1. kraM1t

    LFE Mix Level

    Hey guys, I have a 2.1 setup and would like to know what to set LFE level at in MPC-HC with MadVR? I heard Dolby uses +10dB over every other channel for LFE, but this is in regular numbers, so what would you recommend? thanks
  2. B

    Achieving Gapless playback for mix albums copied to USB

    Hi, I have a large digital library of files, all of which I own and are DRM protection free etc. All of these have been imported to Apple Music which I use as the management platform for correcting all tags, updating file metadata etc. Most of the files in my library are AAC or a few MP3...
  3. joner7777

    How to mix youtube and a microphone for karaoke?

    Been trying to work out for sometime how to stream YouTube through a avr then to my projector then, Add in a microphone for karaoke. I usually use xbox but cannot mix a mic in ,tried Chrome cast but cannot separate the YouTube sound from hdmi output,, I found a audio mixer but could not...
  4. C

    can i mix memory

    hi on a lga 1150, can i use triple channel like this I have 12 gig ram 12.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 534MHz (8-7-7-20) corsaire dominator cmp12gx3m3a1600c9 999-24 1,65 ver 2,12a 12gb 3x4gb 1600mhz i yes can i add a ddr3 stick from different timings and different caractéristics? what would be the...
  5. andykara2003

    LG can down mix DD+ to DD?

    Hi all, I’m about to buy an LG CX and a Sonos beam 3.1 Soundbar to go with it. I’m learning that Netflix and other streaming apps use Dolby digital plus. The Sonos beam only accepts Dolby digital, so the DD+ from Netflix needs to be downcoverted by the TV to DD to pass 5.1 sound to the Sonos...
  6. D

    Question Mi Mix 2 Screen Replacement

    Looking for some advice as I have dropped my phone and phone repair are all closed. Has anyone swapped out a screen on a Mi Mix 2? If so, is it hard to do? and where is best to buy them from?
  7. M

    Mix up-firing with in-ceiling Atmos speakers?

    Hi, I'm trying to understand if it's possible to mix two of the up-firing Atmos modules in the front on top of a floor tower with two in-ceiling Atmos modules in the back. Considering if this is a possibility as I'm trying to solely do in-ceiling speakers for my side and rear surround...
  8. DrussTheLegend

    Monitor Audio - Silver and bronze mix?

    Hi All, My current setup is: F = BR5's C = BR LCR R = BR1's Sub = BK Monolith DF Just looking to hopefully get some insight into whether swapping out the center for a Silver LCR would be a) be much of an improvement/be worth it (i'd be buying used) and b) be a good fit for the rest of the...
  9. Hixs

    can I mix coax cable? spec me a sat meter too..

    Afternoon, My long running saga with freesat continues. The installer finally came, fiddled with the new dish/lnb for a while and reported back that it would have to be moved. So off he went with promise of returning when I laid a new cement pad elsewhere, and basically i've not heard back...
  10. K

    Anyone thinking of getting the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S?

    I appreciate there might be little to no interest in this phone as it won't be sold in Europe but I'm seriously considering importing one as it seems great value for the specs and looks stunning. Anyone else?
  11. kosymodo

    Question How to control a mixture of Hue bulbs and 'dumb' bulbs through Hue bridge/Homekit?

    I'm very quickly familiarising myself with the ins and outs of lighting automation, but in my haste to learn more I am actually getting somewhat confused! I have a couple of questions, which I'm sure I've seen the answers to somewhere, but can't find now. I'm not re-inventing the wheel, so...
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