1. mmoore46

    Do I have the wrong sound bar? Or the wrong cart?

    Greetings -- I recently purchased a Samsung 50" QLED TV, a cart with wheels for it, and a sound bar from Best Buy. It'll be delivered next week. As I look at the invoice, it's not clear to me how the sound bar will work with this card. Here's a photo of the cart and of the sound bar: It's...
  2. D

    For Sale Now Sky sports mobile pass 6 month

    I received this through a promotion and have sky already so no use for it £24 code pmed
  3. A

    Qolsys IQ Panel 2/2+ for Swedish Mobile Network

    Which Qolsys IQ Panel 2 PLUS PowerG is made for the Swedish Mobile Network
  4. Saxo Appeal

    No Mobile Coverage Draining Battery on 12 Pro Max

    Ok I'm presently Offshore and I always switch the Mobile Data off for obvious reasons, but do have my Wifi setting on. My battery was full this morning and now at around 4pm its at 49% with hardly any usage I checked the battery in settings and the 'No Mobile Coverage' has used 74%, how on...
  5. D

    Portable mini roundabouts

    Near my house at the moment there are roadworks at traffic lights with a temporary 4 way traffic light installed which is causing chaos. Has anyone ever thought of inventing a portable mini roundabout which could be put in place temporarily, I'm sure it would be much more efficient than road...
  6. The Rebel MC

    ID Mobile Termination Issue

    ID Mobile are being utterly atrocious at sorting out this cancellation. Info below, apologies for the long post but just checking on thoughts from others??? They only operate online through live chats, so I basically just asked what could be done about this. the customer service agent actually...
  7. bogart99

    Asda Mobile

    When they used EE were sort of usable. We live in the sticks and most times the mobile signal was very poor at best but one could if you wandered outside get a signal for a phone call same with data. Now they have moved to Vodaphone is just non existent data wise and the phone signal is worse...
  8. JoeCap

    Are available frequency bands on unlocked mobile phones the same on carrier specific versions?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting the Samsung A52 5G unlocked USA version but want to make sure that it has the full frequency bandwidth capabilities as the carrier specific versions. I've been searching around but haven't found a reliable source saying if an unlocked phone has different bands...
  9. RobinOfLoxley

    Risk of Mobile Phone Fire when Lithium battery becomes damaged

    (Also applies to other battery products) We may have known there was a potential risk but who knew it happens quite regularly? Particularly when phone gets caught in a reclining seat mechanism and the battery is punctured or crushed. Happy Holidays Everyone :)...
  10. M

    Qwerty mobile phone.

    Hello. Can anyone offer my advice please. I live in the UK. I am trying to have a bit of a digital detox. Problem being my life is so intertwined with my smart phone its proving pretty difficult. I've tried simple 4g phone such as the Nokia 8110. Whilst these are good I really hate...
  11. W

    Budget External 4g Mobile Aerial / Antenna for Router

    Has anybody tried any budget external Antenna's they could recommend? I'll only be using it as failover on the occasional basis and ideally would want something I could just feed cables through the window when I need it as oppossed to drilling holes in the wall, we're a bungalow with a flat...
  12. kah22

    Reconditioned mobile - where, how much

    I would appreciate your advice. My wish is to buy a mobile, hopefully an iPhone, for a very close friend. In truth it will have to be a reconditioned one, if only because I simply couldn’t afford a new one and my friend is in an even worse position! Her present phone is an iPhone 6s and you...
  13. L

    Lost Samsung mobile

    I have mislaid my Samsung last night. Tried phoning it from landline but heard nothing. I have tried to use Findmyphone but when logging in to my account it send a verification code to that phone! What good is that? Anyone got some good suggestions as to how i can find the thing. I am...
  14. Fade In

    CheckMend reports and mobile phone blocks

    Just thought I'd ask this on here first before rushing to buy something. If a private seller (i.e. an individual through here, Gumtree, Facebook) sells a phone, and a CheckMend report shows clear on every aspect (e.g. not showing as being attached to a contract) does this indicate the phone was...
  15. Wing80surfer

    Apple watch unable to setup mobile data notifications

    I've had the series 4, GPS & cellular for a couple of years. When i first bought it I took out a data plan with EE for the watch. I recently upgraded my phone & cancelled the watch data plan as I realised I always have my phone with me anyway. I now get notifications from the watch app on my...
  16. P

    Playing music remotely from Mobile

    Hello Experts, I want to play music from mobile (when i am away from home) to speakers at my home. My phone will be using mobile data. I would like to know what type of speakers should i need to buy and how can i connect at home. Please provide any other options if you think of. Thanks in...
  17. J

    Tesco Mobile Texts to a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 on BT Never Arrive

    I’ve recently purchased a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 as an upgrade from a Xiaomi Mi A3. My phone is on the BT Mobile network with which I’ve never had any problems with multiple Android phones over the years. However my wife’s phone is on the Tesco Mobile network and I’m finding that text messages...
  18. 2wo Thir3s

    UK mobile frequency auction (5G, 700MHz & 3.6-3.8GHz)

    After the primary stage of the 700MHz & 3.6-3.8GHz spectrum auction was completed about five weeks ago, the final allocations have been announced by Ofcom... Essentially...
  19. imightbewrong

    Calls from similar mobile number to mine - what is the deal?

    Twice this week I have had calls from numbers which are very similar to my own number - same 5-digit code, same first three digits. I mentioned it to SWMBO and she mentioned she gets quite a few calls from numbers similar to her own. Generally speaking I get a very small number of phone...
  20. UKCDJ app / mobile site

    Is anyone having any issues with the above? No bluray news on either. I’m in the UK.
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