    Question Upgraded to 350mb and using sh3 in modem mode but only getting 200mb? In router mode it's above 300mb.

    I've got a SH3 that I'm using in modem mode connected to a dlink 878 router. I got a decent upgrade deal from vm to move from 200mb to 350mb. However, my speeds get nowhere near 300mb let alone 350 in modem mode. I'm getting around 200 max. If I remove the dlink and use the sh3 as a router I...
  15. Hodson wheels

    Q8FN Firmware update 1290 (nerfed) is bad for GAME MODE - BEWARE

    By pure mistake i updated my firmware on Q8FN from 1202 to 1290 and immediately noticed downgraded brightness in Game Mode on both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Local Dimming in Game Mode also is downgraded back down. This makes me very angry. Is there way to rollback or what? I assume not. I'm sure...
  16. dungtran

    Question Frames per second issue (24p Movie mode)

    I've noticed I've got some issues regarding FPS with my Samsung TV. My TV is a Samsung UE50MU6120K (50") and I'm going to be using Man of Steel 4K as the example. Watching the 4K version tonight, I noticed I have the same issues I had when watching the standard bluray; when Superman flyes or a...
  17. F91

    Samsung RU7470: Picture Mode: HDR+

    UE43RU7470UXXU: Picture Mode: HDR+ From the Service Mode you can enable the picture mode: HDR+ First thing to do is enter the Service Mode With TV in standby Using the black remote control and press info, settings, mute, red power button quickly This bring up the Service Mode Menu Option...
  18. S

    Question Question regarding Sony's widescreen viewing mode

    I have just upgraded my Samsung UE46D6530 46-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p (2011) to a Sony KD-65XG8196 (2019) I'm happy with the picture quality and all the features etc except for one thing, the wide screen viewing mode. On my Samsung when I played Blu Ray films that were in the 2:35 aspect...
  19. Rym

    Which mode do you use for movies?

    Hello, I still have my trusty Pioneer VSX-LX70 which is still going strong (I don’t have a 4K TV). I am usually streaming Netflix although I do have a blu ray player. My setup are Qacoustics speakers with a BK XXLS400 sub. On the amp there are lots of different modes for movies such as...
  20. P

    Question Epson EH-TW7000 4K - ECO mode 4K and noise

    Hi, I'm considering the idea of buying the new TW7000 since it's an affordable projector for 4K with pixel shifting. I'm planning to use it exclusively on ECO to avoid noise as much as possible. Please correct me if I'm wrong, is it true that 4K does not work on ECO mode and the projector...
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