1. T

    Wanted BK XLS200-FF MK2

    I am looking for a BK XLS200-FF MK2 sub woofer in Gloss White. I am prepared to pay a sensible price for a good sub.
  2. Dr. Robert

    Question B&W M1 mk2 Stand advice

    Hi The B&W stands are a bit on the short side for surround duties, I don't have a shelf to put them on and wall mounting isn't really an option. There doesn't seem to be a way of using my Vogel VLS120 stands either. Anyone use these speakers with stands other than the official ones? Thanks
  3. rpr

    BK XLS200-DF MK2 issue

    Got an issue with my BK XLS200-DF MK2. Every so often I'm getting a hum, not nessesarily when it's turned on, it can suddenly start with varying volume, if I turn the sub off and back on, sometimes it has to be done more thn once the sub is then fine and can be for several days. There are no new...
  4. Ekko Star

    Sony X800Mk2 (+others) Blu-ray Multi-region Modification

    This is the modification process for the Sony range of players. The process below is for the X800Mk2 RattleByte mod and is for educational purposes only. I would not advise attempting it and leave it to a professional. You can easily destroy your machine unless you have advanced skills. You...
  5. B

    Ruark MR1 MK2 - is it suitable for farfield listening / big space?

    Dear all, I am not experienced in audio. I do not have any system at the moment. I seek opinions on choice of speakers and Ruark MR1 MK2. I do not have opportunity to test any unit now due to covid 19 lockdown. I am interested in Ruark MR1 MK2 due to its compact dimension, attractive mid...
  6. S

    Question Replacement for B&O Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 3000 MK2

    Morning Just looking for a Christmas/birthday present for my parents and they currently have a B&O Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 3000 MK2. is there any equivalent now I could replace it with? Iknow they the that look but not sure they’d like just a speaker. Any ideas gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thunderacegary

    Rega Phono Mk2

    Having read quite a bit about this particular phono stage and that it’s a good improvement on the built in phono stage on the Rega Brio R,which I own,I decided to buy one,managed to pick up a mint boxed unit.After setting it up this evening and listening to a bit of Dire Straits,I have to say...
  8. Steve Withers

    MediaLight Mk2 Flex TV Bias Lighting Review & Comments

    MediaLight brings its professional products to the UK, with the Mk2 Flex offering a quick and easy way of adding TV bias lighting that hits the industry standard of D65. Read the review. Write your own review for MediaLight Mk2 Flex
  9. Chester

    Considering Ruark MR1 Mk2

    Hi everyone. I'm considering some MR1s in walnut for my home office. They'll be mainly for music duties and the occasional game. Even though they're quite petite, they're still going to be a challenge to accommodate as they'll need to sit underneath my monitor, and I think there's about 5mm...
  10. L

    Dali ikon 6 mk2 &Arcam A19 upgrade

    Hi, I have the above speakers and amp with Arcam irDac mk1. I want to upgrade this system the budget is around £1k. Generally I like the sound of this system but would be nice a bit more excitement without losing the details. Possibly the A19 replacement would be the best option. Could you...
  11. J

    Project Debut MK2 - cartridge sits too close to records

    I have a second system as I currently living in two houses while one is being done up. My second turntable is a Project Debut MK2 I have owned for 20 years. The problem is the cartridge (OM series) sits far too close to the records, sometimes there is only around 2mm gap. In contrast my Debut...
  12. 3804

    Nissan Juke. MK2

    Considering a new Nissan Juke Tekna there are lots of reviews online but none from actual real people who have bought it? so any owners here, what are your real thoughts on this motor
  13. H

    Choosing between Siltech G5 Siltech LS 188 Classic MK2 SSP003 OR G7 Classic Anniversary Speaker Cable

    Hello Everyone, I'am currently looking to upgrade my Speaker cables. My system consists of a Monitor Audio Pl300 with a Bryston 4BSST2 Power Amp + Pre Amp and Power Supply connected to a Naim Dac and Leema Antilla 2S Eco. I have the option of buying a second-hand G5 LS188 Siltech or a new G7...
  14. S

    Rega Fono Mini A2D Mk2

    Hi There 1st, apologies if this is in the wrong section I did't know where was best to post this. I currently have a Audio Technica AT-LP5 Turntable using the turntables built in pre-amp, that is connected to a Sony MCH-S3 (I know it's a mini HIFI system however its sound (CD, streaming, and...
  15. M

    New QLED won’t connect with Ruark1 Mk2

    I’ve discovered my soundbar alternative Ruark 1 Mk 2 speakers can’t connect to new Samsung QLED tv. Bluetooth doesn’t work - The Ruarks won’t pair (equally a Samsung issue) Optical - choosing optical output, the Ruarks make a very loud distressed noise (not simply a mismatch of levels). Analogue...
  16. breeps

    Question Xls 200 mk2 pulsing hum - intermittent

    I setup my new xls 200 mk2 today. Have noticed quite a prominent hum. It pulses, and isn't all the time. The sub is plugged into a smart strip (3 way) along with amp and cooling fan. I'm a novice, what is the likely cause? Is it worth plugging the sub into its own outlet? Or could it be that the...
  17. sleepylaser

    Question Sub for ruark mr1 mk2

    Hi I’ve just ordered the little ruarks and plan to add a subwoofer in the not to distant future.. But not sure what to go for. Budget around £400 and I’m quite interested in BK’s subs. Would the Gemini 2 be a good fit? Would Double Gem be overkill? I have a small room, and overly loud...
  18. bazkav

    B&W m1 Mk2 repair/replace

    Is it just me or does any one else think the mk2 arm assembly is so much weaker than the m1. the picture shows the locating end of the arm snapped and so rendered useless if located in either the stand or the wall bracket it can no longer be supported. i don’t know wether the arm assembly can...
  19. R

    how to connect the phono preamp of pioneer sx 1250 to my present system: Anthem mrx 720 with Rotel RB 1582 MK2 ampand pictorial illustration

    Hello All I have a pioneer sx 1250 , had it for years however at present it shuts down one channel when it warms up . I've had this supposedly fixed but no . at the moment i can't afford to have it completely overhauld . The anthem MRX 720 a/v reciever doesn't have a phono pre amp ...
  20. D

    Question TacT Millennium Amplifier MK2

    Hi I have recently acquired a TacT MK2 Millennium Amplifier. Unfortunately, it's a missing the remote control and I would really like to utilise the "max volume" and "display dim" features. There is no menu system to set this using the fascia buttons. I have a Lyngdorf branded multi remote...
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