1. S

    For Sale B&W 601s2 w mission stands

    Black ash. Fair condition cabinets, some marks from mounting and a dinged corner Tweeters pushed in, cosmetically annoying, but still functional. Mission stands, good condition, one missing the mission logo. Very nice front end. Selling due to 804s upgrade :D Based in cambridge Courier...
  2. ITFLmojo

    I'm about 10 steps into the Vinyl minefield.

    Hi all. This is my first post, so here goes. My partner and I are fairly new to vinyl. We bought one of those cheap all in one record players that fold into a case but the sound was awful. We then bought a JVC L-E22 turntable followed by a Sony TA-V3 Amplifier and ST-V3L Tuner a week later. We...
  3. R

    For Sale Multiple Blu Rays including mission impossible series, F and F and Marvel films, some with slip cases

    Hello, Clearing out blu rays where I have upgraded to 4K or just want to sell. Here is the list: The Expendables (uncut version) with slipcase The Expendables 2 (bought from India, Region ABC) with slipcase The Expendables 3 with slipcase Arrival Deadpool with slipcase SOLD Guardians of the...
  4. I

    Mission 79c or Mission 75c as centre speaker

    Hi Was wondering if anyone can suggest better out the two ?? Thank you
  5. mrbenn

    Mission LX-3 Mk2 or Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 - what's better?

    Just looking for advice for a second (third...) system on which might be a better option. Given both brands are owned by IAG assuming build quality will the same/similar. Mission used to be a more lively delivery - is this still true? Or is the Wharfeale a better rounded option. Source is a...
  6. R

    Mission 764 Speaker - Replacement?

    Hi everyone I've owned, for the last 25 years a lovely set of black Mission 764 floor standing speakers A slight accident at the weekend has destroyed the main driver in one of the units What are my chances of finding anywhere that sells a replacement speaker Thanks in advance Andy
  7. G

    New Sub for Mission M-Cubes

    Hi, I have a rather old Mission M-Cube 5.1 speaker system. The satellites are still going strong but the Sub is slowly giving up on me. I'd like to keep the satellites as they are very discreet. They are connected to the sub at the moment but could just as easily be wired direct to my Onkyo...
  8. M

    Mission 703 tweeter issue

    Hi all, thought I had a blown tweeter....but on replacing it ,still not working. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks matt
  9. lief

    Arcam SA30 & Mission QX-2; which resistance?

    I’m shopping. I’m looking specifically at the Arcam SA30 to power my existing Mission QX-2 speakers. The speakers are nominally 4 ohms but 8 ohms compatible. The amp outputs 120W at 8 ohms; 220 at 4. The maximum wattage of the speakers is 120W. Which resistance will be in effect when connecting...
  10. S

    Mission m51's or Jamo classic 4's?

    Ok so i'm not looking for anything fancy and will probably get slated for using a sony TA-FE230 amp, but if anyone cares to share what they would choose f they were me that would be great. the missions are listed for £60 and the Jamo's at £50. Cheers
  11. T34J0K3R

    New Build + Nooby

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to this so please forgive me if I'm being dumb with this post and forgive my lack of knowledge. I'm currently in the process of building a separated HiFi system. I'm not going to be spending a huge amount. I just want something that works and will work for the...
  12. Mandark

    Chinese mission to activate new space station

    China launched a manned mission overnight to activate its new space station. As the BBC states, "the primary objective for Commander Nie Haisheng and his team on the Shenzhou-12 mission is to bring the 22.5-tonne Tianhe module into service." It will be interesting to see how their station comes...
  13. A

    Upgrade advice for some aging Mission speakers

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I currently have a set of older Mission 734 mission floorstanding speakers. I love them. They are old but sound great to me. Unfortunately the tweeters have recently failed. I checked ebay for replacements and unfortunately most of the pairs...
  14. M

    Monitor Audio Silver 6 or Mission Audio Silver 300 to go with Mission Audio Silver C350 centre

    I am upgrading my home cinema speakers. I have a Denon X4700 amp. My room is about 4m x 5m. I have upgraded my old centre speaker to a Mission Audio Silver C350. Next are my old floorstanding front speakers - the logical choice seems to be pair of Monitor Audio Silver 300 speakers but I've seen...
  15. dansmithVL

    NAD 705 receiver with Mission 737s

    I'm about to replace my 35 year Mission 737's with the same that work. After 35 years the tweeters finished once after about 10 years and again about 20 years later. Not bad me thinks! Mainly powered by my NAD 705 I think over the years which works great accept the display light doesn't work...
  16. D

    Mission or q acoustics

    Hi guys . I’m thinking of changing my rear surround speakers (have 5.1.4 system) to match ceiling and side q acoustic already installed! My surrround rear are old mission 750 le with frequency response of 70hz to 20khz ! was looking at q acoustic 3030i with frequency response of 46 hz to 30 kHz...
  17. tvdavid

    upgrade my Mission 73 speakers and MISSION M3C2

    Helllo I want to upgrade my mission 73 speakers and looking at the Monitor Audio Silver 6AV12 but might be overkill in my small bedroom or these Concept 40 AV Speakers and an amp with atmos for around £1.5K? I defo want a 12 inch sub as my epos els is now slight humming sound. amp is Yamaha RX-V2065
  18. S

    Mission argonaut Rebiuld help

    Hi all Im in need of some help if possible. I’ve dragged my old mission Argonauts out of the loft and they need some surgery I’m looking to replace one tweeter and two drivers and some cross over components but don’t know where to start looking for them. Have tried mission but they don’t have...
  19. UKCDJ

    Mission Impossible (25th Anniversary Edition) Blu-ray

    Purchase Links: Mission Impossible 25th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [2021] https://store.hmv.com/store/film-tv/blu-ray/mission-impossible-(1) https://www.zavvi.com/blu-ray/mission-impossible-25th-anniversary-edition/13034500.html
  20. T

    Mission 751

    First post after a long period away. I have found a new love for HiFi after digging out my Mission 751 (Not Freedom’s) from the loft. I currently have them sitting on Atacama stands powered by a Marantz CR-603 fed by a Chromecast Audio via optical cable streaming from Qobuz. The bug has bitten...
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