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  1. G

    For Sale Mission 765

    Having downsized everything in our set up I now have these splendid speakers to sell Pics attached showing them in all their glory, after 30 years use. We loved them and will miss the clarity. There are a few cracks in the surrounds but all still works well, sounds superb. I'm no audio engineer...
  2. cicada78

    For Sale The Mission (Sealed)

    The Mission (Robert De Niro) Brand new and sealed. Dutch edition. Plays in English. English title on packaging. £10 Inc postage.
  3. S

    Question replacement speakers for mission 770 freedom

    replacement speakers for mission 770 freedom I am thinking of replacing my mission 770 freedom speakers . What i like about these speakers is their presence. and base. What modern speakers would exceed the capabilities of these speakers. Are there any which could achieve it from a smaller box...
  4. stuart07970

    For Sale Mission M74i (pair) collect from Slough or Swindon

    Owned since new in 2002. Fabulous condition and fully working, sound amazing. (minor cabinet imperfections as pictured) Includes the grilles and the instructions booklets. M74i £150 (includes links) M7C2 £75 (no links) - now sold cash on Collection only from lovely SLOUGH. Make a day of it...
  5. terencejames

    For Sale Mission to Jupiter Swatch x Omega watch

    Mission to Jupiter Swatch Only worn a couple of times. Pretty much as new. Comes with original receipt and the bag from Swatch too! Thanks for looking!
  6. robertcooper

    Question Mission FS2 and Dolby Atmos

    I have a set of Mission FS2 speakers which are mounted at ceiling level in the four corners of the room due to room layout and also to keep the wife happy! They are now connected to a Marantz Cinema 70. My question is, would I benefit from adding a couple of Atmos speakers given their current...
  7. A

    Mission ZX1 as fronts

    Hi all, been running the Q acoustics 2000 5.1 series for a good few years and its been great. Thinking of swapping out the front 2020s for a set of mission ZX1s. Frequency is similar on both but I don't want to be doing anything that would make my system worse. I use the fronts for music also...
  8. G

    Alpha IQ

    I have just bought the ALPHA IQ active speakers, replacing loads of Arcam stuff and large Mission floorstanders, with Sonos doing the TV, due to a rethink of our TV & Music set up. Very pleased on the whole. Not as big a sound but very much a simpler system that delivers very good music...
  9. Blackbartblues

    Question Mission ZX Speakers

    I am getting back into proper hifi kit after a few months away with Sonos gear (sounds OK but just doesn’t have that excitement factor). Looking at the Mission ZX1 and 2 which can be had for ridiculous prices at the moment. Does anyone have any experience with these, in particular close to a...
  10. A

    Mission M74 Amp partner for huge bass

    Hi All, I’ve acquired a pair of Mission M74 and have paired them with Arcam alpha 7 cd and a Marantz 6005 amp. I was wondering if anyone knew of an amp for around the £200 mark, second hand that would deliver some more bass. Many thanks in advance. C
  11. Amailloux Farm

    Mission LX Connect

    I hope this is the correct forum to use. I bought a Mission LX Connect Wireless Speaker System recently through an Amazon Black Friday deal to replace my Logitech Z5500 speaker system which I use with my PC monitor (not a TV). I have a couple of questions - the first one is: Can anyone...
  12. A

    Question Mission Stancette Stands - Replacement Rubber Isolation Block

    In a move, I've lost one of the square rubber isolation blocks that go on the top plate of my Mission Stancette stands. Does anyone know if/where I can get a replacement please?
  13. dougan

    Mission 778X -DAC?

    I am looking to add a CD player to my new amp. Looks like a silver Cyrus CD player would fit in well. Looking at a Cyrus CD6/7. My question is, would the DAC in the Mission be of a better quality than the Cyrus DAC, which is well over ten years old now.
  14. dougan

    Mission M30i speakers - Any value?

    I have had these since new, in excellent condition, complete with all packaging, finished in Beech. They have only been used with a Denon micro system at low levels. Would there be any demand for them, considering postage cost etc.
  15. dougan

    Marantz PM6007 v Yamaha WXA-50 v Mission 778X

    I am looking for a second system in my dining room. It will be used mainly for streaming, might connect a CD player at some point. I presently use a Wiim mini connected to a Denon DM39 mini system. I was going to buy the Marantz PM6007, but the unit it has to fit onto is only 410mm wide, most...
  16. dh5

    For Sale OMEGA x Swatch MoonSwatch

    For sale the is the Omega MoonSwatch Mission to Pluto. It was purchased in September 2022 and has been worn several times since then but doesn't show any obvious signs of wear so condition is very good. I am asking for what I paid for it back then which is £207, the current RRP is £240 and these...
  17. soltakr

    Question Mission 78c Dead

    Hello all I recently brought Mission 78c centre to match my 782 floorstands. I was looking for ages for 78c in beach to match so instead of wining the auction I just brought it. It came and no bass sound. So thought the crossover was bad. So messaged a seller so see how much it would be. In...
  18. JudgeDredd2010

    India lands on the Moon's south pole with Chandrayaan-3 space mission Chandrayaan-3.

    I thought this was Amazing. Well Done India! no country has done this before. India on the moon! Chandrayaan-3 becomes 1st probe to land near lunar south pole. https://www.space.com/india-chandrayaan-3-moon-landing-success
  19. Don Rogers Tash

    Question The Toughest Game You've Ever Played.

    Impossible Mission, Monty On The Run or Jet Set Willy...I've played them all but it has to be Cuphead. You ? if there is a similar thread then please delete mods
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