1. Chester

    For Sale Corsair K70 RGB MK2 SE & Microsoft AIO Media keyboards

    Hello everyone, Here we have the Cherry MX Speed equipped K70 Mk2 SE. Bought in November, it's still very new, boxed complete, and in amazing condition. Details can be found on the product page. Asking for £120 o.n.o. please. Next, not as exotic but has been very useful is a Microsoft...
  2. popesweetjesus

    Wanted B&W M1 mk2 Stands Black

    Looking for a pair of black B&W M1 mk2 stands. I'll be willing to sort courier
  3. T

    What speakers to match with B&W M1 mk2 in 5.1.4 set up

    Hi all Bit of a novice here so advice gratefully received. So i just picked up 2 * M1 Mk2's for a 5.1.4 set up. Wondering whether to get 3 more to have 5 of the same for the surround or to use them just as rear and instead get book shelf speakers and a more dedicated centre? I also have some...
  4. B

    Dali Opticon 8 mk2 or Rubicon 6

    Hello! How do you think, which speakers (opticon 8 or rubicon 6) will be better for big room? 51 m2 and listening zone just 19 m2 amp - Hegel h360
  5. T

    Is it worth to buy Dali Ikon MK2 speakers in 2021/2022 ?

    Hello. I consider upgrading my front towers and center speaker with Dali Ikon MK2. Actually I was considering to buy Oberon 7s and Oberon Vokal, but it's not easy to find them. As far as I know ,Ikons(now Opticons) perform much better than the Oberons;especially the high frequencies. However...
  6. AnilS

    For Sale Thorens TD166 MK2 turntable

    Selling this (amongst other things) as part of my late relative's collection (He is the second owner and owned it for 90% of its life). Fully boxed and fully working. He had several turntables so all were lightly used. Please see pictures. Sounds really nice. Complete with everything in the...
  7. mrbenn

    Mission LX-3 Mk2 or Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 - what's better?

    Just looking for advice for a second (third...) system on which might be a better option. Given both brands are owned by IAG assuming build quality will the same/similar. Mission used to be a more lively delivery - is this still true? Or is the Wharfeale a better rounded option. Source is a...
  8. Shock

    Any point upgrading from BK XLS200 MK1 to BK XLS200 MK2?

    As per title, I have a BK XLS200 MK1 from a good while back, would I notice anything upgrading to a newer BK XLS200 MK2? Or is it waste of money attempting this? Living in a terraced house not sure about upgrading to the BK XLS400, as do want to keep the neighbours happy too. thanks
  9. reportwhipper

    Desktop speakers versus all-in-one system

    This is a novice's question on the subject and I hope that I do not violate any rule of the forum in asking. I'm in need of a delivery mechanism for music off my computer, coming from Amazon Prime Music or saved files on the computer. I understand that I can do this with a pair of speakers...
  10. topgazza

    Should I Upgrade my Olympus OMD 10 mk2 ?

    Here’s the thing. I’ve not been doing much with my Olly and considered selling it but I have some nice lenses and it seems a shame. I’d like to get back into my camera and wondered if I should upgrade to the e-m5 iii for instance for the 20 mega sensor ? Part of the problem is I like my em10 so...
  11. ooctaviuss

    Dali Opticon 6 MK2 or Dynaudio Emit 50 or B&W70* or Sonus Faber Sonetto V or MA Gold 300

    Hi guys, I almost decided to upgrade my MA Bronze 6 to another better one with more detailed high frequencies - highs. I had to call a hi-fi dealer selling Dali and Dynaudio. Opticon 6 told me everything great, as we know, of course, but he mentioned me about the NEW "upgraded" series from...
  12. I

    Ruark MR1 MK2 and other options for streaming and turntable in room size 3.5m x 3.5m

    hello I'm looking at options for a £300-£400. My old Cambridge audio am10 is kaput, I would like to upgrade my turntable and my old gale silver monitors and be able to stream using my iPhone (or my partners android phone). I have recently moved into a new place and my living room is 3.5x3.5...
  13. kindercountry

    Ruark MR1 MK2 humming

    Recently I've bought a pair of speakers Ruark MR1 MK2. If no device is connected they are humming, even if I listen to music and I get close to them I can hear the same humming in the background (but obviously it's much harder to notice because of music). Does anyone have the same speakers and...
  14. password1

    Dali Opticon 6 mk2 vs Rubicon 6 or 6 black edition

    I have the opticon 6 mk2 whicch have just been run in. I am very happy with them (I was happy with most of my previous speakers too). my home demo period ends in 10 days time. Howver, I'm currently suffering from upgradititis and looking at upgrading again. Has anyone upgraded to rubicon 6...
  15. Ccollins

    Mamba F405 Mini Flight Controller Mk2

    Hello I have a Mamba F405 Mini Flight Controller Mk2. The pos lead came loose, sparked off the fcc and fryed it. Can anyone reccomend a decent fcc to go with the ESC I currently have? The identical one is out of stock and I don't fancy importing from. China again
  16. SlimyRiddler

    Looking forward to Dali Opticon 1 MK2 reviews

    I recently got these speakers to replace my concept 20 (which are out of this world for their current price) both speakers are amazing, but side by side I have to say, with the right amplification (key) - holy moly. Opticon 1 MK2 are flippin incredible! Like open mouth incredible. The low end...
  17. SlimyRiddler

    Yamaha A S701 Impedance Selector with Opticon 1 MK2 - HIGH - Borderline? JUST BAD??

    Hi, well, I guess I am asking for trouble running things this close to the wall, however I wanted to get some opinions because it sounds SOO GOOOOOOOOD set as it is 😩 😩 😩 🤣 🤣 🤣 . The jist is, I read this Setting the A/V Receiver Impedance Selector Switch and this Connecting 4-ohm Speakers...
  18. SlimyRiddler

    A good AMP for the Dali Opticon 1 MK2

    Hi, wasn't sure which place would be best to post.. I just picked up the Dali Opticon 1 MK2. I previously had the Concept 20. My AMP/DAC is currently the SMSL SA300 and Topping E30 - I have found the Dali need a few more volume notches and my SUB needs a few less db to match, I am wondering...
  19. Steve Withers

    Storm Audio PA 16 MK2 16-Channel Power Amplifier Review & Comments

    The Storm Audio PA 16 MK2 power amplifier promises 16 channels of Pascal Audio Class D grunt in a single convenient box. Read the review. Write your own review for Storm Audio PA 16 MK2
  20. D

    Musical upgrade from a Storm ISP MK2

    Hello all, My 5.2 HT system consists of the following components: Storm ISP MK2 pre-amp 3 x Mark Levinson 5302 4 x Revel Performa F226BE 1 x Revel Performa C426 BE center speaker 2 x Revel Performa B110 subwoofers Nordost Frey2 cables (speakers, interlinks, HDMI, LAN, powercables) Oppo 203...
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