1. filya

    Question Best recommendation to play 4k mkv files to TV and Projector? [details in text]

    My current setup that works very well: 1080p mkv files on hard disk connected to a PC running Plex. PC is on main level wired to google fiber. Plex client on Samsung TV. TV is running off google wifi on the main level. Plex client on Roku connected to a Denon AVR used with a projector. Roku is...
  2. M

    Denon x6500 and play mkv files from nas?

    Hi Is anyone playing mkv movies from nas drive through amp? Am I better off using firestick as media player or any better ways? At the moment I stream to TV then sound through amp Cheers Mal
  3. bdepaauw

    Playing large MKV files directly from a external HD?

    Hello all, For decades I have been playing most of my video files directly off of a external hard drive to my TV via USB. Now I am trying to play large (15gb to over 50gb) 4K files with Atmos or DTS tracks and am running into problems. The video seems to play just fine but the audio is...
  4. GalacticaActual

    Large hard drive for mkv playback on lg TV?

    Hi all, I have a load of dvds the kids want to keep but we don't have the room. Thinking of putting them all on a hard drive in mkv format and then connecting the dive via USB to the back of the LG oled. Will the 55b8 play them back OK via USB? Is this the best way to go? I know nothing...
  5. N

    Having a nightmare trying to play .mkv and .mp4 video files

    Hi, firstly my equipment: Philips 42pfl7666t12 Panasonic dmp-bdt110 Humax hdr fox t2 it's old stuff I know but works fine, until I tried to play an mkv file from a usb stick (Toshiba 64Gb). Basically, I cannot get .mp4 or .mkv files to play on any of this equipment, despite their specs...
  6. T

    Playing mkv files on an Xbox

    As my cinema build approaches, I'm making plans, including copying my collection to a hard drive, to play with a dedicated player (like a Zidoo or Dune). For now, I'm testing my rips with an Xbox one X, using the Xbox Media Player. I've just copied a couple of 4k movies, and on testing the...
  7. scottyccfc

    Converting DVD to MP4 or MKV

    Hi all Im having a bit of trouble copying some of my old football DVDs to another format. Basically I want to put all these on my dropbox/nas/external hardrive etc as they are easier to watch and I dont have a DVD player as such bar the PS4 and laptop. The problem Im having is every way I...
  8. Killak

    Does anyone have Dolby Atmos Test tones on MKV

    Hello everyone, hope you're all keeping safe! Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I'm looking for some specific Atmos test material on an MKV. Im looking for a video which says "Front Left", "Front Right", "Rear Surround Right" etc or something to that effect so I can make...
  9. C

    Question Box that plays 4K MKV files

    Wanted some advice on a good box to buy that plays 4K mkv files? Or maybe a UHD Blu ray player that can do it? I want to upgrade to a 4K PJ and my WDTV live box will only go up to 1080p mkv files and won’t play 4K mkv’s
  10. T

    3d mkv player

    I had a MED600X3D and have a library of 3d MKVs (MVC) ripped from blu-ray. I'm looking for a replacement device to output 1080p to my projector, input will be via USB hard drive enclosure. I'm assuming some sort of Android box but I don't really know for sure.
  11. LordPlops

    I have found a Blu-ray player that plays MKV files with Dolby atmos and True HD (and it isn't OPPO)...

    Very pleased with my Sony UBP-X800M2 - plays all Atmos and TrueHD audio files from MKVs and will play pretty much any size file you throw at it. Negatives - it will not play DDP files (I run a USB drive through the TV slot to get around this) It can be very slow to load a file, especially if...
  12. usman24

    4k player full MKV support?

    Is there a 4K player currently available that supports 4K/1080p MKV files that contain DTS/DTS-HD/TRUHD/DD audio tracks via the usb port input and output via hdmi? i.e from a hard drive or usb stick?
  13. nicolaidenmark

    Streaming 4K lossless MKV files from NAS: Ethernet on 9005 too slow!

    Hi all, I have noticed that I'm only getting a max of 60 mbits download from my XE9005 both on WIFI (which is not working post Oreo Update) and Ethernet port. This is insufficient speed for streaming lossless 4K MKV which, as listed by Plex, requires around 130 mbit of through put. How do I go...
  14. D

    Question Playing x.265 mkv on Roku Smart TV from smb network

    Playing x.265 mkv on Roku Smart TV from smb network Currently we are watching ripped x.264 mkv's ripped from DVD's on VLC app on Firestick. The files are stored on a Windows PC and this is going well. I am planning to rip/encode my Blu-rays that I don't have digital copies of with Handbrake to...
  15. T

    LG 4k 7450 VLC player stuttering playing mkv files HELP!!!

    My high end pc is connected to my tv with HDMI 2.0 cable. Im using windows 10 and latest vlc. My problem is when I play any of my mkv movies they stutter. The only fix I have is to set my tv to GAME mode and everythings fine. I've tried changing fps to 24 and 23 but nothing works. My question is...
  16. D

    Question Nvidia Shield / Sony HT-Z9F ATMOS MKV issue

    Help needed just bought the new Nvidia Shield Pro 2019, and cannot get ATMOS to work, from Hard Drive playing MKV's, Nvidia is plugged via HDMI into Sony HT-Z9F Soundbar, ATMOS comes through as LPM. any suggestions of settings, and configuration, currently using Plex server and Kodi. Thanks
  17. mikey3000


  18. K

    Media player with 2 HMDI and compatible with AC3 H246/256 MKV rips

    Hi, Does anyone out there know of any media players that has "2" HDMI out puts ( one for a projector and one for a soundbar), that I can either stream ( DNLA/bitstream) or use a USB to play MKV video files? It also needs to play AC3 H245/H246 audio.. Preferably one that supports 3D, Dolby...
  19. Photonit

    NAS Video Library tutorial - permissions and shares.

    Having finished a FreeNAS setup that I mainly use for my video collection consisting of MKVs of my DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K discs, I made this tutorial video on configuring Windows shares and permissions for a home network: This tutorial video supposes the Brady Bunch had a home network. (Please...
  20. Pebbleridge

    Question LG 49SK8100PLA stutters playing MKV files

    Hi Guys, My new LG 49SK8100PLA stutters on motion when playing MKV files. I have been advised that it is probably due to miss matched frame rates. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a "fix"? Regards, Paul
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