Mobile often refers to:
Mobile phone, a portable communications device
Mobile (sculpture), a hanging artwork or toy
Mobile may also refer to:

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  1. Bloodfall

    How Long Does it Take for Mobile Phone Numbers to Be Recycled?

    Yahoo locked me out of my account and they need me to confirm that it is me but the only plausible way for that to happen is for them to message me on a number that is now out of commission. I was told that numbers are eventually recycled but it’s been months now and the number still hasn’t been...
  2. D

    Bt broadband issues

    We are having some serious issues with our mobile devices. Basically all our phones and ipabs are loosing connection constantly. Our tvs are fine, streaming 4k content with no issues. Wifi connection, same as the phones. Ive checked settings on the hub, even changed the wifi channel but...
  3. H

    Question Pixel 5, Lebara, Wifi calling?

    Has anyone worked out how to enable wifi calling on a Pixel 5 using a Lebara SIM?
  4. G

    For Sale IFI Go link

    IFI Go link. USB C DAC for mobile devices. Comes complete with USB - C to USB A and USB - C to lightening converters. Output is 3.5mm headphone socket. Worked with iMacs - use Audio MIDI Setup app in OSX.
  5. I

    For Sale Nokia 8.3 5g - 6gb/64gb

    Very recently purchased off another member on AVF - to tide me over until I got an insurance replacement. As per the advert, it's in pretty good condition, just a small nick on the bottom. Screen is all good. Comes with a hard, protective case - no charger/cable included (it's USB-C). For the...
  6. LFC Jon

    Question Anybody using MSDefender

    I've just loaded this app on my phone and basically want to know what "Pro & Con" has anyone found by using it.
  7. S

    Xiaomi 14

    From £849 with various free gifts.
  8. Tempest

    Mobile Game Saving - Facebook or Google - Which is safest?

    I'm playing a mobile game right now, and to save my game in the cloud there are two options. Either log in with Facebook or log in with Google. Not super keen on either, but perhaps I'm being paranoid. Would you recommend one over the other? Security wise, I have a lot involved with Google...
  9. K

    Comprare un pixel 8 pro

    mi I'm about to buy a pixel 8 pro, on eBay I found it at a good price, but I have doubts if it is a good phone, they tell me that the processor is not very powerful, I wanted to know your experiences and if it is good
  10. O

    Mobile data arrows: upload only, no download

    This has started happening recently at times and is very annoying. The mobile data (Android) upload arrow shows as working but the download arrow stops working. The only fix I have found is to turn my mobile data off and on again. Can any tech experts explain to me what is going on here? Cheers.
  11. S

    Bargain Xiaomi 13T Pro

    The current price of the phone is£699, Xiaomi UK currently has a discount (expiring 23.02)of £20 on a sale over £200 plus a discount code(expiring 18/02) worth £70. It is also offering a free Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro esim (£289,99), and a Redmi Pad SE (£199).
  12. B

    3 mobile mast

    Park Street, Madeley new PoW mast installed by Three, There is no panel on top but probably later this year to put 5G panels on it. Not sure if this mast is 5G or 4G only?
  13. O

    Why is reply greyed out on my (fully updated) Whatsapp?

    Hi AVForum tech experts, So recently I have had a glitch on my Whatsapp. When I long tap a message to quote it and reply to it, the reply arrow is normally (but for some reason not all the time) greyed out. I have attached a screen grab to demonstrate this. Oddly, there is no problem as I can...
  14. BM08

    iOS 17.3 stolen mode

    Just downloaded this, I know what it does, but my question is, why is it turned off by default? Seems abit strange to me, for what reason would you not want to turn it on? It’s a great new feature, I for one searched for it and turned it straight on 😁
  15. W

    Motorola E13 64GB Mobile Phone - Aurora Green.

    Motorola E13 64GB Mobile Phone - Aurora Green. As new condition. Fully boxed with USB cable and charger. Runs Android Go 13. £60 posted.
  16. PocketOperator

    Testing New Sim While Still In Contract On Another Sim?

    Hi, sorry for the confusing title. I have just moved house and I am currently with O2 but get a terrible signal in and around my house making it almost in impossible to make or receive calls on my mobile. I have reported the issue with O2 and they say that a mast is down in my area but engineers...
  17. A

    Which budget (£200) mobile for wife?

    Hi My wife is looking for a new sim free mobile phone. Basic use, calls, email, whatsapp, photos, web browsing etc. Budget around £200. We've usually had Samsungs and been reasonably happy with them and the A14 5g seems to review well in that price range. Only downside seems to be relatively...
  18. C

    Mobile Game: - EA FC 24

    Cant find any posts or even pages for mobile only games etc.. so thought id make this Anyone playing FC24 - its pretty much like ultimate team only for mobiles
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