1. M

    Best speakers LCR on-wall/in-wall speakers up to £ 1300?

    Morning all, Need some advice from the knowledgeable members here as I have no clue what the speakers below sound like.....would appreciate some advice from people who have heard or own those listed below. So my list is narrowed down to (LCR) : MK LCR either the slim/regular Ken Kreisel...
  2. CaroleBaskin

    Question MK S150(MKII?) Are these genuine MK?

    Hi, I'm looking to build out a speaker setup for a recently purchased receiver. Spotted a set of 3 MK S150's on eBay and noticed the fronts don't say S150II, or anything like pictures of S150MKII's suggest elsewhere. The rears have stickers that seem genuine enough, still no mention of mark...
  3. C

    MK Sound or DALI Rubicon

    All, I would be interested in garnering opinions on how the MK 950 on-walls compare to DALI Rubicon on-walls for both music and movies. We tend to listen at about -15dB for movies. Currently have DALI Ikon mk2 on-walls for all 7 speakers but would only be changing front 3 initially. Would...
  4. NifkinFZ6

    For Sale Rega Fono Mk 3 MM phono stage

    Selling my nearly new Rega Fono Mk 3 moving magnet phono amp. Bought this on a whim, only used a handful of times and has spent most of its short life packed away. In near mint condition and in full working order. Still has protective film attached to the fascia. Comes with original box, manual...
  5. mcclane22

    For Sale MK Sound Speakers

    Hi all, I have for sale a MK Sound speaker package comprising of: 3 x MK Inwall 95's 1 x Pair of MK M4T's 2 x MK M5's These speakers are in very good working condition. The M4T's and M5's do show some signs of wear and a few scratches when I had them on stands before I wall mounted them...
  6. S

    Help to choose receiver for my MK Sound M7 (ex older Denon, Marantz)

    Hi all I need a new receiver as I have sold my precious Onkyo 876. I will upgrade later on to a receiver with HDMI 2.1 when I get my next TV and PS5. But for the next year I need a receiver that have all the necessary bells and whistles. I will go 5.1.2 with two ceiling atmos but no more than...
  7. Harkon321

    Dual in wall Monitor Audio or single MK V12? Odd choice I know.

    New extension to start imminently and the open plan living area will have wall mounted TV with likely my Monitor Audio A40 in a 3.1 set up. This is a casual area for TV, Sport and Music. I picked up a MK V12 second hand which I’m using as a second sub for the time being in the existing living...
  8. C

    mk s150 thx mk1 advice on paint please

    ive got a set of lcr mk s150 mk1s they have lost there sheen on top from sunlight i was thinking of getting them repainted but im a bit lost on paint types and who to get to do it (car painter perhaps) or do it myself any help please cheers guys want to keep to original colour if possible
  9. Steve Withers

    MK Sound LCR750 Speaker Package Review & Comments

    The MK Sound LCR750 speaker package offers the studio monitor performance of the S150, but without the associated price premium. Read the review. Write your own review for MK Sound LCR750 Speaker Package
  10. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast 16/03/2020: MK LCR750 Speakers & Marantz Melody X Reviews. AV News and more

    00:00:00 - Sponsor Message 00:00:43 - What is going on? 00:18:34 - Current Competitions 00:20:09 - Steve reviews the MK LCR750 speaker package 00:31:01 - Ed reviews the Marantz Melody X all-in-one Hi-Fi system 00:39:37 - Movie news 00:52:24 - Cinema, 4K, Blu-ray releases this week...
  11. dw89

    Best audible bang for buck on Processor/Receiver for MK Speakers

    Hi All, Starting to plan ahead for my next house build (touch-wood) and subject to lots of testing (hopefully with the help of Rob/Rich et al); I am wondering what people's experiences are with different receivers/processors and Mk Speakers? Especially interested in lower end of the 'budget'...
  12. aandpwoodley

    My MK Sound 5.1.4 Build thread

    So after many years of drooling at other peoples build threads the time is right to start one of my own, I've always wanted to do a dedicated room, we already have our loft converted into a bedroom which could make for an amazing home cinema but after talking it through with the wife I was...
  13. GingerRocky

    Question Marantz CD52 mk 2 - will it still cut it?

    hi i recently got back into seperates and current setup is a marantz 6006 uk edition, dali 1 spektars and a project essential 3 turntable. i have the cd player above in its box in the loft, been up there for a good 20 years now. would it still make the grade with this modern amp or should i...
  14. M

    Question Mk sound speaker repair/service near leeds?

    Im looking for someone near leeds to diagnose and service 3 x Mk sound s-150p speakers Any recommendations ?
  15. M

    Question How much are 3 x MK SOUND S-150P worth?

    Hi, Could anyone tell me a ballpark figure for these speakers? The cabinets are not in the best condition as they have been knocked moving home 3 times in the 17 years i have owned them. These were the early version and although i still have the front covers they don't attach to the front...
  16. R

    Rotel RB-985 Mk 1 Power Amp - query on operation

    Wonder if anyone can help me with this question, apologies if the answer is obvious, but Im no expert in this type of issue. I recently acquired a Rotel RB-985 Mk 1 5 channel power amp. There is no master volume, so I am not entirely sure how this unit operates, is there some kind of auxilliary...
  17. D

    Mk sound

    Hi there. Anybody had any experience with cheaper end of MK Sound cinema speakers? Gradually upgrading my old system, was gonna go with Monitor Audio silver fx rears and controlled performance for fronts. Wondering if it’s worth spending more for on some MK sound speakers. Thanks in advance. 👍🏻
  18. shaunc50

    Upgrade help please with IW MK 150 to MK300

    If played at the same level would you notice a difference between IW150's and IW300's or do you have to really listen for it? Also coming from a Marantz SR8012 and thinking about going with a Separate processor and AMP (think along the lines of Anthem AVM 60 & Anthem P5) Would you say this...
  19. B

    Instant Flanger Mk II (Eventide plug-in demo)

    A plug-in based on the 1975 Instant Flanger rackmount, what you’re getting are both classic and unique flanging sounds not found on more modern counterparts. The tones and presets certainly don’t sound like your typical flanger pedal, that’s for certain. What makes a Flanger so useful is that...
  20. B

    Instant Phaser Mk II (Eventide plug-in demo)

    Amazing that this plug-in emulates a phaser from 1972, the Eventide Instant Phaser. The algorithm may simulate analog tape flanging from years gone by, but this digital remake sounds both modern and unique in all its qualities. Of course Eventide expanded the phaser’s abilities with various...
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