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  1. oaklandraiders

    For Sale MKSound M&K IW300 x 3

    I have 3 minty as new M&K Sound IW300, boxed with everything. The grills are white but are designed to be painted. Excuse the poor photos but was in a rush to hide them ! I’d love to keep them but I’m years away from having a suitable room to make good use. Bought them in March/April It’s...
  2. M

    M&K Sound IW150

    Hello I tried to find what the coverage angle (dispersion) of the M&K Sound IW150 is but there is no info about on their web. Does anyone know what the figure is? Thanks
  3. Smurfin

    Wanted M&K monopoles

    As title - looking for a pair of older M&Ks as surround backs to pair with my M&K column surrounds. 750s/850s/S125s/S85s/SS50s
  4. jason1wood

    From old M&K single sub to newer dual SVS 1000 or higher end single sub?

    In the next month I'm going to be looking to get new sub/s and upgrading my M&K Sound VX-1250sfx My issue is that I live in an old converted Chapel apartment with open plan 3 floors, live on my own so volume isn't an issue, but can't get pressurisation at all so fitted a couple of transducers...
  5. river123

    M&K speakers question

    My current set up is the original M&K 750 series which are great for my average size lounge and I’m wondering if the new M&K 750 series are much of an improvement or even the 950 series. Any thoughts and opinions would be grateful.
  6. B

    M&K Sound K-10 subwoofer problem

    Has anyone any experience with no out put from the speaker? Power LED indicates power. Inside suggests some heat damage. Suspect component failure. Repairable? Worth it? 8-9 years old.
  7. T

    M&K SS150T REARS

    Hi I'm redoing my cinema room and going 5.2.4, I had my ss150t right behind the sofa above ear height and it sounded ok.Now im redoing the layout should I leave them where they were or put them on the side walls ,but because of the door they will be quite high on both sides.The holes in the...
  8. D

    Bargain miller Kreisel subs half price or less!!!!

    Musicraft Derby.. get in fast guys, also loads of speakers!
  9. D

    Bargain Miller Kreisel speakers and subs half price or less!!!

    unbelievable...check out Musicraft Derby special offers section
  10. M

    M&K MP9 Passive Soundbar

    Hello, Is anyone here currently using the M&K MP9 passive soundbar and can give any comments on performance? I am also interested if you have the white version if you can post some pictures of it as I am having trouble finding any online at the moment. Thank you!
  11. P

    M&K S150’s and M&K Sound X10

    NOOB home theatre question. My wife bought me M&K S150’s and M&K Sound X10 Sub for our home theatre (family room) setup. Currently I’m running a Yamaha RX V685 receiver, a Def Tech CLR 2500 center channel and paradigm in wall rears. My question is: Do I have enough of a receiver to run these...
  12. Oneilljk

    Replacing M&K SW85 - Advice Needed

    Hey all - brand-brand new to the forum. Looking for advice/guidance on a unique situation. Having demo work done on our house and the contractor literally put a hole in the cone. They’re offering to replace but finding a single SW85 is proving difficult. Would love advice on what to do. We have...
  13. Oldbillgoggles

    Question Replacement foam for M&k S85 speakers.

    I have just purchased a set of M&K S85 LCR Speakers. Unfortunately they have some foam panels missing. It looks like the original foam panels used are SOUNDCOAT 1/2" Self Adhesive Acoustic SoundProofing Deadening Foam. I can buy this on a popular auction site but it would cost around £28...
  14. Stumpy72

    Question Dali Oberon on wall or M&K M70 on wall

    Hi I'm looking for some speaker advice while I plan my home cinema upgrade for my living room. I'm currently running with Ruark speakers, Prologues (L&R) Dialogue (C) and Epilogue's as Rears and REL Stadium 3 sub. The rears have been mounted very high a few cms from the ceiling (2.4m) right at...
  15. B

    M&K original SS-150 (thx) missing Point Arrow Towards Screen help

    Hello, So many threads, I didn't find an Official M&K (not MK) thread? Please let me know where it is and I'll post there if I should. POINT ARROW TOWARDS SCREEN stickers are gone. Soon to join the M&K owners club. I'll be running the original versions of M&K. I've learned they are 4ohm...
  16. Trozzy

    Miller & Kreisel V-3B Subwoofer

    I'm pretty new to this forum and have a quick question. At the moment I have Miller & Kreisel V-3B Subwoofer which I got pretty cheap from a car boot sale. Unfortunately it's from the US and needs 120VAC to power it. I don't want to buy a step down transformer and thought I could reuse the...
  17. John61

    miller kreisel potentiometer

    I am looking for a replacement volume potentiometer for my MK V75 mk2 any ideas what I could use it is the one on the right
  18. Oldbillgoggles

    Question Power Amp for M&K S85 LCR Speakers

    I have an S85 front and centre speaker set up with K4 rear surrounds. They are powered by a Denon AVR 4311. Would there be any benefit running the front LCR S85 speakers through an Arcam Alpha 10 P3? The alternative is to run front Left and Right S85 through a Behringer A500, or just stick with...
  19. Rock Danger

    M&K Sound Subwoofer thread.

    I've been meaning to do this for a while because I've noticed while M&K Loudspeakers are getting reference quality praise the subwoofers aren't getting the love they deserve. I've watched the evolution of a few and heard many subwoofer brands over the last few years at shows and demos, some...
  20. my-planet

    Question M&K (Miller and Kreisel) shorten the pole of ST-1 Stands?

    I've recently become the proud owner of a set of M&K S-150s along with three ST-1 stands. I need to shorten the poles on them to fit under my screen. I was wondering if anyone's done that before? Is it just a case of finding a place that can cut and re-thread the metal pole? Any one have any...
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