1. lynx

    Kitchen mixer...?

    So, I missed out on a recent Costco offer for a Kitchenaid stand mixer. In there today and I notice a Kenwood mixer Kenwood kMix All Black Stand Mixer KMX750AB | Kenwood UK for £203. Is this a worthy alternative to a KA, is it worth buying or wait for another deal on a KA? I'm not at all a...
  2. G

    Need help with Mixer(MG06X) to AV receiver(RX-V385) connection for karaoke setup

    Hi Everyone I am kind of struggling with my karoake setup and hoping to get some help to fix it up. Here is what i have so far Samsung TV - UN40D6000SF Yamaha receiver RX V385 Yamaha mixer MG06X Tonor wireless microphone- Android TV box HDMI converter- avedio links [email protected] HDMI Audio...
  3. atomicbrblaster

    HELP with PF50KS + HDMI Converter + Analog Mixer = NO AUDIO

    Hi there guys, Firstly, thanks for you all that give me a little of your time and attention. Secondly, I struggling with a simple (at least I think it would be) AV system. I got a LG PF50KS...An affordable projector that I need to send its audio to a very simple and compact analog mixer that...
  4. J

    Getting distorted sound when turntables hooked up to av receiver through a Rane Ttm 57sl mixer

    Hi, hope someone can help. I've just bought a old av receiver ( a Yamaha RX-V2600 ). Sound from Pc and tv work flawlessly. But when I connect my Rane Ttm 57sl mixer with my Technics 1210s I get a horrible distorted sound, as if i had connected phono to a digital input. But I've connected the...
  5. S

    Can I use a pro mixer amplifier as a HT power amp?

    Hi everyone I currently have a Marantz SR6012 receiver and would like to add a power amp to power my right and left channel speakers (for a 7.2.4 setup). My speakers are Yamaha NS-555. I've noticed a professional amplifier + mixer (RRP $900aud) on gumtree selling for $100. (Sonken SA-700R)...
  6. 3

    3.5mm Computer output to PA Mixer

    This is for a church PA system that's probably about 20 years old and still works. I want to send audio output from a PC (3.5mm headphhone output) to an XLR socket that is about 4m away, which then runs back to a mixer. Where should the conversion be done and what cable to use to give a good...
  7. D

    Portable PA or Mixer and powered speakers

    Hey everyone, I havea small podcast where I do everything I've can with my mixer interface and pc. I'm getting into some music live music production. I have a MG12XU and I'm wondering if what route would be better, buying the all in one pa system to use primarily. Or buying some powered...
  8. S

    Speakers Mixer DAC-AC LOST IN tech - its all gone Digi!

    rotected automatically. Once the member reaches 5 posts the links will function as normal. Everything's gone digital. Spent 2 days on research..just want to get set up! Back ground I used to mix on cdj 1000- dynaudio passive monitors and demon 400 style mixer. I produced teckno. Using a mix...
  9. T

    Looking for a post-amp stereo audio mixer with auto muting

    I would like to run my HAM radio and AM/FM radio out of my factory speakers in my truck. I'm looking for a device that I can install that will default to the stereo unless a set squelch (on the device) breaks for the ham radio and the device will mute the stereo. From what I understand this...
  10. N

    Help needed want to purchase the sound AV AMP for Home Cinema.

    Hello, - Finally going to prchase kit - looking for the sound system first. I have seen this as it's below £1k - is it good enough, I know you can spend any amount but does thos have everything I will need to connect a projector and the multiple HDMI video sources...
  11. V

    Dripping Mixer Tap - Help

    Does anyone have a clue on how to change a washer on these kind of taps? I've worked out that the drip is coming from the hot tap by looking under the tap at the drip. You can see a pool forming just while I took the photo! Thanks for any help.
  12. D

    Can I connect a Behringer mixer to my AVR for use of passive speakers instead of active ?

    Hi all, I have a Behringer Q1002USB mixer for internet radio & karaoke, now as my place is pretty smal, I am running low on space on what can go onto my small desks. What I was wondering is it possible to connect the mixer into either a AVR or Stereo Receiver via RCA and use the passive...
  13. marcaaron22

    Help with looking for a suitable food mixer

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a food mixer, I’ve read that the make: Kitchenaid are the ones to go for is that right? Also, I’ve been told that there is no need to spend a lot, just to get one that has the majority of settings/accessories that I’d mainly use, My budget is £300 at most, Must be...
  14. N

    Need Help Identifying Audio Mixer Brand and Model #

    Anyone have any idea what brand and model # for this audio mixer?
  15. AlanX

    Question Seeking a low cost mixer with Bluetooth OUTPUT

    Apologies if I'm in the wrong forum here, but can't find a better match for this question. I'm looking for a low cost (sub £100) simple stereo mixer (3+ inputs) with wired inputs but Bluetooth OUTPUT. All of what I've found seems to be wired output but with a Bluetooth INPUT option. Basically, I...
  16. J

    Help with mixers and amps please home setup

    Hi There, I'm moving into a new house and have speaker cables running to 3 zones of 2 speakers each. 2 interior and 1 exterior. These are the speakers I'm thinking of buying Elac DEBUT B5.2 Black ( inc 6 Year GTee) KEF Q150 The 2 interior zones are close together so I'd always be playing...
  17. Autopilot

    Switching Ikea mixer taps - easy?

    Looking for some plumbing advice please. Last year we had a new Ikea kitchen and a utility fitted. The mixer tap in the utility is one of those extending hose type ones, the kitchen mixer tap is a standard one. In hindsight this was a mistake, especially as the kitchen sink is much bigger. How...
  18. D

    Amp for Linn Ninka floor standing speakers and Condesa Lucia Rotary Mixer

    Hello, First of all, I'd like to mention that I am new to the wonderful world of Hi-Fi and I would like to ask you, well-seasoned veterans, for advice on a few things. I have just inherited some Linn Ninka speakers and id potentially like to integrate them into my set up. I am currently...
  19. Lalas

    Connect turntable to Yamaha Mixer.

    Hi guys forgive my ignorance. I have JA Michel ref hyd connected to Denon PMA520A amp plus a CD player. Connected via banan plugs to wharfedale diamond speakers. I want to connect amp et al to my Yamaha MG10XUF. What cables do I need to,do this. I can connect speakers via aux and into stereo out...
  20. MrSossidge

    External inputs to Mixer - Stereo Issues.

    Hi all, I am not a musician and I have zero knowledge about 'sound'. However, I am hoping some of you more knowledgeable peeps can help and give me a simple answer or explanation. I have a MacMini with audio in and out. I have just bought a cheap Alto ZMX52 5 channel mixer and a Marantz mic...
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