1. John7

    Question Saving Private Ryan UHD Atmos audio - missing channels

    Hello people I just installed new atmos front height and rear height speakers and trying out a few movies. Testing Saving Private Ryan, (20th Anniversary edition) I notice that there is no sound at all coming from the front height speakers (beach landing scene in particular)? Anyone aware of...
  2. S.DJ

    Question New technology

    Hi people not been on here for a while hope everyone’s ok. question am I missing out not switching over to newer technology when it comes to TVs? I’m currently running a pioneer Lx6090 had it for 6 years no issues had a Lx5090 before that from new. but am I missing out on a better picture from...
  3. M

    Pano TX32LMD70A TV guide mostly missing

    HI Does anyone have any idea how to get the TV guide working properly, it seems to only have now and next and the odd extra programmes. Ive had the TV since 2007. Software on 5.640 which i think is current If i do a factory reset to try and get a new guide, will i lose the latest software...
  4. rjd51

    Question can I use passive crossover with a speaker missing?

    hi, I have a 4-way hi-fi speaker with the tweeter missing. Its got a 4-way crossover inside of it with the wires for the tweeter still attached, is it safe to run the speakers without connecting the wires for the tweeters to anything or could his cause damage to anything? also wouldn't cause any...
  5. jovil

    LG SK9Y is missing subwoofer

    I cannot get help from LG or any postings on the internet. Where can I find a replacement subwoofer for sale.
  6. R

    Freesat channels 101 through 144 gone missing.

    Hi, The above channels have gone missing and following a reset and retune they still show as "no signal" when i switch to e.g. 101. The tele is an 43LJ594V and the channels previously worked fine. My understanding is that if this was an issue with the dish or LNA then missing channels are...
  7. F

    Stax SRX mk3--a missing component

    What is this component,and what is its value? It's missing from the right can. I thought it was a resistor, but I can't get a value across it with my multimeter.
  8. B

    M&K original SS-150 (thx) missing Point Arrow Towards Screen help

    Hello, So many threads, I didn't find an Official M&K (not MK) thread? Please let me know where it is and I'll post there if I should. POINT ARROW TOWARDS SCREEN stickers are gone. Soon to join the M&K owners club. I'll be running the original versions of M&K. I've learned they are 4ohm...
  9. Smiffy 2

    Question Marantz NR1609. Am I missing a trick??????

    Have a Marantz NR1609 receiver. Recently purchased a new FreeSat box and connected to the CBL HDMI input but when I change inputs on the remote to CBL not getting anything at all on the TV (LG B9). Am I missing something??? Set top box works fine if connected straight to the TV. It's most...
  10. riverboat2001

    Harmony Roku icons missing

    Harmony Roku Activity disappointing in the UK Icons replaced with number. Try as I might, I can't seem to change this. I'm awaiting a reply from Logitech I'm a
  11. C

    Question Missing around half my Freeview channels

    Question, is anyone else suffering this? I went to watch CH4+1HD on Freeview the other night and it wasn't there. I ended up retuning the TV and at least half of my Freeview channels are missing. I'm receiving from the Bilsdale transmitter and it looks like I'm only getting a signal on...
  12. owen kric

    FreeView Channels missing?

    Hi, My Freeview channels go up to 73 then skip on to 101, missing all the ones inbetween. Why please? Thanks.
  13. slicker55

    YouTube - Subscription List Not Showing (Resolved)

    Apologies if this is not the best place to post this message - mods help if necessary In this post I am referring to the YouTube Apps on my AppleTV and Samsung Smart TV Those familiar with Youtube will know there is an icon on the left-hand side which when pressed shows a list of all the...
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